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Published at 2nd of June 2019 03:30:13 AM
Chapter 221: 221

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She made a harsh decision and clenched her teeth . Lin Qingqing revealed her trump card and took out a couple of large face value banknotes out, placing it on the table .

“Third WangFei, please forgive me . This girl has a stupid mouth and says the wrong words . Please do not bother about and a person of great moral stature does not remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature . ”

Qian DuoDuo waved her hands, a little impatient: “Okay, okay . Don’t go in circles . If you have something to say, say it . This WangFei doesn’t have time to guess riddles with you . ”

She eagerly wanted to run to the table and claim the cute items as hers .

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Lin Qingqing watched as she finally didn’t make it difficult for her so she directly stated the purpose of her arrival: “Third WangFei, this time I took the liberty of coming over because I want to ask you to help me . I know that you heard that I have always admired the fourth Wangye but my father doesn’t have any connections so I can’t really be close to the fourth Wangye . Last time at the palace banquet, I saw that you and the fourth Wangye’s relationship was pretty good . Plus, you’re his royal aunt so…”

When she finished her words, Qian DuoDuo understood: “So you want me to matchmake the two of you guys?”

Lin Qingqing revealed a shy look, naturally .

She originally thought that she would have a chance to be next to Long YinTian by pleasing Zhu SiSu but the clever her obviously had seen through this . Long YuTian’s attitude towards Zhu SiSi was unlike before .

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The most important thing was that Qian DuoDuo had Cheng Wang’s protection and the comradeship with the fourth Wangye .

She definitely chose a person of integrity .

She had seen not only a glimpse of admiration and interest in fourth Wangye’s eyes towards Qian DuoDuo but also a tint of infatuation which led her to feel danger .

But Qian DuoDuo, after all, was the third WnagFei and his royal aunt . Plus, with Cheng Wang’s unclear attitude, the fourth Wangye, in the end, could only kill the feelings while still in a blooming state . He could only look from afar…

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However, based on their comradeship, if Lin Qingqing could please Qian DuoDuo and have her say some words then the pavilion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first . The fourth Wangye loves the house and its crows so he won’t really reject her .

“This…” Qian DuoDuo was in a difficult situation: “The feelings between man and woman, it’s better if both sides are willing . Four isn’t a male pig where people casually place a bright ball on him and would be able to tie him into the wedding room . I probably can’t help . ”

Lin Qingqing’s lips twitched: “The third WangFei is saying harsh words . I don’t mean that . I just want a chance to be closer to the fourth Wangye and I will be satisfied . If I am lucky and can serve the Wangye, I would be willing to even become a mistress . ”

Aye, the women during ancient times really would demean themselves . Even if she was given the position of an Empress, she would snort at it . This girl, on the other hand, is scrambling to be a mistress .

A woman’s confidence comes from being proud, loving, and respecting herself . If they can’t do this, how could they expect for a man to love them?

However, she didn’t even bother about so why is she bothering with this?

It really is the Emperor isn’t worried while the eunuch is .

However, seeing the banknotes, Qian DuoDuo was ecstatic in her heart . Yet, she agreed reluctantly on the surface: “Okay, seeing that you are so infatuated and not regretting this, this WangFei will reluctantly help you guys set up a place to meet . However, I really don’t understand . It’s hard to find a two-legged frog but two-legged men are everywhere on the streets . How come you have to waste so much money to see Long YinTian?”

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