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Do You Know Who Long MuChen Is?

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by: Panie)

"Little brother? WangFei, I think I must be a bit older than you, right?" The fact that Qian DuoDuo approached him made Long MuChen's heart ineffably feel quite happy. His tone also slightly softened.

"Tch! Looking at your appearance, you must only be in your twenties… What are you acting so mature for? I can't call you little brother, then do I have to call you uncle?" Qian DuoDuo's face was filled with disapproval.

"True…" According to seniority, she undoubtedly had to call him ShiSi Shu. However, he didn't know why, but he really didn't want to hear her calling him as ShiSi Shu. Even his identity, he didn't want to let her know about it.

Long MuChen bowed his head and pondered for a moment before opening his mouth, "My name is Long MuChen."

A certain woman, "Wa (wow)! What an idol-like name! Little Chen Chen… Then in the future I'll call you Little Chen Chen okay? In the future the two of us are brothers… How cute is that!?"

Qian DuoDuo's words had really astonished those little comrades around.

This woman actually dares to put her arm and lean on Chen Wang's body! Her words are also very disrespectful!

This is the man who would make people tremble with fear, 'THE God of War'!

The guardian of their country, Chen Wang!

But the thing that astonished them even more was actually Chen Wang's reaction. Not only did he not get angry, he even spoke of himself with "I" instead of 'Ben Wang' in front of Qian DuoDuo. He even, for the very first time ever, said his own name out.

Long MuChen's reaction was already beyond those great guys' imaginations. They thought, this WangFei is too impudent! She actually dares to call Chen Wang 'Little Chen Chen'! She even named him as her brother!

WangYe must be angry… right…?

Everyone thought that, this time, Yu WangFei was definitely done for.

But the next second, this one character they were certain about…

"Okay…" Long MuChen agreed in a quick and neat manner. He didn't seem to have any intention to change his word.

A smile vaguely appeared on his lips. It was very dazzling… very warm…

Everyone in this entire San wangfu who saw this scene was thoroughly stupefied. The world's notoriously blood-thirsty WangYe, who controlled the death and life of people, actually could smile like this… Moreover, it was towards his nephew's wife…

This… what does this mean?

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Long YinTian was staring dumbfoundedly at his ShiSi Shu. His brain instantly turned into a mess.

He then stared at Long YuTian. At this moment, Long YuTian's expression had already turned cold. Cold light flashed in his eyes as he fixed his eyes on Qian DuoDuo.

Fine! You, a Qian DuoDuo, cannot get a profit from Ben Wang and straight away want to seduce ShiSi Shu! You're simply a fickle person! Don't kid yourself! Don't you know? The women who want to marry to ShiSi Shu could form several dozens of layers if they're being lined around Sheng Chen country! There are well-bred young ladies from noble families, wealthy misses, and other countries' GongZhu[1]!

Let alone now you're Ben Wang's WangFei, even if in the future Ben Wang gives you a divorce; you, an abandoned woman, how would it be possible for you to fly to the top branch, become a phoenix, and get ahold of ShiSi Shu?

Qian DuoDuo completely didn't felt the shattering-cold gaze that came from Long YuTian. She was still talking cheerfully with Long MuChen. Her laughter was a lovely sight, very beautiful, extremely dazzling.

This is obviously a deliberate seduction. She, Qian DuoDuo, has no shame, yet he can't lose this person!

Long YuTian thought until this part and 'whoosh!', he instantly sprang up from his chair and walked in large strides until he stood in front of Qian DuoDuo.

On Qian DuoDuo's side, she currently felt happy to meet a high-ranking person. Suddenly, she felt a stab of pain from her wrist. She turned around and saw Long YuTian's gloomy face at once. He ruthlessly pulled her back from Long MuChen's side, his eyes were blazing with fury, "Qian DuoDuo! Do you know who Long MuChen is!? He's…"


[1] GongZhu (公主/gōng​zhǔ): Princess

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