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Published at 28th of May 2020 10:12:41 AM
Chapter 239
Chapter 239 - Killing the Chicken to Warn the Monkey
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“Quick . Rip these portraits off . Also, chase away everyone on the line . If anyone dares to come here in the future, don’t blame this Lady for being rude!”


“And these tables and chairs . Smash them all . Someone dares to matchmake for these Wangyes with great fanfare . How many heads do you have to chop off?”


The person who said this appeared to be elegant and lucid, sweet-tempered and delicate, but in her actions, there was a tint of overbearingness and arrogance .


When the servants heard the orders, they immediately chased away the young ladies waiting in line to pay . Meanwhile her two maids started to rip off the large-scaled posters .


Xiao Rou obviously recognized the overbearing young miss in front of her . She was the daughter of the Prime Minister’s family  — Zhu Sisi!


And her family’s young miss’s top love rival!

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Zhu Sisi actually brought people over to trash the young miss’s place!


Although she was just a Government Minister’s maid, Xiao Rou didn’t think twice when dealing with her young miss’s love rival .


She walked over and pull the two arrogant maids, dragging them over .


“Don’t touch my young miss’s things . If you guys break anything, you guys can’t endure the consequences of my young miss’s anger!”


Zhu Sisi revealed an arrogant expression on her beautiful face and coldly humphed . She looked down upon Xiao Rou and ordered like a deity, saying, “What are you guys standing there for? Smash the things . If anything happens, this young miss is here . I want to see what Qian Duoduo dares to do to me!”


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She already sent people to search for Long Yutian and he’ll be here soon for sure .


If he saw Qian Duoduo trying to matchmake him up with other ladies, he’ll definitely stomp in anger .


When that time comes, she wonders who’ll be the one that would be punished .


Thinking of this, Zhu Sisi became even more arrogant and overbearing . She must take this opportunity to make Long Yutian hate Qian Duoduo completely!


The servants of the Qian Residence watched as Zhu Sisi’s servants and maids made the scene a mess, and were angry, but they didn’t dare to stop them .


After all, she was still the daughter of the Prime Minister’s family and very likely the Empress in the future . Who had the guts to offend her?!

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Seeing that Xiao Rou was furious and wanted to reason with them, one of the servants kindly advised her and said, “Sister Xiao Rou, you have to hold it in . As servants, how can we go against Young Miss Zhu? You might as well quickly go find the Princess Consort and have her come here to handle the matter . ”


“Here . Hold on . We’re going to find the Princess Consort . ” Another one added .


After saying that, they turned around and ran off .


Xiao Rou watched as they stumbled in their steps and she disdained them . They were the type of people who wouldn’t be able to help anything, but mess the situation up even more .


Their first thoughts were to run away whenever they encountered a problem . They were worse than a young lady like her .


No matter what, she must protect her young miss’s fruits of labor!


Xiao Rou ran to the two maids and tugged one of their hands and threw them on the ground . The maid stumbled and fell right on Zhu Sisi’s feet .


Zhu Sisi shrieked, losing the color on her face . Her originally arrogant expression immediately darkened .


Qian Duoduo’s maid even dares to not put her in their eyes, so would she even have a status if she married into the Prince’s residence in the future?


She must kill the chicken to warn the monkey today!


“Someone, teach this girl a harsh lesson . Don’t stop unless you have my permissions!” Zhu Sisi hollered sternly .

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