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Five Body Parts on the Ground

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

"Xiao Ruo, go back and find scissors to cut this skirt and turn it into a mini skirt! Beautiful! Sexy! It will also save me from tripping and falling."

Xiao Ruo embarrassingly pursed her lips. She stealthily raised her gaze to glance at Long YuTian. Feeling a gloomy, ferocious gaze, she hastily shrank her head back, whispering in XiaoJie's ear to remind her, "XiaoJie, WangYe is watching us."

WangYe. Long YuTian!

Qian DuoDuo's soul suddenly came back. She finally remembered that there was still a very troublesome Lord in front of her. She walked not too fast and not too slow into the hall. Her gaze was downcast as she spoke with discontent, "Long YuTian, last night you were messing with that woman from Bai Hua Lou for a whole night. Even if you're not tired, I'm still tired. What are you unreasonably torturing me for? Furthermore, Ben GuNiang have just taken a fall and am in a very bad mood right now… If you have something to say, just say it… It will go into my left ear and come out of my right ear, and then I want to go back and sleep."

Long YinTian, who sat on the side, was practically blasted from the shock after he saw Qian DuoDuo's god-shocking performance.

No wonder San Ge really loathes her. This kind of vulgar-mouthed, messy, mannerless woman actually dared to speak about matters between men and women in front of everyone just like she has a lot of experience! Really hard to imagine! Which man would want her!?

He sighed secretly in his heart. SiSi's WangFei position was robbed by this kind of woman. In the end, should they feel glad, or should they feel pathetic?

Long YinTian swallowed his saliva. Until now, he still didn't dare to believe his eyes, "San Ge, this is… that WangFei you've just married?"

Long YuTian's expression instantly went ice cold. The surrounding temperature seemed to become a bitter winter, except it didn't have the sixth month's snow storm.

Long YuTian tightly clenched his fists. The words he spoke sounded like countless sharp blades that were itching to turn her into minced meat, "Qian DuoDuo, if you dare to speak insolently in front of BenWang again, believe that BenWang would ask for your head!"

This deserved-to-be-killed-with-a-thousand-cut Long YuTian! Keeps getting more and more serious! Do you think I'm like those chickens[1] you found, can be cut after you say cut?!

Qian DuoDuo grumbled silently in her heart. Her eyes shifted around several times and landed on a fine jade hanging on Long YuTian's waist.

People say that jade has spirits. After a long time, it can gain personality and soul and can communicate with others.

She must find a chance to steal Long YuTian's jade while also pricking his voodoo doll[2].

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Long MuChen, who had been silent from the beginning, knew that San Wang was in love with Zhu SiSi. However, he never thought that he would hate this new WangFei this way. His sipped a mouthful of tea with an indifferent expression on his face. He unconsciously opened his mouth to help Qian DuoDuo to smooth things over, "YuTian, you should also put a little restraint on your fiery temper… No matter what, she is the WangFei TaiHou conferred. Furthermore, from what I see, this Yu WangFei is very interesting."

Long YuTian was stunned. His ShiSi Shu's sight was higher than everyone else's, and he never cared about women. Didn't expect he would speak for Qian DuoDuo who he had just met for the first time.

"San Ge, this WangFei of yours is definitely out of the ordinary… Meeting for the first time, she didn't kneel nor salute; she directly gave a heavy greeting with five-body parts planted on the ground[3]." Long YinTian followed to speak, yet his words were filled with sarcasm.

Didn't kneel nor salute? Five-body parts planted on the ground?

His facial features seem pretty, free and elegant… How can he be unable to speak human language?

How could Qian DuoDuo not see that this man was ridiculing her? However, she was also not someone that likes to hold a grudge. Therefore, she pursed her lips and answered, "You're flattering, you're flattering. Ben GuNiang DaRen[4] won't take account of a little person and won't argue with you, this little brat."


[1]Chicken (鸡/jī): slang for prostitutes. Female is chicken and male is duck~ [2]Prick voodoo doll: It isn't actually called voodoo, it's Chinese witchcraft where you pricked a little doll that symbolize your enemy, but I think you'll get the image better if I use the word 'voodoo doll'. [3]Five-body parts on the ground (五体投地/ wǔ​tǐ​tóu​dì): lying on the ground, usually prostrate in front of someone out of admiration. (Kekeke~ Qian DuoDuo fell face first) [4]DaRen (大人/ dà​ren): adult/ grownup/ respectful title used toward superior person.


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