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Published at 5th of June 2020 06:13:34 PM
Chapter 242
Chapter 242 - I Hit Her . So What?
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Before Qian Duoduo could react, Zhu Sisi’s expression immediately changed like a gentle little sheep . She pitifully wiped her tears and threw herself in the figure’s arms .


Qian Duoduo’s brain was in a knot for a second . Should Long Yutian be in the countryside? Why did he suddenly appear here?


Oh no! She must’ve been exposed, so he’s coming over to settle the account with her right now!


Seeing that Qian Duoduo shrunk back and hid by Long Muchen’s side, Zhu Sisi felt more confidence . She pulled on Long Yutian’s arms and called out pitifully . “Yu… you’re finally here . ”


“Sisi, why are you here?”

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When Long Yutian found out the address of Qian Duoduo’s stall from the gorilllike woman, he hurried here nonstop to settle scores with this wretched woman . Who knew that he would meet Zhu Sisi here .


“I heard the servant say that the Third Princess Consort is trying to matchmake for you over here, so I came to take a look . But… but…”


She said ‘but’ twice and then she started to sob and sniffle, lowering her head and acting pitiful .


Long Yutian raised her chin, feeling a bit bad . Seeing the woman’s tear eyes and the swollen corner of her lips, he immediately asked darkly, “What happened to your face?”

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Qian Duoduo watched as Zhu Sisi acted as if she was the victim and she became angry . Before Zhu Sisi could tattletale, Qian Duoduo stood up from the chair and said calmly, “Don’t ask . I hit her . However, I didn’t control my strength, so it was lighter than how I wanted it . ”


“You! How can you hit Sisi?!” Long Yutian was anxious and mad, raising the tone of his voice .


Qian Duoduo raised her head proudly and knitted her eyebrows, saying, “I hit her . So what? What are you yelling for? You only allow her to look for a beating, but disapprove of me giving her a bating? Plus, she dared to trash my stall and have her servant bully Xiao Rou . She’s lucky that I only hit her . Third Prince, if you feel bad, you can just hit me back like you did at the royal garden back then . ”


When she said this, Qian Duoduo also felt wronged .


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Long Yutian was stunned for half a moment and he felt a stabbing pain in his heart for a few seconds as well .


He originally was furious and fuming with anger, but after hearing her stubborn words complaining about his fault, he calmed down .


He turned around to look at Zhu Sisi and sort of blamed her . “Sisi, how can you bully Xiao Rou? Don’t you know that Xiao Rou is Duo’er maid…”


Zhu Sisi didn’t think that Long Yutian would change that much because of Qian Duoduo’s words and blame herself .


She felt fear for a second and she hurriedly cried harder . “Yu, I didn’t mean to make things difficult for Xiao Rou . I was thinking about your reputation when I saw the Third Princess Consort flocking your portrait around . I wanted to discuss with the Princess Consort about this and have her not do this, but not only didn’t she understand me, she also mocked me for meddling in her business… I…”


The more Zhu Sisi said, the more wronged she felt and she even choked on her words .


Seeing his woman crying like this, Long Yutian realized that his tone was too harsh . Plus, it was Qian Duoduo who started this mess .


Long Yutian lowered his head and looked at the ripped portraits . It was in shreds, but he could clearly see his handsome and cool appearance, and the marked prices for each date underneath .


Thinking of the gorilllike woman from before and Qian Duoduo’s motive for earning money, Long Yutian was mad .

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