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Exile Chapter 11

Su Qingbai opened a few more fields after the first crop of green bok choi grew, and green seedlings appeared in the blink of an eye.

The first crop of green bok choi was almost ready for sale.

The night before the sale, Su Qingbai, holding his son in his arms, knocked on his Lao Zi’s and Niang’s door.

At this moment, Su Lingchuan was washing his feet and Madam Su was making the bed. When they saw Su Qingbai coming in, they asked, “What’s wrong, at this late hour?”

Su Qingbai pursed his lips before he explained his intention. “Dad, Niang, I’m going to get up early to go to the county tomorrow. Can you help me watch over Caicai?”

After that, Su Qingbai looked at his Lao Zi, who had held Su Caicai once since he was born, and that he made no secret of his dislike for the child. If it weren’t for tomorrow morning that he really couldn’t take care of Caicai, he would not have dared to come and give the child to his Lao Zi and Niang.

Su Lingchuan didn’t say anything against it. His youngest son had make progress; this was what he hoped to see. His son really couldn’t take care of that little thing. If he refused, it would seem really inhumane.

Madam Su was happy and took over Su Caicai. “You can rest assured. I’ll watch over him.” People, once they were older always like children very much. Since Su Caicai was born, she was particularly envious. If Su Lingchuan hadn’t said anything, perhaps she would bring the child over, and Su Qingbai would be lazy. Regardless of the child, she would long ago have brought the child over to be raised.

Su Qingbai handed his son over to his mother, returned to his room and lay down on the spacious heated brick bed. Su Qingbai rolled over a few times. Finally, he could sleep alone.

This evening, Su Qingbai went to bed early and planned to get a good night’s sleep and get up early to work.

Shortly after falling asleep, he woke up as he got used to checking Su Caicai’s diaper as usual.

When he saw the empty space beside him, he remembered that Su Caicai had been sent away by him.

He’s actually a lazy person. He’s content with the present situation and didn’t like resistance and changes.

All along, the reason why he was willing to take care of Su Caicai was because his Lao Zi said that the child was born by him and had to be raised by him. Besides, he had not a bit least of other feelings, or said to have other feelings, and he was too lazy to think about it.

Su Qingbai pulled a smile from his mouth, He seldom thought about life.

Suddenly, there was a cry from a child next door.

Su Qingbai’s thoughts were interrupted. He quickly draped clothes over his shoulders and went to see it.

“Caicai, don’t cry, oh~good boy.”

When Su Qingbai went, Madam Su was hugging Su Caicai to coax him and Su Lingchuan was looking at them with a bitter face. When Su Qingbai came over, she hurriedly said, “Somehow, when I woke up, he cried and I couldn’t coax him well. You come quickly and see.”

“Did he poop?” Su Qingbai frowned, Caicai was usually very well-behaved.


When Su Caicai saw Su Qingbai coming, he stopped crying. With tears in his eyes, he pouted his mouth in grieved and held out his hands to Su Qingbai. Su Qingbai embraced him and he immediately stopped crying.

Madam Su laughed. “This little thing knows people.”

Su Qingbai was stunned. He didn’t speak. He held the little thing in his arms. Suddenly, his heart went soft.

In recent months, he stayed with Su Caicai almost all the time. He was Su Caicai’s closest relative.

“Niang, you and Dad go to bed earlier. I’d better take this little thing back.”

After putting Su Caicai in the place where he used to sleep, Su Caicai grinned and was instantly happy. Su Qingbai was amazed at the speed of his face changes.

Su Qingbai poked him in the face. “Why are you so bad? Wouldn’t you let me sleep well?” The tone of his voice, though reproachful, was [rarely] gentle.

When his dad talked to him, Su Caicai became happier. He grabbed Su Qingbai’s finger and salivated.

The finger was held by Su Caicai’s soft little hand which Su Qingbai was then reluctant to pull it out until Su Caicai fell asleep.

Su Qingbai got up early the next morning.

It was impossible for him to go to town with Su Caicai, a baby less than five months old, but he had to give him to Madam Su to watch over.

It turned out that Su Caicai was still very well-behaved. As long as he slept with Su Qingbai at night, he would be very well-behaved during the day.

Su Qingbai slept late the night before, but he was very energetic to work. He got up early and went to town with a basket of vegetables on his back.

It was also Su Qingbai’s bad luck. As soon as the stall was closed and the sun declined westward, there was a disturbance not far away. Then someone shouted that Wu’s army had come.

Wu State, the border city of Lin State, was even poorer than this one. The army of Wu State often came to harass Ning State’s border city, which was not the first time Su Qingbai had experienced. The first time was when he was still pregnant with Su Caicai; when they were at home, hiding in their cellar and spending it with little loss.

But this time, he was in the street and had nowhere to hide.

Su Qingbai was at a loss and had to follow the crowd.

“Hey! That person, stop, stop!” Not far away, a pleasant male voice was particularly clear among the rioting crowd.

Su Qingbai wondered if it’s his hallucination, he thought… Someone was chasing him, but when he looked left and right, everyone ran in one direction to escape. Su Qingbai shook his head. He thought too much.

“That one with that basket on the back, stop.”

Su Qingbai paused.

Basket on the back? Not an illusion?

Su Qingbai looked over at the voice and saw a man not far behind him chasing him again. When the man saw he looked back, the man’s eyes lit up and smiled in pleasant surprise.

The man was handsome, taller than others, especially in the crowd.

Su Qingbai also smiled.

At the moment, if it weren’t for the wrong time, he really wanted to strangle this bastard.

Why you are asking?

Because this handsome man was Su Caicai’s perverted Dad.

“Don’t squeeze, don’t squeeze.” The crowd became more and more agitated.

Su Qingbai then ignored him. He was pushed around with his basket on his back. He ran a lot slower and was soon pushed behind.

Then Su Qingbai felt his hand was caught.

Su Caicai’s perverted Dad, Jiang Mao, saw Su Qingbai being pushed away. He was stupefied, and then grabbed Su Qingbai’s hand and ran forward.

Who knew how hard it took for Jiang Mao to drag Su Qingbai in front of him.

“Hurry up, you’re going to throw this basket away.” As he spoke, Jiang Mao stopped to help Su Qingbai untie the rope on his back.

Su Qingbai was milled about and crowded in for half a day, he was somewhat slowed and had no strength. He stood there, continuously gasping for breath, and saw the man bending down to help him unload the basket.

While not far away, Wu’s soldiers and horses were slowly approaching.

Exile Chapter 12

Pulling the basket aside, Jiang Mao pulled Su Qingbai and pushed him into the crowd.

Su Qingbai’s whole person was dumbfounded. At this moment, he thought a lot. What should he do to the pervert who slept with him? Chopped him and fed him to the dog? After all, he was Su Caicai’s blood relative Dad, and he also took some money, which made him felt a little hard to start with.

He’s totally forgotten that he’s running for his life.

Su Qingbai thought of many ways to retaliate against Jiang Mao, but he never thought that the man was so tall and strong. And that he could not beat anyone at all.

Jiang Mao, who Su Qingbai thought of, did not know anything. He kept pulling Su Qingbai forward.

Just as they squeezed into the crowd and reached a distance far enough away from the enemy, both men slowed down.

Suddenly, a familiar crisp voice came, “Qingbai, Qingbai.”

It was the little girl who brought him to town. She was worried for Su Qingbai. She came back and looked for him for fear that he would meet an accident when encountering such a situation for the first time.

“Su Ni.” The girl should have called him uncle by seniority, but their two families were distant, not as close as Su Changsheng’s family, and it didn’t matter by seniority, so the girl kept calling Su Qingbai’s name.

Su Qingbai’s original plan to retaliate against the pervert had to be put on hold for a while, for fear that the pervert would lose face when Su Ni shook up the matter between them.

Looking at Su Ni, Jiang Mao’s eyes darkened, but eventually said nothing, and pulled Su Qingbai, “Follow me.”

Su Qingbai was brought to a doghole by Jiang Mao. From the doghole, Su Qingbai saw a seemingly poverty-stricken family.

Su Ni came with them, too.

After they had been well hidden, Su Ni looked at the man in front of her. “Qingbai, is this Gongzi your friend?”

Su Qingbai felt very uncomfortable. He couldn’t get into trouble with the pervert in front of the little girl. When he heard what was asked, after thinking about it he said, “I don’t know him.”

Jiang Mao listened to Su Ni’s question, and the first thing he thought about was not answering the girl’s question, but looking at Su Qingbai, thinking that the man turned out to be called Qingbai, and repeating the name in his heart, to keep in mind. Then Su Qingbai slowly answered, “Yes, we are friends.”

Su Ni looked at them, who looked somewhat awkward.

Jiang Mao immediately explained thoughtfully, “There have been several friendships and we had said a few words. But because for some reasons, we did not have the opportunity to deepen our friendship.” With that, he introduced himself with a smile, “My name is Jiang…” Jiang Mao hesitated to say his real name when he thought he was being chased. “…Si. Yes, Jiang Si.”

Originally Su Qingbai didn’t want to pay attention to him, but unexpectedly, this pervert was also surnamed Jiang. When Su Qingbai heard what was said, he was somewhat explosive, “What? You’re also surnamed Jiang?”

Why the people he hated were both surnamed Jiang?

Jiang Mao did not know the truth, so he asked him, “What about that, do you know other surnames like Jiang?”

Remembering that man, Su Qingbai did not hate him any less than Jiang Si, he gritted his teeth and said, “Jiang Mao, he’s not a good thing either.” And then there was this Jiang Si.

Jiang Mao’s hand shook and asked, “Where did Jiang Mao got you?” He only saw Su Qingbai sighed, “Don’t mention this.”

Su Qingbai looked at Su Ni. “What are we going to do next?” He was not in the least wanted to acknowledge Jiang Mao’s opinion.

“We can only continue to hide here. When Wu’s army leaves, we will go out again.”

Su Qingbai was very uncomfortable to think of staying here with this Jiang Si. They were all sitting on the ground and Su Qingbai was between them. At first, he leaned closer to Jiang Si and wanted to move to the other side, but Su Ni next to him was a little girl, it was even more inconvenient. After being at a loss back and forth, Su Qingbai was depressed.

“Cough. That is, I asked you to come to me before. Why didn’t you come?” Jiang Mao broke the silence first.

“Hm?” Su Qingbai felt somewhat inexplicable.

Jiang Mao thought about it and said again, “That’s what I told you when you were lying in bed.”

Su Qingbai’s face was brushed in red and he shouted at Jiang Mao, “Shut up.”

It was a very ambiguous statement that he dared not look at Su Ni.

Su Ni didn’t feel anything at all. It wasn’t that there had never been before for two men falling asleep together after they had a good chat. But Su Qingbai’s performance, she felt a little abnormal, but to be specific where it was abnormal, she could not say for a moment.

Afterwards, Su Qingbai refused to say a word or let Jiang Mao say anything. When Wu’s army left, he did not look at Jiang Mao and turned away.

The fright of the day was so great that Su Qingbai did not slow down when he went home.

It was dark when he got to the door. Madam Su was holding Su Caicai in her arms and staring at the door, still awake.

At the sight of Su Qingbai, Madam Su wanted to cry, “Qingbai, are you okay? Your Niang was frightened to death.”

Su Qingbai took Su Caicai, who was holding out his paws to embrace him, and only then he slowly calmed down. He took Madam Su in one hand and went back to comfort her. “Niang, I’m back all right. Don’t cry, don’t cry.”

Madam Su pulled him out of the way and went through his whole body to make sure he was all right.

Su Qingbai asked about his family and was relieved to learn that no one was hurt at home.

“Caicai’s milk sheep was taken away.” Madam Su had a bitter face. They spent several silver taels to buy the sheep. “Caicai’s milk tonight is from next door daughter-in-law’s. I made an appointment with someone and went to her house these days and gave them fifty coins for the milk payment.”

Su Qingbai’s heart felt a little heavier when he heard this. It seemed that the next step was to make money to buy milk sheep for Su Caicai as soon as possible.

When Su Qingbai got home, his family was still awake. At the sight of Su Qingbai coming back, everyone breathed a sigh of relief and let go of their worries.

After that, everyone went to sleep, but Su Qingbai couldn’t sleep at all. Heavens, two years later, he met the beast in this city.

After Su Qingbai put Su Caicai on the heated brick bed, he raised his son’s calf to see if the diaper was still dry. He couldn’t help but say, “Su Caicai, you mustn’t look like your beast Dad.” After that, Su Qingbai turned to give Su Caicai the new diaper, but happened to see his father just opened the curtain and came in.

“Dad, why aren’t you asleep at this late hour?”

Su Lingchuan looked at him carefully. “Are you not hurt?”

Su Qingbai scratched his head, somehow couldn’t adapt to the gentleness of his Lao Zi, “I had Su Ni with me, I’m not injured.”

Su Lingchuan nodded. “That’s good.”

Su Lingchuan also had something else to say, but Su Caicai shouted at the side, “Yayaya ~”

Su Lingchuan looked over and saw Su Caicai with his legs opened and his buttocks was bare naked, waiting for Su Qingbai to change his diaper.

Su Qingbai ran over hurriedly to give his family’s baby a change of diaper.

Su Lingchuan sat there and watched Su Qingbai changed Su Caicai’s diaper. He said, “By the way, your Great Grandfather’s house will have a wedding event the day after tomorrow. You have to remember to help in the next two days.” Great Grandfather was Su Changsheng.

Su Qingbai obediently said, “Understood.”

After Father Su left, Su Qingbai hugged Su Caicai on the heated brick bed and peeled off several layers of Su Caicai’s clothes before blowing the oil lamp. He saw the jade button hanging around Su Caicai’s neck. He thought about it, took it off, and decided to return it to Jiang Si the next time he saw him.

Exile Chapter 13

The next day, Su Qingbai followed his father, older brothers and nephew to Su Changsheng’s home early in the morning.

Su Qingbai had handed Su Caicai to Su Dsao.

Today, Su Chuang, Su Changsheng’s grandson, got married. He was two years older than Su Qingbai. He was nineteen years old.

Su Changsheng was very happy today. His grandson was married at this age; he was old enough, after his grandson marrying a wife, only then Su Chansheng could be at ease.

“By the way, Qingbai is seventeen, so it’s time to start a family.”

Su Lingchuan had been very sad about Su Qingbai’s marriage affair. Not only Su Qingbai, but Su Huai was also eighteen years old. If that thing hadn’t happened in their family last year, it would be time for them to marry this year.

After coming to this side of the city, life at home was a problem. Not to mention the lack of energy, there was not even money, so this marriage affair had been shelved.

As a matter of fact, Su Huai was a bit fortunate; he was a good-looking and hard-working, he didn’t have worry about finding a wife. After autumn, the crops could be harvest and money could be save enough for betrothal gifts, thus finding a girl from an honest family household would not be a problem.

But Su Qingbai… Su Lingchuan took a look at Su Qingbai. From last year to this year, he had not grown any taller; he looked as if he would fall if the wind blew at him. Besides, he had a child at home. With no money and no strength, which girl would even look at him?

Su Lingchuan was worried, but he was still smiling. Then he pulled Su Changsheng into discussing about Su Chuang’s marriage affair.

There wasn’t much to do on the first day. After busying for a while, it was over.

Before leaving, Su Changsheng also grabbed sweets and stuffed it to Su Qingbai. He touched his head lovingly and coaxed him as if he was a child, “Take it back quietly and eat it without telling anyone else.”

It was not that Su Changsheng preferred Su Qingbai, only that Su Qingbai looked too small. Although Su Huai was only one year older than Su Qingbai, but Su Huai was tall and big. At first glance, Su Huai would be seen as an adult.

Su Qingbai was embarrassed, he held the sweets, and was caressed by Su Changsheng all the way out of the house.

Back at home, Su Qingbai sadly put the sweets in the cupboard and pulled Su Caicai out to spank his butt. If it hadn’t been for this little bastard squandering his time and energy, how would he not grown more in a year?

Su Caicai giggled, when he thought Su Qingbai was playing with him.

In the evening, the family sat together, and Su Qingbai took a bowl and fed Su Caicai milk from the neighbor.

“Go to the county the day after tomorrow and buy another sheep.” Su Lingchuan told Su Qingbai and looked at Su Caicai, who was drinking milk, and took out six silver taels from his pocket, which had been prepared earlier.

As soon as the voice fell, the room became quiet.

“Dad…” Su Er-sao couldn’t resist it. Despite Su Qingtong’s glare, she said, “You’re too biased.”

Su Qingtong was someone who stayed at home and read; he did not speak rude words, so he flushed and said to Su Er-sao, “Shut up.”

Su Er-sao did not listen to him this time.

“Dad, don’t blame my meddling. You’re too biased. What did Little uncle do for this family? Nothing. Since he gave birth to that wild…” Su Er-sao looked at Su Qingbai, and the word “wild seed” was not uttered. “Before and after, we spent money to invite the doctor, spent money for medicine, and this child, we bought sheep for his milk. One end after another, it’s all money.”

“You spent money for little uncle, I do not stop, but you cannot be too partial ah. Little uncle’s child is a treasure, but your second son has no offspring, you ignore it?” The more Su Er-sao talked, the more excited she became.

Speaking of children, Su Qingtong couldn’t say anything to rebuke Su Er-sao.

Still had not producing children was the heart disease between them, the husband and wife for many years. When they still lived in the Prime Minister Official Residence, they had not stopped taking soup and medicine to nourish their bodies. But here, where was the silver to buy soup and medicine at home? Although Su Qingtong and his wife did not speak it out, they hid in their hearts and the two people became more and more silent.

Madam Su didn’t need to look at her second son and daughter-in-law, but as a mother, she also wanted her second son to have a child.

The dinner just broke up in a bad mood.

Su Lingchuan had been silent since dinner. It was in vain if being a Prime Minister for many years but he could not even manage his family well.

Su Qingbai went back to his bedroom and held Su Caicai tightly, who knew nothing.

Er-sao’s remarks were a bit ugly, but they were also true.

From childhood until the present, he was accustomed to spending his parents’ money on food, drink and entertainment. Then he gave birth to Su Caicai. He did not feel any difference. He felt that he was still a child in front of his parents and was still raised by his parents. He completely forgot that his older brothers were also the children of his parents and that his older brothers had their own families to look after.

After Su Caicai fell asleep, he thought for a long time in the night.

“Argh ~” Su Qingbai gloomily sighed, opened the window and sobered up.

No, Su Qingbai was not the only one who could not sleep.

Su Qingbai opened the door and went out, “Dad.”

“Why don’t you sleep, it’s so late? Go to bed quickly.” The tone was the same as before, but a little more powerless.

Su Qingbai sat next to him. “Dad, let’s split up.”

Hearing what was said, Su Lingchuan raised his head fiercely and fixed his eyes on Su Qingbai.

Su Qingbai looked into his Lao Zi’s eyes, and when he thought he would probably beat him up the next second, he heard Su Lingchuan’s voice said softly, “Don’t think much about today, Dad will solve it.”

Su Qingbai was bolder than ever before in front of his Lao Zi. “Dad, I really mean it, let’s split up. Without my dragging, Er-ge and Er-sao can nurture their bodies and give me a few nephews, while Dge and Dsao will save some money to marry Huaihuai a wife.”

Su Lingchuan was silent. Of course, he knew that. Besides being reluctant to give up his sons and grandchildren, Su Lingchuan was worried. Without the two older brothers as the backers, how could Su Qingbai feed himself?

For the eldest and the second sons, he was assured, but when it came to Su Qingbai… Sometimes he really wanted to slap this unpromising one to death, but he could not help but plan for him.

At the end, Su Lingchuan decided to split up.

After Su Chuang’s marriage ceremony, Su Lingchuan said at the dinner table the next day.

“I thought about what my second daughter-in-law said last night.”

The family held their breath and looked at Su Lingchuan.

“I’ll divide up our family today.”

Seeing Su Qingyang and Su Qingtong wanted to say something else, Father Su raised his hand. “I’ve made up my mind.”

After gathering much courage, Father Su said, “There are ten mu of land at home; four mu for each of you two and two mu for third son. Now there are fifty silver taels left in the house; twelve for each of you; and the rest for me in case of need. As for me and your Niang, we’ll be with third son.” He looked at the three brothers, “You neither have objection, third son has resolve to improve. If we really let him be alone, he definitely has the ability to raise himself to death. Besides, both of you brothers have your own family. Third son hasn’t married yet. Your Niang and I have to plan for him. In passing, we’ll take care of him in two years since he hasn’t married.”

After finishing the topic of separation, Su Lingchuan changed his tone. “Now even if you’re separated, you’re still brothers. After your Niang and I are gone, you have to support each other.”

Exile Chapter 14

After the family’s separation, Su Lingchuan looked even older. Su Qingyang and Su Qingtong were almost familiar with life here. They did not need his guidance of when to plant seeds and how to work it. He was no longer the head of the family and did not need to worry about the complicated things in the family.

At dinner, even Su Qingtong and his wife opened a small cooking stove because they wanted to recuperate themselves. Su Lingchuan waved and rushed Su Qingyang’s family away.

As always, Madam Su’s cooking skills made people unable to look straight.

In the end, Su Qingbai had no patience and grabbed the job of cooking.

In the evening, when the family all fell asleep, Su Lingchuan sat alone in the yard watching the moon, Su Qingbai could not bear to say, “Dad, come in and have a rest.” After his Lao Zi handed over the power of the family head, now he had nothing to do all day long. People let theirs imagination run wild when they were idle, and then they would be suffering insomnia just like his Lao Zi.

“Qingbai…” Su Lingchuan sat there motionless and called Su Qingbai.

Su Qingbai strode out. “Dad, what’s the matter?”

Su Lingchuan looked at him and said, “Out of ten mu of land, I only gave you two mu. Do you blame me?”

Su Qingbai scratched his head indifferently. “It’s fine to divide like that. I’m like this lazy that I can’t cultivate on more land.”

Su Lingchuan said, “It’s good that you are open-minded. Your Niang and I are old and don’t know how long we can work. Now we give more to your brothers and I’m looking forward that they can help you when we are gone.”

After saying that, Su Lingchuan couldn’t help sighing, “Say, you’d be better off if you were more promising…”

As soon as Su Qingbai heard that his Lao Zi was going to lecture him again, he quickly pulled up his Lao Zi and said, “Let’s go back to rest, Caicai will cry if he didn’t find me.”


The next day, Su Qingbai went to the county again.

Now, he could be regarded as having old people and young one at home, so he couldn’t relax.


Jiang Mao had been here for several days.

Last time, in order to wait for Su Qingbai to come to him, he delayed his departure from the capital. Then his whereabouts were revealed, and he was chased all the way that he lost contact with his men.

Originally, he thought that if Su Qingbai did not come to him, he would not insist. After all, it was just a night of dew. Even if he was willing to take responsibility, the big man of the other side could not be handed over to him for a lifetime just because of that night.

Unexpectedly, they would meet again in this city, and he also found out that the other person had a bad life.

Su Qingbai hadn’t appeared since the meeting a few days ago. Jiang Mao guessed that Su Qingbai might be hiding from him.

But there’s also no harm for him to hide. Jiang Mao remembered the information Su Ni told him about Su Qingbai yesterday. He had secretly thought that it was a good coincidence that he would meet the former Prime Minister here, not to mention that the man he had been looking for after so long was Su Lingchuan’s son.

He was just thinking of Su Qingbai in mind, and the next moment Su Qingbai appeared in his sight with a basket on his back.

This boy Su Qingbai was small and thin. He had a hard time putting down the basket which was only a little shorter than the others’ basket. Then he took out several boards from it to make a stand and afterwards took out the vegetables in the basket and arranged them.

Jiang Mao looked at him in surprise. The person in front of him was really the bully in the capital city, a scoundrel who did all the evil things?

He was clearly still a child.

However, Jiang Mao was not surprised when he thought about the rumors about himself and this body’s original owner’s nominal cousin. The rumors could not be believed.

Apparently, Su Qingbai had just started this job, and was still a little shy. Looking at the people around him shouting, Su Qingbai’s lips moved. After quite a while, he still did not have the nerve to shout out. Fortunately, one or two people took the initiative to go and see the vegetables on his stall.

“How much is this vegetable per catty?” [T/N: 1 catty = 0.5 kg]

“One coin.” It’s already set as the market price. Everyone’s the same.

Some fat lady pinched a vegetable and said, “Yours are smaller than others, but the price is as high as others?”

Su Qingbai watched the bustle in front of other people’s stalls, and then looked at how many people there were in front of his stall, he ground his teeth. “Then, a coin for two…” catty. The catty hadn’t been spoken out yet and he was interrupted by Jiang Mao, who had been watching him secretly for a long time.

“Auntie, our vegetable is very tender though it’s small. This vegetable was deliberately sold when it was still young. If it’s any bigger, it won’t taste good.”

The auntie looked at Jiang Mao, who was not as bullying as Su Qingbai, and then honestly bought the vegetables and paid for it.

“Why did you come…” As soon as the auntie left, Su Qingbai looked at Jiang Mao.

“You can’t sell vegetables like this. You have to shout loudly before someone comes to see.” Before Su Qingbai finished, Jiang Mao interrupted him again and gave him a demonstration and shout. He didn’t expect Jiang Mao’s handsome appearance to attract several customers so soon.

Su Qingbai stood behind Jiang Mao and watched him help to greet the customers. It seemed strange to be among a group of women. Looking at Jiang Mao, Su Qingbai breathed a sigh of relief. It was really difficult to sell vegetables. It was even harder to shout in the street.

Su Qingbai didn’t bring much vegetable, and soon it was finished. Jiang Mao gave him the money of the vegetables sell. “Fifteen coins, take it.”

Su Qingbai was still awkward when facing Jiang Mao. He took the money and the thank you was on the tip of his tongue but after he hesitated for half a day, he did not say it.

“Well, if it’s over, you should go back soon. I’m leaving.” After that, Jiang Mao turned to leave.

Su Qingbai thought about the jade button and called out to him. “Wait a minute.”

Jiang Mao looked over.

“Here’s the jade button.”

Jiang Mao picked it up with a smile.

After thinking about it, Su Qingbai thought that it was too much to take the person’s silver tael and conceal the truth from that person, and so he said, “That is, I took your jade button to pawn and got one hundred silver taels from the pawnshop.”

Jiang Mao was stunned, and then reacted soon after. He saw Su Qingbai was blushing and embarrassed, and so he deliberately teasing him, “That’s what I’ve saved for many years; to deposit at the pawnshop, intending to marry a wife.”

Su Qingbai wasn’t so foolish. “Pawnshops are not money banks. You can even deposit the money?”

“This pawnshop can save deposit.” Could or not was merely a matter of his words.

“By the way, are you going to give me the money back?”

Hearing what was said, Su Qingbai didn’t care about whether pawnshops could save money. He’s a little embarrassed. “I don’t have that much money now. Can I pay it back later?”

Jiang Mao was inexplicably impressed by the contrast between the rumored evil tyrant in the capital who threw away money recklessly in the casino and the adorable child in front of him.

But the next second, Jiang Mao did not think so.

Su Qingbai looked at him hesitantly and said, “But it’s not impossible to pay you back now.”

“Oh? Do you have a way?”

Su Qingbai took up the basket and ran with Jiang Mao. Finally, they stopped at a place. Su Qingbai said excitedly to him, “This is it. I had a good step on it for a long time, but my Lao Zi had strict money management. I’ve never had the capital.”

Looking at the big casino in front, Jiang Mao stiffened. Why did he think Su Qingbai was good child just now? It’s a complete illusion.

Su Qingbai weighed the fifteen coins in his hand and laughed, “Come, let’s go in. I’ll pay you back the money as soon as I get it back.”

Exile Chapter 15

Su Qingbai didn’t go into the casino in the end.

“What if you don’t win and lose?” Jiang Mao asked him.

Su Qingbai’s mouth moved but he did not speak for a while. If you lose, it’s your bad luck. Jiang Mao certainly wouldn’t listen to these words.

“Could it be that if I wasn’t here this time, you’ll come back here after you sell the vegetables? It’s good to win but what if you lose?” Then Jiang Mao took the fifteen coins from him. “It’s better that you give it to me now. You can pay little by little; I’m not in a hurry.”

At first, Jiang Mao had planned to give him the few copper coins left, but he was afraid that Su Qingbai would go into the casino again with the money, and so he then ruthlessly took all of the coins.

Su Qingbai looked like he wanted to say something but dared not say it. Jiang Mao had taken the few pathetic copper coins he had in his hand.

Along the way, Su Qingbai was silent. Jiang Mao took him to the town gate and patted him on the head at the time they separated. “Quickly go to work. Tomorrow I’ll be here waiting for you to pay back the money.”

He numbly walked out of the town. Today, he worked all day and didn’t earn a coin. Su Qingbai felt his life was dark and he was in no mood to go to the casino when he thought he would have to pay Jiang Si for a long time to come.


After Jiang Mao sent Su Qingbai out of town, he was not idle. He still had to find his departed subordinates.

Su Qingbai, who was out of town, touched his pocket and found the silver taels in his money pouch. Then, he remembered that he forgot to buy Su Caicai a sheep and rushed back to the county to buy a sheep.

Leading the sheep to the village, Su Qingbai saw Su Caicai from far away being held up at the door as usual, waiting for him to return. The difference today was that it was not Madam Su but Su Lingchuan who held him.

As Su Qingbai led the sheep closer, he saw that both of their faces were black. Su Lingchuan was unwilling to hold Su Caicai and Su Caicai was uncomfortable. They both were unhappy.

Su Qingbai looked at them and felt much better after a depressing afternoon.

Su Lingchuan came out to welcome him with Su Caicai in his arms. Before Su Qingbai before entering the door, he then threw Su Caicai to him. He left with the sheep, saying that he would rather lead the sheep than hold his Su Caicai.

Nowadays, Su Caicai was such a spoiled child; he liked to be hugged by his father. If he hadn’t looked too much like Su Qingbai and Jiang Mao, Su Qingbai would have been fooled, but unfortunately…

Su Qingbai pinched his son’s recently fattened face and didn’t hug and kiss him as before.

That day, Su Qingbai returned to his room early, and before he had enough to eat, he slipped away with two steamed buns, fearing that his Lao Zi and Niang would ask him how much money he earned today.

Su Qingbai sat in the dark room, looking at some dry steamed buns and crying.

The family depended on him, but he was really tired and could not see any hope at all.

Su Caicai reached out and waved his hands at Su Qingbai with “ah ah” in his mouth but it turned out, he was unable to reach over. Su Qingbai pinched his hand and said in particularly narcissistic, “Don’t worry; your Dad is all right.”

After crying in the evening, Su Qingbai went to the town again the next day. This time, he carried 30 catties of vegetables at once.

Last night Jiang Mao got some clues and slept after he finished his business. In the morning at dawn, Jiang Mao dared not delay much, so he came to Su Qingbai’s stall.

After taking a look, only then he discovered that Su Qingbai did not come today.

After Jiang Mao remembered that pitiful small face when he had taken fifteen coins from Su Qingbai yesterday, he couldn’t help guessing that it could be he was too frightened to come?

Jiang Mao bought five big steamed buns at a roadside stall and planned to eat them while waiting nearby.

Su Qingbai arrived when he had finished eaten a steamed bun.

He had a basket on his back and his waist was bent. The sweat on his forehead could be clearly seen in the early sunshine.

Jiang Mao hurried over.

“Today I carried thirty catties.” Su Qingbai’s eyes were shining. He looked at the vegetables as if he were looking at thirty coins.

As Su Qingbai spoke, he pounded his somewhat aching back. “It’s just too heavy. I walked all the way that’s why I’m late.”

Jiang Mao did not speak. He reached out and gently pulled Su Qingbai’s scattered hair behind his ear. He thought: thirty catties, can he still grow under such pressure?

Su Qingbai’s nose was comparable to that of a dog’s nose. When Jiang Mao came closer, he sniffed an aroma from him. He swallowed and asked, “What’s that smell? It smells good.”

Jiang Mao took out the rest of the steamed buns. “Want to eat it?”

“Hehe, thank you.” Su Qingbai wasn’t at all polite and wolfed down.

Looking at Su Qingbai’s eating style, Jiang Mao couldn’t help frowning. “Slow down, how many meals did you miss? So eager?”

“Only in the morning.”

“You did not eat breakfast?”

Su Qingbai swallowed the steamed bun. “It’s still dark and I was going to go to the county. After washing up, all I wanted was to sleep a little more. Where can I have the time to cook and eat?”

Jiang Mao’s heart hurt even more.

There were more vegetables today, and so they finished selling at lunch time.

“Don’t carry too much in the future. Fifteen catties are just fine.”

Su Qingbai glared at Jiang Mao. “Fifteen coins are to be returned to you, and I have to support my family.” After saying, he gave fifteen coins to Jiang Mao.

Jiang Mao, with fifteen coins in his hand, suddenly felt that the money weighed more than a thousand catty.

“It’s noon… go back after you had a meal.”

“Ha?” Su Qingbai, who was counting his fifteen coins over and over, looked up.

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