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Published at 25th of May 2019 02:20:07 PM
Chapter 217
The So-Called Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars

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Long MuChen watched as Qian DuoDuo’s eyes concentrated on the banknotes on the table and her eyes sparkled . He knew that this young girl was eying his silvers .

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Therefore, he told Han Tie to give the rest of the banknotes to Qian DuoDuo .

Qian DuoDuo took the banknotes over and the corner of her lips immediately curled up wide . She counted them, not caring that it was impolite . Then, she directly placed them in her small bag .

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“The so-called Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars is that 1 . When the wife can’t sleep, you need to stay with her the whole night and help to count sheep . You can’t dream about the Duke of Zhou . 2 . You need to provide methods when the wife is trying to make herself more attractive . You can’t laugh out loud . 3 . When the wife is singing, you need to compliment her endlessly and can’t laugh at her . 4 . When the wife is mad, you need to kneel on the ground and beg for mercy . You need to beg for her forgiveness and can’t ignore her . 5 . When the wife is yelling and hitting you, you need to thank God and can’t try to retaliate . 6 . When the wife is going to take a shower, you need to test the temperature and help to wipe her body . You can’t have any selfish desire . 7 . When the wife is spending money, you need to be brave and pay the bills . You have to encourage her some more and can’t act like you are unwilling . 8 . When the wife is cooking, you have to praise unceasingly and have a couple more bowls . You can’t be picky about the dishes you like and you don’t like . 9 . When the wife is sleeping, you need to fan her during the scorching summer . When it’s in the winter, you have to warm the blankets . You can’t snore and try to steal her blankets . 10 . When the wife is giving you money, you need to be grateful and cry tears of happiness . You have to live frugally and can’t spend money on extra things . 11 . When the wife is bored, you need to do your utmost to act to entertain her . You can’t act casually . 12 . When the wife is reprimanding you, you need to put your hands behind your back and stand up straight . You can’t be absent-minded . 13 . When the wife is upset, you need to sob and grieve for her too . You can’t reveal a smile . 14 . When the wife is out late, you need to patiently wait at home and smile when facing her . You can’t be angry and furious about it . 15 . When the wife isn’t here you need to yearn for her day and night nonstop and keep yourself pure . You are not to imitate the dog and steal the chicken . 16 . When the wife is happy, you have to decorate the house with banners and lanterns, celebrating without restraint . You are not to spill the wine or cold water . 17 . When the wife is learning, you have to help to read the books for her and circle the main points . You are not to act like this does not concern yourself . 18 . When the wife is debating, you have to nod your head from time to time to show that you agree . You are not to refute back . 19 . When the wife is interrogating you, you have to vow and swear to God in order to show your loyalness to her . You can’t act carelessly . 20 . When the wife is fighting, you have to help her and go against the enemy with her . You can’t advise her to run off . 21 . When the wife wants to kiss you, you have to act with enthusiasm and put energy in it . You can’t talk indistinctly . 22 . When the wife is hurting, you need to be diligent and hot compress on time . You are not to hut her anywhere else . 23 . When the wife is going to copulate with you, you need to satisfy her demands and persevere . You are not to be less capable than desirable . 24 . When the wife doesn’t want something, you need to keep the tears in your stomach and figure it out yourself . You are not to buy and sell things!”

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“The followings are my family Qian’s Twenty-Four Filial Exemplars of a standard man! I promise you that it is well-tried and no one can beat you! Aye, this is my – Qian DuoDuo’s secret treasure . If it weren’t that you – fourteen is diligent and never slacking and is modest enough to learn this, I won’t even be willing to tell you this . ”

Qian DuoDuo shook her head, sighing . She looked like she was reluctant to do this .

Then when she looked at the remaining group of people, besides Long MuChen who still stayed calm and held a faint smile, everyone else was flabbergasted and even spat out white bubbles .

Han Tie wiped the cold sweat on his head and secretly observed a moment in silence in tribute in regards to his master’s future life .

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