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Published at 21st of June 2020 11:39:26 AM
Chapter 243
Chapter 243 - You Earned It
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Thinking of the gorilllike woman from before and Qian Duoduo’s motive for earning money, Long Yutian was mad .

Why would there be a woman who couldn’t distinguish her situation? She was always causing trouble and tormenting her every day .

“Qian Duoduo, if you don’t give this Prince a reasonable explanation for today, wait for a beating!” Long Yutian coldly threatened .

Qian Duoduo shrunk back and glanced at Long Muchen . She watched him take a step behind, clearly not having the intention of helping her . Qian Duoduo knew that he was going to stand to the side and watch the show casually!

He must be taking revenge on her . This despicable man!

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Qian Duoduo said ‘cheh . ’ She knew that men weren’t reliable and during crucial times, she needed to rely on herself!

She smiled and leaned against Long Muchen . She explained with a glib tongue, “After deep consideration, I made this decision… didn’t you dismiss the concubines and mistresses earlier? I was thinking that you must be dissatisfied with the group of women and wanted to change your taste . I was thinking over this meticulously and being considerate, I decided to find some women for you amongst the ordinary people to expand your harem… with such a generous Princess Consort like me, you should be comforted…”

Zhu Sisi was stunned and looked up at Long Yutian .

This proud man said that he loved her the most in the past, but didn’t say that he would only love her…

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Now, he suddenly dismissed the concubines and mistresses in the residence .

Was this for Qian Duoduo?

A fierce glint flickered in Zhu Sisi’s eyes .

“Humph . This Prince should thank you for being considerate? Should I reward you some banknotes and let you continue?”

Hearing Long Yutian’s words, Qian Duoduo proudly raised her chin and said, “Of course!”

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Long Yutian exploded from anger . He pulled Qian Duoduo’s wrist and pulled her out of the crowd . Then, the gorilllike woman crawled out from the sack .

Her face was red and purple . Don’t mention how battered she was .

“This is the beautiful woman you chose for this Prince? Are you blind?”

Thankfully, he had a strong heart, otherwise he would’ve died from the horror . He’d be afraid of women from now on .

Qian Duoduo was also startled by this gorilllike woman’s outfit . She was quiet for a moment before finding a beautiful excuse . “This is being ‘sexy . ’ What do you know? You won’t be able to find another woman like her in Shengchen Country . Goods are valued for its rareness . You don’t know how to admire this… Plus, each has its own merits . I was just satisfied with your strong taste… What’s wrong with this woman? If you’re tired, you can treat her as a pillow . If you’re cold, you can treat her as a blanket . She can remind you to care for the animals . With so many uses, you’re the one at an advantage . ”

“You…” Long Yutian was speechless and was too lazy to argue with her . He turned around and said to Long Muchen, “Fourteenth Uncle, you’re just going to allow her to stir up trouble like this? Look at how spoiled she is because of you . What’s going to be next? Look . Now that she caused this trouble, we’ve become famous within the entire Shengchen Country!”

Although it didn’t fit his status to say this, he couldn’t help but be jealous .

But Qian Duoduo’s arrogant and spoiled personality was all because she had Long Muchen’s support!

Long Muchen touched his nose, embarrassed . He almost tripped on his feet when he saw the gorilllike woman .

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