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Return to Original Road

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by: Panie)

Even though he said there was no need to see him off, Long YuTian and his Si Di still respectfully sent him out of San Wangfu. Only after they watched him get onto the fragrant white jade carriage did the two brothers finally separate, each going their respective way.

The fragrant white jade carriage was Chen Wang's exclusive carriage and was incomparably luxurious. Wherever it went, all the air within its 100 meters radius would be pervaded by a faint fragrance; everyone on the road, without any exception, would move aside respectfully to show their respect and love towards Chen Wang.

The carriage had already traveled unhurriedly half the way when Long MuChen suddenly got down. Han Tie, who followed behind, couldn't help but ask, "Master, where are you going?"

"It's a rare sunny day today; Ben Wang will walk around and personally observe the situation of the people for a bit… You should go back to the fu first…" Long MuChen lightly explained and showed a faint smile. Obviously, he was in a very great mood.

However, Han Tie felt that his family's master was being particularly weird today. In normal times, although he could also be considered to be seen as gentle, he would always give people a cold 'strangers do not disturb' kind of aura. However, today was the contrary. It was like he was possessed by a demon and became a lot more amiable…

Han Tie raised his courage and probingly said, "Meeting Yu WangFei today… Sure enough, she's someone that couldn't be underestimated… This subordinate really doesn't understand how TaiHou would let this kind of woman become San WangYe's WangFei. It's only her third day of marriage, and she already burned the kitchen… If in the future she really becomes the mother of the country, wouldn't she mess up this whole palace until all chickens fly and all dogs jump [1]?"

"Han Tie, you talk a lot today."

A very mild comment. There was neither indignation nor anger, yet it made Han Tie feel that Long MuChen seemed to become colder. He promptly closed his mouth and lowered his head. Nevertheless, he saw Long MuChen wave his hand towards him. In order not to provoke his master's anger, Han Tie led the fragrant white jade carriage back to wangfu alone.

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It seemed like there was a curve, yet it also seemed like there wasn't, on Long MuChen's lips when he saw Han Tie's confused expression. Without eminent display of extravagance, in an alley of limestone, a graceful, beautiful man was softly waving a feather fan. The surrounding little comrades, from the age of six to everyone under sixty, were all dumbfounded by his beauty. Everyone was crammed against each other, whispering to each others' ears. However, none of them dared to speak to this seemingly graceful, noble GongZi. They could only stare helplessly as he leisurely walked along the road back to San wangfu.

Instead of going in through the main gate, Long MuChen displayed his qinggong [2], moving as lightly as a wild goose and sitting on the green roof tiles above the red colored wall. He, filled with interest, was watching that petite figure in front of him. That figure was walking back and forth inside Ning Hui Yuan.

Qian DuoDuo completely didn't realize that at this moment, all her actions were exposed to someone's eyes. Being sold out by a certain unscrupulous man and even losing all of her belongings, she got very angry yet had no place to vent her anger. Therefore, she picked up a dried twig from the ground and then crouched in a remote corner, hanging her head down and fiddling with something.

Long MuChen saw her thief-like appearance and was curious about what this little girl was doing in the end, crouching at a remote corner for such a long time. He hadn't yet fully understood when 'achoo— achoo—' three or four sneezes hit him in a row.

Long MuChen rubbed his sore nose. He was about to stand up and say hello to Qian DuoDuo when he heard Xiao Ruo's, her personal maid, voice.

"XiaoJie, there's someone looking for you!"

"Who?" Qian DuoDuo turned her head and asked.

"It's Han XiangXue GuNiang. She's WangYe's most favorite ShiQie." Xiao Ruo answered truthfully.

Qian DuoDuo rolled her eyes. She had just thought about how could there be someone so friendly with her in this wangfu that they were willing to run to this bird-doesn't-even-shit-at place to see her. Turned out, she came to provoke her?!

Not bad. She hadn't found a place to release this resentment of hers out. If this woman is smart, she wouldn't have run into this gun's muzzle.


 [1] Chickens fly, dogs jump (鸡飞狗跳/Jī fēi gǒu tiào): a pandemonium. A very messy, very chaotic situation. Something like 'all hell broke loose'. [2] QingGong (轻功/qīnggōng): Chinese martial arts that allowed someone to move swiftly and defy gravity (in exaggerated version at least).


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