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Published at 4th of June 2019 09:40:18 PM
Chapter 222

Translator: lilcupcakez

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Using Sources

“Third WangFei doesn’t know, but these Wangye within the royal family are all handsome men that stirred people up everywhere . Virtuous women and even common people within the countryside all admired them . Don’t mention this . Even if they will lose a fortune, they would be willing to in order to witness the Wangyes’ elegant manners . ”

Lin Qingqing had a lot to say . Once Qian DuoDuo agreed to her condition, she relaxed entirely . She began to speak about the young girls of Sheng Chen Country and their unceasing admiration .  

Qian DuoDuo thought in her heart: how come she hadn’t used this special source to open her market?

She had available models in front of her but wasn’t using it . What a waste .

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Qian DuoDuo looked around before smiling: “Young miss Lin, please return . After I invited four, I will order people to notify you . ”

“Aye! Troubling the third WangFei!” Lin Qingqing happily responded then floated out of the third WangFu’s door as though she was a butterfly .

After she sent Lin Qingqing off, Qian DuoDuo buried herself in Ning Hui Yuan and started to work hard .

Xiao Rou cut out paper and grinded the ink stink while Qian DuoDuo lowered her head, biting on the head of the pen . She diligently battled with a pile of papers .

“Young miss, are you preparing to go to the temple to worship the Bodhisattva?” 

Qian DouDuo was confused: “Why would I go worship the Bodhisattva?”

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Xiao Rou observed the person on the paper, saying: “If you’re not going to worship the Bodhisattva, then why are you drawing these little demons from the King of Hell? They all look like devils and monsters, so scary . Plus, the person wearing the white clothes is like the crape myrtle heavenly emperor I see in the Daoist temple . ”

The drawings that young miss drew were all so strange .


The one wearing black clothes had a sharp mouth and monkey-like cheeks . The eyebrows were thick and rough, taking up half the face . Plus, she could faintly see the marks on his clothes which looked like a couple of turtles crawling around .

However, the other drawing was beautiful, unable to be put into words .

The pure white robe with drifting black hair . He was beautiful like peach blossom, the eyes containing stars . No matter how she looked at him, he was delightful to the eyes .

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Qian DuoDuo was embarrassed: “Xiao Rou, is something wrong with your eyes? This is Long YuTian, not a little devil!”

Xiao Rou was even more embarrassed: “Ah, third Wangye? Based on your words, then isn’t this one Cheng Wang?”

“You’re so smart, girl!” Qian DuoDuo gave her a flying kiss .


Finally, Xiao Rou was provoked, coming to the aid of the third Wangye: “Young miss, you’re too biased . You drew Cheng Wang to be that handsome but made the third Wangye so…so nasty and ugh…If the third Wangye sees this, be careful that you might get a beating . ”

Xiao Rou finally found a phrase to describe the figure in Qian DuoDuo’s art, nasty!

Qian DuoDuo felt the same: “Xiao Rou, you also think that Long YuTian is nasty . Aye, this means that my style of art is almost to the point of perfection . It basically couldn’t be conveyed in words, only to sense it . I revealed Long YuTian’s wretched personality from his bones . Hehe…I am really a genius!”

Xiao Rou’s cheeks streamed with tears: “But you don’t need to draw such thick eyebrows . Aren’t you afraid of wasting the ink?”

“This is called the Crayon Shin-chan eyebrows . It is best in revealing Long YuTian’s ability of being a stud horse…” Qian DuoDuo retorted .

“Then why did young miss draw turtles on the third Wangye?”

Qian DuoDuo responded without thinking: “Don’t you know that turtles live for millennials? I am wishing him to live to a hundred years old!”

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