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Chapter 223

I am very Upset~

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Xiao Rou was stunned, deciding not to say anything more . Otherwise, who knew how mad she might be .  

However, Qian DuoDuo stared at Long YuTian’s portrait and felt it was indeed, a bit nasty . How was he going to attract those beautiful and wealthy women?

Therefore, in order to use this handsome men to achieve her results for advertising, Qian DuoDuo drew a handsome and icy man that she agreed against in her heart .  

Once Qian DuoDuo finished drawing him, Xiao Rou felt this was really delightful to her eyes . She asked curiously: “Young miss, what is the point of drawing all three Wangyes?”

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Qian DuoDuo stared at her work, satisfied: “This is called a poster . It is used to attract those wealthy young misses, for advertisement . ”

What a pity that she landed in the ancient times where technological advancements were behind, without TV or computers . Otherwise, her matchmaking career would’ve expanded to other countries .

It seemed like she needed to work overtime to draw a couple more advertising drawings and take advantage of the night to secretly tape the posters up by the end of the street in order to increase her popularity .  

“Young miss, are you trying to sell the three Wangye?” Xiao Rou finally realized, widening her mouth . She immediately denied: “No, no . Young miss, you’re being disrespectful to the royal family by doing this . If not handled correctly, you might be criminalized . Quickly rip this!”

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Her family’s young miss was really courageous . She even thought of selling the Wangyes . She really just wanted money and not her life!

Xiao Rou was about to faint from the anger .

Qian DuoDou immediately placed her heart’s blood in her arms, exclaiming with flying spit: “Why are you so moved emotionally? What do you mean by sell? It sounds horrible . This is called marketing methods . What do you, a young girl, know? If the Emperor finds out, he will thank me . Look, four doesn’t have a WangFei . Fourteen doesn’t even have a mistress . There is only Long YuTian left but he’s the type of person whose desires can’t be satisfied . Won’t the royal family pick concubines for them in great fanfare in a while?”

“Your family’s young miss, I am planning head . Being the good citizen of Sheng Chen Country, I am willing to stand out and help the Emperor with his difficulties and offer my own life for the Wangyes’ lifelong marriages . They don’t thank me but want to perceive me as a criminal? They are basically ill rewarding my kindness!”

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“It’s hard to be a good person…How come no one appreciates my work…I am so upset…” Qian DuoDuo tried wiping her tears even though there was no tears . The skin by the eyes were already red due to her rubbing .  

“Nonsense, wasn’t it just young miss Lin’s treasures that led you to think wickedly?” Xiao Rou hit the nail on the head .

Qian DuoDuo stopped pretending, immediately moving to Xiao Rou’s side smiling and trying to explain for herslef: “Hehe…those silvers, it’s convenient…After all, I can’t just do the work and expect nothing in return . That would be child labor . ”

Everything was ready, only lacking one crucial detail .

After she convinced Xiao Rou, by the flourishing city center, there was a small vendor stall bright early next morning .

Behind the vendor stall, there were three huge posters and three handsome men with different temperaments appeared on the scroll paintings .

They just needed to ask around a bit to find out this was the third WangFei who conducted a large scale “blind dates” for the three Wangyes .

Under each handsome man, it indicated the amount of cost for each event .

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