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Threatening You

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

Castration… This woman… Long MuChen instinctively clamped both of his legs together.

"What will you do if I don't agree?" Long MuChen spoke indifferently.

This damn man, is he blind? Doesn't he see a sweet beautiful girl crying for help…?

Qian DuoDuo gnashed her teeth and stopped pretending to be weak. She valiantly threatened, "If you dare to rat Ben GuNiang out, I'll just press you on the ground and look for RuHua[1] so she can fall on you and press you on the ground! And then, when the mess has stopped, I'll sell you as a duck[2] (gigolo)!"

Who's RuHua? Isn't duck supposed to be for eating?

There were a lot of questions inside Long MuChen's brain, but he instinctively knew that this woman must have been cursing him…

He had just wanted to open his mouth and ask, yet he already saw Qian DuoDuo loftily raise her little chin. She humphed once and took her maid to leave right away. Looking like that, it didn't need to be explained how angry she was.

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— DuoEr's Dividing Line —

After about half an hour, Xiao Ruo had dragged Qian DuoDuo back into her room. She helped her change her clothes into a white pleated skirt and used a basin of water to wash her face until it was white and tender again.

However, when XiaoJie married from her family, there was no head accessory as dowry. She also wasn't favored after she entered wangfu. Therefore, she could only put her long thick hair into a simple braid.

However, even if it was just this, XiaoJie's beauty was unparalleled.

During the whole process, Qian DuoDuo was just like a dead fish, letting Xiao Ruo toss her around as she pleased. Qian DuoDuo walked with a drooped head the whole way towards the front hall.

"Come! Send someone to Ning Hui Yuan; tie that woman and bring her here! Alive, have to see the person, dead, have to see the corpse!" Inside the hall, Long YuTian's ear-splitting, ice-cold roar exploded, almost bringing those subordinates to their knees.

Damn woman, Huang Shu has been here for an incense stick of time. Does she have gold pasted on her face[3]? Does she need to be invited with an eight-bearers palanquin[4]?

Qian DuoDuo had just reached the door yet she already heard that roar. The person hadn't yet walk through the door, but she already pointed at the inside of the hall and shouted, "Long YuTian! Are you asking me to come or what!? Shouting so loudly!"

Long YinTian wondered, who would be so presumptuous to actually dare to straightforwardly shout San Ge's name and say in front of everyone that she was being asked to come?

He curiously turned his head and saw a white silhouette approaching swaggeringly.

He still hadn't had time to clearly see her appearance when he heard 'aiyou~~~' groan.

It had only been three days since Qian DuoDuo crossed through to this place. She still wasn't used to the ancient times' multiple layered, full-length skirt that wrapped around her until she looked like a zongzi[5].  Who would have thought that one careless moment while she swaggered and shouted, she would step on her skirt? Her body swayed for a short while in front of the door before she directly fell and rolled on the ground, stopping with her soles up, facing the sky.

Coincidentally, it was raining a moment ago, so the ground was muddy. Qian DuoDuo's face drilled into a muddy puddle, so her white face immediately resumed its dark appearance.

The people inside the hall watched as Qian DuoDuo crawled up from the puddle, stunned. She then 'pei pei' (pooh!) spat out the mud around her mouth and massaged her butt. She even tore her throat and howled, "Aiyouwei~~~ My little waist~~~!"

Long YinTian finally regained his soul back. He couldn't help but burst out with laughter. Isn't this WangFei a bit too unusual… The first meeting is already so unique!

He glanced at Long YuTian's face. It was livid. His teeth were making 'ge ge' sounds as he ground them with hate.

Xiao Ruo hastily helped Qian DuoDuo up and worriedly asked, "XiaoJie, are you all right?"

"All right…? Which one of your eyes sees me all right? You get down a bit and take a look… My little waist is about to break…" Qian DuoDuo, completely ignoring the stupefied gazes that watched her from the side, pulled her skirt open and grumbled.


[1] RuHua (如花/rú​huā): lit. flowery/like a flower. BUT, in this case, RuHua is a character from Chinese movie '九品芝麻官'. (I hope this is the RuHua the author meant, but RuHua in Cantonese seems to be a slang for ladyboy or ugly girl. Pict cr. baidu) [2]Duck (鸭鸭/yā yā): slang for gigolo [3]Gold pasted on one's face (脸上贴金/liǎn shang tiē jīn): blow one’s own trumpet [horn]; put feathers in the caps of (sb.). Act swaggeringly, think highly of one's self. [4]Eight-Bearers Palanquin (八抬大轿/bā​tái​dà​jiào): people who use eight-bearers palanquin usually are important person. The phrase figuratively means treating someone as guest of honor, VVIP~~~ [5]ZongZi (粽子/zòng​zi): glutinous rice with filling wrapped in leaves.


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