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Chapter 215


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“…” Han Tie rolled his eyes . He couldn’t help to wish to spit out white bubbles and directly faint over .

This woman dared to boast shamelessly in front of him, discussing whether or not his master had erectile dysfunction or not . Plus, she was quite attentive to him too .

She was a thick person and didn’t know but he faintly felt his master’s gaze which was teasing but towards him, he felt pressured .

He believed that had he stayed here another second, his life won’t be saved!

But this woman was really restless . She even wanted to tease himself…

Did this woman hold a grudge to when he blocked her outside the manor of Chen Wang? Therefore, she wanted to take revenge on this .

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But Qian DuoDuo had no idea of the flowing thoughts between Han Tie and Long MuChen . She felt like she was just caring for a youngster…

If he had a fever then he needed to see a doctor and have some medicines…

The surrounding women saw that ever since Qian DuoDuo came, Long MuChen completely ignored them . A courageous and seducing woman called: “Wangye, let’s continue…”

Continue, good . Continue, good .

It’s just that within the public place with numerous people, how embarrassed would it be if another person barged in without a brain?!

“Han Tie, go bring a couple of light muslin over . ”

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Qian DuoDuo ordered . Han Tie exited as though he had received the special pardon . When he came back, he carried a couple of purple muslin racks and placed them in front of Qian DuoDuo .

Qian DuoDuo carried the racks and surrounded Long MuChen and the tens of women in the center . Then she hid behind the muslin and use her hand to leave a small crack that revealed a pair of foggy-black but bright eyes . She sneakily stared at the scene in front of her .

“I will count up to three then you guys can start!”

Oh, oh, oh . So excited . Time for a great scene .

Although she was a girl with fujoshi thoughts, she had never seen this type of scene…

A child has curiosity and that is worth to be forgiven ah!

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Long MuChen peered at Qian DuoDuo’s comical look who just wanted to have fun . He really wanted to open her brain and see what type of bizarre things are inside it .

“Start…” Long MuChen faintly opened his mouth, sitting on the red wooden chair and lazily tasting the top-notch Longjing .

“Wangye, girls usually like men who are gentle and considerate . It’s best if they take care of her in every possible way . ” Girl A opened her mouth before anyone else .

Han Tie took out one hundred silvers and handed it over to her expressionless .

“Wangye, this is not certain ah . Many young ladies like a domineering man so this way, it looks as if they are quite manly . ” Girl B also replied, not afraid . Right after, she happily took the 100 silvers banknote .

Right now, Qian DuoDuo’s mind was obviously not on the same line as the scene in front of her .

Before she was incomparably excited but after Han Tie just gave away the 100 silvers banknotes one after the other due to the girls’ words, she was stunned watching as the women fought due to fear that the banknotes would be gone .

“Fourteen, what are you doing?” Qian DuoDuo couldn’t help to see that the banknotes were flying off like that and interjected .

Han Tie smiled: “Young miss Qian, Wangye is obviously buying the first-handed information and wants to understand women’s thoughts . What else do you think he is doing?”

Understand women? Using this method?

This Long MuChen looked quite brilliant but how come in his bones, he acted quite stupid?

If it weren’t that she personally verified that he was part of this time period, just based on today’s actions, she would’ve been suspicious as to whether or not he crossed over .

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