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This is Called Connotative

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Panie)

The servant's words had just landed when he saw something completely black frantically try to run out from among the black smoke inside the kitchen.

Report to WangYe!?

How could they?

If Long YuTian knew she burned the kitchen, will he put a committing arson crime or a terrorist charge on her body , ah?!

Although Qian DuoDuo was surrounded by blazing dried wood, she could feel a burst of cold wind, 'whoosh-whoosh' blowing towards herself. Qian DuoDuo scratched that chicken nest like head of hers. Taking advantage of the fact that those servants hadn't discovered herself, Qian DuoDuo ran out of the kitchen, vigorously moving straight forwards.

On the small paths inside the wangfu, flustered servants were carrying water buckets. Everyone was rushing towards the kitchen. From time to time, they'd also take a glance at this unrecognizable black thing.

Qian DuoDuo simply bowed her head and ran. Her brain was only filled with the fear that if she was a bit slower, she would get caught by Long YuTian. She completely didn't pay any attention to what's in front of her as a tall figure was walking gradually closer towards her. And then, she actually 'Bang—-' ran into a broad chest.

Bumping into that broad chest, she was instantly dizzy and seemed to see stars.

She cried out 'aiyou—-' while her petite body bounced backwards. However, she didn't have the time to fall on the ground. A huge hand had caught her waist, once again drawing her towards a sturdy chest.

"Which eyeless man has dared to run into this great aunt!?" Qian DuoDuo originally wanted to grit her teeth and cursed because of the pain. Who would have imagined that she hadn't yet opened her mouth, when a warm and gentle voice already appeared in her ears. It was magnetic yet gentle, "Xiao GuNiang, are you alright?"

This sentence had forcibly blocked Qian DuoDuo's impulse to explode with swear words.

Her face was black. Her hands were black. Her clothes were also black. Even a pair of vivid, large eyes were also black. Her eyes shifted all around. Feeling that the man before her eyes was still holding her waist, 'whoosh', she jumped, straightening her body. She furrowed her eyebrows and shouted, "Where does this smelly boy come from, daring to eat Ben GuNiang's[1] tofu!? Be careful or  I'll stomp on your claws!"

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Qian DuoDuo was only pretending to be mighty and putting on an air of arrogance. She had never expected this man to actually have not the slightest tenderness towards women and would directly pull his arm back, causing her, who didn't have any landing direction, to only stare blankly while falling flat on her face.

She raised her hands to wipe her dirty face. However, the dirt on her hands was pasted on her mouth instead. Qian DuoDuo spat a mouthful of dirt out. She glared furiously at a pair of magnificent boots before her eyes, itching to bite them off.

"Why didn't you catch me!? Don't you know I'm trying to be a bumped porcelain [2] ah!" Running into this wretched man, a rich wretched man, if she didn't fish a good amount of money from him, then she would really wrong her buttocks!

Long MuChen gracefully patted off the dust on his body. He stared at that lump of black thing on the ground. A huge hole almost appeared on the ground from his stare. Suddenly, he felt somewhat amused. He leisurely casted a sidelong glance at her before he disapprovingly said: "GuNiang, back then I saved you with good intention yet you said I ate your tofu. I held you, yet you told me to let you go… Now you're blaming me for not catching you… You are very hard to please ah…"

"……" She… she… what she said was connotative!

Qian DuoDuo glanced at the ground before slowly crawling up. She had just wanted to raise her gaze to take a look at whether the cold-blooded animal in front of her had pockmarks all over his face, like the monster he actually was, when noises appeared from a distant place.

"There! She was the one that burned the kitchen! Quick! Chase her!" At a distant place, a group of wangfu's servants were grabbing weapons and rushing towards them.

Qian DuoDuo instantly panicked. She couldn't argue with those people. Just like an old street mouse, she pulled Long MuChen's hand and broke into a run while grumbling with her mouth, "Damn it! They could actually find me! Quickly run…… quickly run……"


The author likes to put sound in her writing. You'll often read something like these: 'gulu-gulu' rolling, 'whoosh' leaping or wind 'whoosh-whoosh' blowing, 'uwah-uwah' crying. It might be weird to some people, but for me, this kind of detail the author put is one of the things that make the story funny… [1]Ben GuNiang (本姑娘/ běn gūniáng): This girl/this lady. Explanation about prefix 'ben' could be seen on ch 6 Eating tofu (吃豆腐/ chī dòufu): taking advantage of someone (taking advantage to inappropriately touching someone). [2]Bumping into porcelain (碰瓷/pèng​cí): famous fraud/money extortion in china. People deliberately run into oncoming vehicle and ask for money as compensation.


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