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Chapter 220
Guest asking for One’s Presence

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Qian DuoDuo was a little confused . If it was four or fourteen, the servant would say .

But other than these two friends, Qian DuoDuo knew no one else?

Plus, if they were able to find her within the third WangFu, they must be an extraordinary figure .

Qian DuoDuo followed the servant slowly into the front hall, bringing her confusion along .

The moment she raised her head, she saw an elegant woman wearing bright clothes waiting in the hall .

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“You are…?” Qian DuoDuo felt that the woman was familiar but wasn’t able to remember where she saw her before .

The woman slightly bent her body, very politely: “Paying respects to the third WangFei . I am the daughter of the Ministry of Revenue, Lin Qingqing . If the third WangFei is fine, you can call me Qingqing . ”

“Oh! It’s you . ”

Qian DuoDuo suddenly realized . As it turned out, it was the woman she also angered to the point where she fainted on the palace banquet in the imperial palace .

However, what is she doing here? Did she wanted to fight for justice for Zhu SiSi and wanted to look for a beating?

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Qian DuoDuo turned around, sitting on the chair . Her tone turned cold: “Does young miss Lin have a problem with your eyes or your brain? This seems to be the third WangFu not your Prime Minister’s manor . Did young miss Lin walk in the wrong door?”

She paused momentarily and yelled towards Xiao Rou, not waiting for Ling Qingqing to respond: “Xiao Rou, see the guest off!”

Towards women who had the intentions of causing problems, Qian DuoDuo only had two phrases – drive off!

Lin Qingqing’s face turned pale white due to Qian DuoDuo’s mockery . She knew that she was a person hard to deal with but when she thought of her motive, she endured it .

“Third WangFei, this time it is this sister who couldn’t recognize your status and offended you . This sister is offering an apology here . You please don’t lower yourself to sister’s standards…”

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Qian DuoDuo yawned, leaning on the chair lazily . With the corner of her eyes, she observed the women who lowered her posture .

Lin Qingqing watched as she still ignored her and laughed shamelessly . She clapped her hands and a couple of servants behind her came in holding onto a couple of trays .

Qian DuoDuo raised her head and almost rolled off the chair .

Pearls, corals, jewelry, and silk fabrics .

There are weird things every year and this year, there are numerous .

If the cat doesn’t steal then the Siberian weasel will really pay a new year to the chicken!

She had spent all her hard-earned savings in order to kiss up to her . There is definitely something wrong!

Qian DuoDuo coughed and straightened her body . She faintly placed her gaze away, pretending to talk in a calm tone: “Young miss Lin is really generous . These gifts led this WangFei to be dazzled . Are you in a difficult position which is why you’re spending this much However, this WangFei is untainted even by dust . The matter of corruption, this WangFei won’t do . ”

Lin Qingqing felt that Qian DuoDuo was going to reject so she hurriedly explained: “The third WangFei is speaking harsh words . These are all playthings for women and not presentable . I see that the third WangFei is such an outstanding beauty and beautiful that I believe if you wear these things, you will stand out even more . ”

“Hehe…young miss Lin’s lips…really…aye, this WangFei understands what you’re saying . You are saying that I only deserve these unpresentable things?” Qian DuoDuo exclaimed leisurely but she spoke sarcastically .

Lin Qingqin originally was just being modest but who knew Qian DuoDuo had retorted back and made it seem like it was her fault for gifting her the presents!

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