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Published at 22nd of May 2019 05:47:03 AM
Chapter 216

Translator: lilcupcakez

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If it weren’t that she personally verified that he was from this time period, just based on today’s actions, she would have suspicions regarding if he had crossed over from another time period .

He actually imitated the scene in 《Palace》where the eighth prince chased after Qing Chuan .

This girl – It pirated over to the ancient times…

Not right…chase after a woman?

Qian DuoDuo’s mind flashed over this thought . She immediately moved closer to him: “Hey, fourteen, are you interested in a family’s young miss but a little embarrassed to open your mouth about it?”

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Long MuChen kept quiet but the corner of his lips widened to a pampering beautiful faint smile as though it was embellished by the spring wind .

As expected…

Qian DuoDuo pursed her lips, feeling a little gloomy in her heart not knowing why .

For a woman, he actually even thought of this method of wasting resources and manpower which made his IQ instantly drop to the bottom .

The moment she stared at Long MuChen who smiled flirtatiously, Qian DuoDuo was able to imagine the woman who made him head over heels in love . She definitely was a willow branch trembling in the wind who only knew how to pretend to gain the man’s sympathy!

Psh, this type of women were used to pretending that they definitely aren’t some good people!

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(Oh, oh, oh~How can you say this to yourself, Qian DuoDuo?)

But, how did any of this relate to Qian DuoDuo regarding who Long MuChen was interested in?

Don’t mention that he is the Royal Uncle right now in the status and that the woman in the future will be the Royal Aunt but if Qian DuoDuo held no relations with the royal family-

Then in the future, she and Long MuChen had no relations at all .

What if this WangFei in the future was someone stingy and like a lioness from HeDong? Not only that she was a scrooge then who will support her and give her silvers to spend?

Qian DuoDuo secretly wiped her tears and felt distressed in her heart…

When she thought up to here, she would rather either give up or go to the end . She will directly cut off his backup and scare him off!

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Qian DuoDuo ground her teeth together and covered the remaining banknotes on the table . She turned around to strongly emphasis: “You guys all go out . I am the boss here! If fourteen has any questions, free free to ask me . Now, I am his exculsive consultant!”

Long MuChen peered at her valiant expression who seemed to be a little jealous as well . How can she be so cute when not trying to reason with anyone?

Qian DuoDuo glared freakily as though a female who was revealing threatening gestures . She blocked out the tens of women with her look . Then she sat in front of Long MuChen, starting to stare at him…

Long MuChen thought it was extremely funny but he couldn’t help to feel sweet within his heart due to her impulsive actions .

Han Tie revealed his actual motive for being here but although it was quite shameful, it saved him the time of turning to any doctor when in time of crisis now that Qian DuoDuo jumped out .

Wasn’t it the most straightforward method to directly ask her what type of man she liked and the conditions she had?

Pondering to this point, Long MuChen hadn’t rejected her either . He opened his mouth .

“Duo Er, tell me . What requirements are there in order to gain the happiness of a lady?”

Qian DuoDuo thought about it then replied in a serious tone: “This…requires inborn conditions then great efforts post-natal . If you can meet the requirements of the Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars then you will be invincible . ”

Based on Long MuChen’s conditions, even if he had none of the filial exemplars, there will be a huge number of fans running after him . Qian DuoDuo exclaimed this due to her personal desires, in order for him to retreat after knowing the difficulties…

They all say that people forget about their mother once they married…let alone this Qian DuoDuo who is nothing out of the ordinary?

As expected, Long MuChen was fooled . He modestly inquired: “What is the Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars?”

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