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Chapter 240
Chapter 240 - What the Hell is going on?
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“Someone, teach this girl a harsh lesson . Don’t stop unless you have my permissions!” Zhu Sisi hollered sternly .


When the servants heard their young miss’s order, they rubbed their hands and inched closer to Xiao Rou . But the latter had followed Qian Duoduo for a long time, so she was influenced by her master’s actions and knew some ‘martial arts . ’ She wasn’t the little lamb waiting to be slaughtered like she was in the past .


She met them with fists and kicks . After a few rounds, the servants and her were wrestling and grappling each other .


Seeing an official’s daughter on the street fighting, there were some peasants gathering around watching the show .


When Xiao Rou was at a disadvantage, there was an anxious female voice ringing from the crowd .

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“What the hell is going on? You guys dare to fight on my territory? You guys are quite brave!” Qian Duoduo appeared out of nowhere and casually picked up an ingot of silver and threw it on one of the servants tugging Xiao Rou!


Although they weren’t that far apart, Qian Duoduo had a lot of strength on her wrist and she had great aim . There was immediately a cut on the servant’s head and blood trickled down his head .


“Xiao Rou, are you ok? Are you injured anywhere?” Qian Duoduo ran to Xiao Rou and immediately held onto her shoulders, asking worriedly .


“I’m fine, young miss . I’m pretty good . ” A tear flowed down Xiao Rou’s eyes as she felt incredibly touched . Moments later, she pointed at the mess on the ground and said, “But they ripped all your portraits…”


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Qiao Duoduo glanced at the shreds and the remains of the table and chairs, feeling a burst of anger .


She didn’t even go cause trouble for Zhu Sisi, and this stupid woman showed herself up at her doorsteps!


Qian Duoduo narrowed her eyes at the servants and raised her chin in the end . She quickly walked to Zhu Sisi and then turned around to ask Xiao Rou, “Where did the servants hit you?”


“Face!” Xiao Rou pointed at her slightly swollen cheeks .


“Very good!” Qian Duoduo only nodded calmly and there was an unfathomable smile .

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Suddenly, she was like a lit up firework that exploded . She quickly and swiftly slapped Zhu Sisi, not caring where they were right now .


The loud and clear slap startled the surrounding people watching the show, especially Zhu Family’s servants . Seeing that their young miss was humiliated, they hurriedly rushed over to pull Qian Duoduo away .


But in the next second, they saw a figure walking over from within the crowd along with a short and clear sound of coughing . It stopped the servants’ actions .


“Auspicious Chen Wang!” The servants kneeled on the ground and kowtow’ed .


Zhu Sisi originally wanted to teach Qian Duoduo a lesson seeing that she had more people on her side . Who knew that Chen Wang had appeared on time the moment she held this thought .


Zhu Sisi was apprehensive and hesitant . With red and swollen eyes, she started crying . She wasn’t arrogant and overbearing as she was before anymore .


She placed away her sternness and acted pitifully as if she was wronged in front of Long Muchen . “Third Princess Consort, why did you hit me?”


Watching Zhen Sisi’s fake and white-lotus like actions, Qian Duoduo found it to be disgusting, so she said with an ill-manner . “Did I hit you? I just thought that you haven’t been living the best lately and you wanted a beating . Therefore, you came over so that I can cure that sickness for you . ”


She paused and then her tone suddenly turned stern . “Zhu Sisi, you don’t know who Xiao Rou belongs to and you dare to hit her? Should I be shocked at how fearless and courageous you are or pity your non-existent IQ?”

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