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Chapter 219

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How much is Seven Silvers?

On the other hand, Qian DuoDuo’s originally gloomy mood gradually relaxed with Long MuChen’s deep and silent expression .

Haha, this really was the 21st-century high-tech brain .

This was the Thirty-Six Stratagems – Driving a wedge between the enemy!

She basically grasped this casually .

Qian DuoDuo felt that she had killed two birds with one stone .

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Not only did she use the Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars to let Long MuChen know to retreat, but she had also incited him to go mistreat his beloved…What is the most important is that before Long MuChen had ripped the contract and when she watched as the 20,000 banknotes fizzled away, Long MuChen had provided her some money in time!

This really was – the east side doesn’t light but the west side lights up .

She didn’t need to say anything and just based on the point that Long MuChen was the moving unlimited credit card that she couldn’t easily marry him out!

Qian DuoDou sat by the window of Ning Hui Yuan . Repeatedly, she rubbed the banknotes on her face .

Besides the last time when they met assassins and she had defrauded about 40,000 silvers from Long MuChen . At the brothel last night, she also earned a couple 10,000 silvers . Now, piecing everything on her, she probably had around 70,000-80,000 silvers .

But the ancient times of 70,000-80,000 silvers, how much is that worth in RMB (Chinese currency)?

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“Young miss, what are you thinking about?” This was the first time Xiao Rou had seen young miss upset and unhappy even with banknotes .

“Xiao Rou, I’m asking you . How much do you earn in a month?” Qian DuoDuo raised her head, asking .

“Hm, when I was at Qian’s manor, it was around 3 silvers . A while ago, the third Wangye raised my salary . Now in a month, I can get 7 silvers . ” Xiao Rou played with her braids and seemed to be satisfied with her salary right now .

“7 silvers is a lot? Is it enough for you to spend normally?” Qian DuoDuo was a little suspicious .

She recalled back to the clothes and the jewelry made for the first lady had cost her thousands of silvers .

Plus, the last time she had sold the golden hairpin that Long YuTian gifted her in exchange for a couple of hundred silvers .

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Girls loved to dress up and they can’t run short of clothes and jewelry . How could 7 silvers be enough to live?

Xiao Rou looked at Qian DuoDuo .

When young miss was in Qian’s manor, although she wasn’t favored, she still didn’t need to worry about living a good life . After she married into the third WangFu, the fourth Wangye and the fourteenth Wangye were very nice to young miss . No matter what good things they had, they all sent it to her . She didn’t need to worry about the basic necessities .

This type of young miss, did she not know how much 7 silvers were worth in common people’s eyes?

Xiao Rou pondered over this, making a comparison: “Young miss, like the normal common people, they all have land and food in their houses . Normally, they don’t need to use money going outside . A couple of silvers are enough to maintain their lifestyle…However, if they go to Wang Xiang Lou to eat, don’t mention 7 silvers . It might not even be enough with 70 silvers . ”

“Are the chefs in Wang Xiang Lou very good?” When she heard “food,” her eyes brightened .

“Yes, I heard that it was the world’s best place for food gathering . However, the price wasn’t that cheap . Having a meal there, you probably would need a couple of tens of silvers . ”

There are three lures that Qian DuoDou couldn’t resist .

Silvers 2 . Food 3 . Handsome men!

After she leaves the WangFu, she wanted to eat all the delicacies in the world . Then the money in her hands would definitely not be enough . Could they not mention her dream of becoming a successful female businesswoman in Shen Cheng Country?

She needs to think of a way to earn more silvers!

The moment Qian DuoDuo’s thoughts were finalized, there was a servant who ran over to Ning Hui Yuan: “WangFei, there is a guest asking for your presence . ”

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