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Chapter 241
Chapter 241 - Bicker
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Zhu Sisi’s face paled by Qian Duoduo’s mocking tone . But because Long Muchen was by the side siding Qian Duoduo, she didn’t dare to retort .


“Third Princess Consort, my servant didn’t intentionally hurt Xiao Rou . I just saw how a lot of people were gathering around the Third Prince’s portrait, and I thought that it would make the Royal Family lose face, so I ordered the servants to remove it . Who knew that Xiao Rou was unwilling regardless so she ended up in an argument with my servant . ” Zhu Sisi cleverly shifted the topic and made it seem like she was thinking about the big picture and that Qian Duoduo was the unruly and willful person .


Qian Duoduo pulled the chair on the ground up and then calmly sat down, snorting . “Losing the Royal Family’s face? Young Miss Pig* . . . I think you’re really just meddling into other people’s businesses when you’re not even needed . Prince Chen is here and he doesn’t even think that I am losing the Royal Family’s face, so who are you to gesture and point faults? You’re just the daughter of a Prime Minister and you think you’re so high and mighty that you can make decisions for the Royal Family?”

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[T/N: In Chinese, the ‘pig’ in Young Miss Pig sounds the same as Zhu Sisi’s surname, ‘zhu . ’]


Zhu Sisi looked towards Long Muchen and seeing that he kept quiet and didn’t say anything, she knew that he didn’t plan on blaming Qian Duoduo .


At least in front of her, he would support Qian Duoduo’s decision .

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Zhu Sisi took a deep breath . Seeing that the Princes were all on Qian Duoduo’s side, she felt even angier and a feeling of unbalance . “Qian Duoduo, even if Prince Chen is generous and doesn’t plan on bickering with you, you’re still the Third Prince’s Princess Consort, so how can you shamelessly hang your husband’s portrait in the city center and allow others to drool over the drawing? Even more, you dared to use the Third Prince for a business deal . You’re basically shaming the Prince!”


“Haha! Speaking of shameless, I admit defeat to you . Who doesn’t know that Long Yutian is married and the Empress Dowager personally announced her decree . But some people don’t know what ‘shame’ means and pesters him endlessly, acting weak and pitiful, trying to gain sympathy . Even though you throw yourself in his arms, he might not even marry you . What? You want to wait until you become an elderly lady that failed at marrying anyone and then come over to wait in line and spend a few thousand banknotes to buy a ticket from my place as well? You want me to be a matchmaker for you?”


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“Plus, even if this Princess Consort lost face, this is between Long Yutian and me . What does this have to do with you? You really treat yourself as an important person, hm? You didn’t even marry into the Third Prince’s residence, so you’re just a mistress that can’t see the daylight at most . Yet, you dared to boast shamelessly and point faults at me, the Princess Consort . You don’t think you’re being shameful, but I feel shame for you!”


“Tch… I should thank you for what you’ve said about me . Who let me be an innocent and lovable woman? You’re jealous of me . I can understand this… this Lady will be generous and not bicker with you! You can get lost!”


Qian Duoduo waved her hands, dismissing and casting Zhu Sisi away .


She felt incredibly ecstatic when she saw Zhu Sisi’s painful and heartbroken expression when she said that Long Yutian wasn’t willing to marry her . However, it made her happier when Zhu Sisi couldn’t retort .


Zhu Sisi was furious . She didn’t care about Long Muchen protecting Qian Duoduo anymore and she rushed over, making threatening gestures . She even cursed, but before she could lift her feet, she saw a figure suddenly barging over from the crowd .


“Qian Duoduo, you wretched woman! Show yourself to this Prince!” Like the roar of a lion, his voice almost shook everyone’s eardrums .

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