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Black Briquette

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

"Presumptuous! You actually dare to speak like this to my family's master! You have to know, my family's master, he is……" Han Tie, who had stayed silent from the beginning, finally couldn't help but berate Qian DuoDuo.

(Renren's note: Presumptuous: 放肆/fang ​sì, fang: put/let/release, si: excess/willful/4, fangsi: releasing willfulness(presumptuous) or in here, Qian DuoDuo regarded it as 'released 4')

His family's master was someone above everyone else; even the Emperor had to show him some courtesy when they met. When had he ever been spoken to so rudely like this by a silly little girl?

Being berated by such a burly fellow, Qian DuoDuo's anger also rose instantly. She assumed a fighting stance like a fishwife that is going to shout abuse in the street, "You released five (fang wu)! You've released, I've also released! Why would this great aunt be afraid of you?! You're parading your power here without taking a look at whose domain this place is. Be careful or I'll kick you to the pond and feed you to the carps!"

A set of nonsensical scolding made Han Tie completely speechless and sullen. He turned his head to take a glance at Long MuChen's expression. Not only was his master not angry, he was actually watching this vulgar woman with keen interest! His lips were even curved into a faint smile!

Han Tie's mind was chaotic. He really couldn't understand his master's way of thinking. Then, he saw Long MuChen slightly open his lips. In his voice, there was a pampering tone that even he himself wasn't aware of, "That's enough, Han Tie… Don't scare this GuNiang…"

Han Tie was simply about to spurt out blood!

This is called GuNiang? This is being scared?

His two eyes completely didn't see Qian DuoDuo having an appearance of being scared.  On the contrary, she was staring at him with raised eyebrows, looking extremely proud of herself, like someone poor that had reached greatness.

But his family's master… what's wrong with him?

Qian DuoDuo didn't expect that this handsome guy could be so direct. She instantly brightened up and walked to Long MuChen's side, grinning from ear to ear. She raised her arm and placed her hand on Long MuChen's shoulder before cunningly saying, "Ai~ So fast and you already turned against your own comrade… Say, are you kneeling at my feet already?"

"Pffft—-" Long MuChen had almost spurted out blood. Confused about whether he should laugh or cry, he opened his mouth, "You? Ben GongZi presumed Ben GongZi still hasn't reached 'beggar cannot choose' state yet…… to fall for you, this kind of black briquette….."

"You are a little white face[1]! You dare to say I'm a black briquette!" Qian DuoDuo furiously pointed at Long MuChen. Only after she reached out her hand did she finally realize that her hand, her arm, and every place that was exposed, was all covered in black. She hastily ran to the lakeside and hung her head down to look. Inside that extremely clear lake water, a big black pan could be seen among the ripples…

AO AO AO~ She always loves to appear beautiful, how could she turn into this kind of appearance?

She even shamelessly talked big that the other party was taking a fancy on herself!

Qian DuoDuo obviously felt her face was burning, blackening and then reddening before blackening and then reddening again. She sullenly walked until she was in front of Long MuChen. Then, she reached out, rudely snatching the handkerchief he was fiddling in his hand and went back to the lake side, softly washing away the stain on her face.

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At the side, Long MuChen was standing very calmly. When Qian DuoDuo raised her head, he was simply stumped for words. Both eyes were slightly narrowed, as if he saw dazzling rays and his eyes totally couldn't adapt to the light.

Even 'Lotus growing on clear water, naturally carved[2]', couldn't be more than this.

Although she only wore coarse linen clothes without any accessories, they actually emphasized her delicateness. Her skin was smooth; her lips looked like a cherry; her eyebrows seemed like it was drawn with ink; her expression was like transparent autumn water, exquisite charms that couldn't be explained.

Especially those pair of eyes, expressive and smart, like a pearl embedded on fine jade, pretty and vivid.

Long MuChen could also be said to have lived for more than twenty years and had met countless and all kinds of beautiful women. Each one was attractive in her own way, whether it was lovely and alluring or cold and graceful. Yet, none of them was like her, exquisite and refined!

Right, she was exquisite and refined.

Unexpectedly, there is such an amusing maid in Lao San's house… He really didn't gift the night pearl and run here to drink wedding wine in vain…


Little white face (小白脸/ xiǎo báiliǎn): handsome guy/ gigolo. Negative term for beautiful man who doesn't work and rely on woman. Because he doesn't work, his face is white and pretty, hence the 'little white face'. I was going to put it as gigolo, but I don't think Long MuChen understand that 'little white face' means gigolo…… Oh well… Lotus growing on clear water, naturally carved (清水出芙蓉,天然去雕饰/ qīngshuǐ chū fúróng, tiānrán qù diāoshì): means natural and fresh. Written by Lǐbái, a poet in born in Tang dynasty in '经乱离后天恩流夜郎忆旧游书怀赠江夏韦太守良宰'.

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