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Envy, Jealousy, Hate

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by: Panie)

(Warning: this chapter might be hard to read/understand. There are quite a few words play here, same words, different tones, different meaning . I'll try my best to explain them in the end.)

"You're flattering, you're flattering, Ben GuNiang DaRen[1] won't take account of a little person, won't argue with you, this little brat."

Long YinTian instantly froze!

He originally wanted to put Qian DuoDuo in her place, but who would have thought that it would be reversed by her? She also said he's a little brat!

He was instantly seething with anger, one point short of jumping out of his chair.

However, since Qian DuoDuo said she wouldn't argue, then he also wouldn't argue. He stared up and down at Qian DuoDuo like nothing happened, before sneering, "I've heard that DuoEr XiaoJie of Qian family was born beautiful, a beauty that would make even fish sink and geese fall… Now that I've met you, I finally know that rumor is nothing but a rumor… Black and messy… All the maids in my wangfu are far better looking than you."

Is this him breaking the rhythm ah?

She, a person from the 21st century, has to lose to an ancient person from a thousand years ago? Moreover, that ancient person is nothing but a figurehead? Wouldn't it make her fellow countrymen laugh until their teeth fall out?

Qian DuoDuo raised her eyebrows. With the same sizing gaze, she stared up and down at Long YinTian before she followed to sneer, "Si WangYe is ignorant and uninformed. My skin is called wheat color, healthy and sexy… You take a look at yourself… A grown-up male, face is white like you've just rolled inside a flour jar, just like a girl… I wonder… about my skin color… does Si WangYe feel envious, jealous, hate…?"

Long YinTian, "……"

"Ha!" Seeing Qian DuoDuo's words choke his Si Di until he couldn't say anything, Long YuTian actually felt it was a bit funny.

The most ferocious thing the world-renowned Si WangYe had was exactly that extremely poisonous mouth of his. Didn't expect he would turn into a mute after running into a woman.

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Long YuTian slightly raised his eyebrows and held back a smile, leisurely sipping a mouthful of tea before sighing in a very magnanimous manner, "Lao Si, you are also too much! You are WangYe, your identity is honorable, how could you argue with this uneducated woman from a small family? Qián DuǒDuǒ[a]…  From what I see, her parents must have fallen into a coin hole[2] and couldn't climb out from it to educate her, right?"

Hearing these words, Qian DuoDuo's breath was instantly stuck in her chest.

She was actually scolded as uneducated! He also blamed it on her mommy!

The name 'Qián DuǒDuǒ' was the name her mommy had picked for her, but in their mouth it was actually turned into being lost in a coin hole!

She had repeatedly forbore, yet it actually made them think that she is a soft persimmon[3], could be kneaded, could be pinched!?

Qian DuoDuo turned her head around so she could glance at Long YuTian from the side of her eyes. Her sharp gaze traveled around, and her red lips were slightly opened as she softly spoke, "I didn't expect that San WangYe had a very rich imagination…… Qián DuǒDuǒ…… Qián Duō​Duō[b]…… It really is like this…… But if we're talking about names, I think the names both of you have are the ones that deserve to be praised! Lóng YùTiān[c]… Lóng YìnTiān[d]… One is a cloudy sky, one is raining… Aren't you guys afraid of being drowned to death ah~?"

Dealing with someone using the way they dealt with you, what's so hard about that!?

Fighting with this great aunt! You'll lose until you don't even have your underpants!

"Ke ke…" Long MuChen almost spurt out the tea in his mouth from holding back his laughter. He didn't expect that not only was this woman clever, she was also very eloquent.

Seeing the two WangYe fuming with anger, Qian DuoDuo felt a huge sense of accomplishment. However, to preserve her little life, she better search for a haven for herself.

Thus, Long MuChen, who looked very easy to be bullied and seemed to have fate between himself and her, was lucky enough to win the election.

Qian DuoDuo swayed her little waist and walked to his side. She put her elbow on Long MuChen's shoulder, leaning on him while she snickered and shifted the topic, "Wei, little brother, I still do not know your name."

"Little brother? WangFei, I think I must be a bit older than you, right?" The fact that Qian DuoDuo approached him made Long MuChen's heart ineffably feel quite happy. His tone also slightly softened.


[1]DaRen (大人/Dàrén): adult / grownup / title of respect toward superiors (like my lord) [2]Fall into a coin hole (掉进钱眼里/diào jìn qiányǎn lǐ):  Means materialistic, couldn't see anything except money, money-oriented. Qian (钱/qián) word in Qian DuoDuo's name could mean money or coin. (Ancient Chinese coin usually has a hole in the middle)

[3]Soft persimmon (软柿子/ruǎn​shì​zi): someone who is easy to bully/ a pushover. Kekeke, let's discuss the words play in their name. (I'm sorry if the translation made it hard to read…) Qian DuoDuo's name is supposed to be: [a] 钱朵朵 (Qián DuǒDuǒ) 钱: money/coin 朵: flower/classifier for flour/cloud Long YuTian however, misinterpreted her name on purpose into: [b] 钱多多 (Qián Duō​Duō) 钱: money/coin 多: a lot/ numerous/ many etc. And made it sound like Qian DuoDuo's name meant 'lots and lots of money' and that her parents must have fallen into a coin hole (must have been materialistic people) to give her such a name. Long YuTian and Long YinTian's real name: [c] 龙裕天 (Lóng Yù Tiān) [d] 龙胤天 (Lóng Yìn Tiān) 龙 (lóng) : dragon 裕(yù): abundant 胤(yìn): descendant 天(tiān): sky/heaven/day Qian DuoDuo retaliated by also playing with the words on their name. She misinterpret the 'Yìn' word in Long YinTian's name into: 阴天 (yīn ​tiān): cloudy sky And the 'Yù' character in Long YuTian's name into: 雨 (yǔ) : rain Since one is a cloudy sky and one is rain, Qian DuoDuo asked them if they're not afraid of being drowned to death from the rain~~~


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