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Highest Quality Handsome Guy

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Panie)

"Damn it! They could actually find me! Quickly run…… quickly run……"

The moment Long MuChen saw Qian DuoDuo panicking, he instantly sent a meaningful glance towards his personal attendant at his side. That attendant nodded his head in understanding. He stayed behind to block that group of servants.

After more than ten minutes, Qian DuoDuo had already pulled Long MuChen to run around most of the wangfu. Finally, she panted wearily and stopped behind a rockery beside a pond. She crouched on the ground, panting heavily without the slightest attention to her image.

At this moment, Long MuChen's attendant also joined them, standing respectfully beside them, just like a statue.

Seeing that those servants didn't follow her, Qian DuoDuo finally sighed in relief and turned her head around to look at the man she had dragged with her.

Suddenly, a certain woman was awestruck.

Long MuChen was leaning indolently against the rockery. He was wearing a white crepe robe with a flowing cloud pattern on it. His hand was toying with a jade fan.

White clothes, black hair. Both clothes and hair were fluttering in the breeze, untied and uncontrolled, making his silhouette appear to be hanging in the sky, just like a god descending to the earth.

Qian DuoDuo gulped; her eyes were sluggish, "What a beautiful man…… Simply could shock the world and make both gods and ghosts sob! Devastatingly beautiful! Heaven defying…… If you're not in this ancient times where birds doesn't even sh*t at, you would definitely be able to become a mighty international superstar! A character on prince charming's level!"

Take a look at that fair skin! It vaguely seemed to have a glow flowing around. Rays from a thousand kinds of colored glass seemed to flicker in his eyes. His eyes happened to be a pair of dewy eyes with a bit of evildoer taste. On the contrary, his temperament had a touch of nobility that would cause people to only watch him from afar, without daring to trifle with him or being disrespectful towards him.

Nowadays, she had continuously felt dissatisfied. There was neither computer nor TV in this bird doesn't sh*t at ancient times. There was no drama with idols as its actors. How could her smitten heart be satisfied?

However, now Qian DuoDuo was sincerely exclaiming in admiration ah…… Besides Long YuTian, the quality of handsome guys in this Sheng Chen country was indeed always getting better and better ah!

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Long MuChen pursed his lips when he saw this black ball staring at himself to the point that its eyes almost fell out.

His supreme status in Sheng Chen country had made him accustomed to listening to those flattering and fawning words. He was also used to seeing the admiring gazes of the ladies from distinguished families. However, against all reason, the bare good impressions that this woman before his eyes had about himself, as well as her odd way in praising him, actually made him feel that his heart brightened.

This woman is a bit rude…… rudely adorable……

Long MuChen took out a handkerchief and passed it to Qian DuoDuo. He then smiled and said, "Wipe the drool off your mouth…… Although Ben… Ben GongZi[1] is outstanding and graceful, you also shouldn't exaggerated it like this, right?"

Qian DuoDuo's lips twitched. She did like handsome guys. However, she didn't like conceited handsome guys.

Being able to receive her praise was a blessing cultivated from several generations! Not only did he not shed tears of gratitude, he actually ridiculed her and said she was drooling?

Qian DuoDuo proudly raised that little chin of hers and exclaimed, "This GongZi, I think you've misunderstood me. I wasn't praising you… The one I was talking about… is the attendant beside you… Why are you sticking gold on your own face ah…"

Long MuChen's handsome face twitched…… He swore, this woman must have done it on purpose!

His thought had just come out, when he saw Qian DuoDuo sizing himself up and down before smacking her lips and sighing: "As for you…… also not bad ah… after all, you still look like a human!"

"Presumptuous! You actually dare to speak like this to my family's master! You have to know, my family's master, he is……" Han Tie, who had stayed silent from the beginning, finally couldn't help but berate Qian DuoDuo.


Ben GongZi (本公子/Běn gōngzǐ): This young master. (Kekeke, he was going to say BenWang in case you guys didn't notice……)

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