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The army of the wicked who suddenly appeared.

 We watched that figure and burned our fighting spirit. However, there are also times when you are worried.

(Yeh, how did you come?)

 Well, that’s about how bravely armed troops came here without being noticed by us.

“I did not feel the sign …”


“But it was in the middle of a fierce battle with the beasts. It may have simply not noticed. “

 Or, it’s some skill or skill. We observed the army of the wicked.

 The hobgoblin spearers are the ones who hold the pike in the front row. Behind them are the figures of the Hobgoblin Archer and the Hobgoblin Magician. Followed by the High Oak Warrior, the High Oak Sealer, the High Oak Blader, and the High Oak Sniper. Further behind is the Minotaur Soldier and the Minotaur Lancer. This will be the main member.

 Hob goblins have a threat level E. Orc, Minotaur, threat level D. But there were those who appeared to be more powerful, commander’s guards, in the area behind them.

 The Minotaur Heimatians, Minotaur Hysordmen, Minotaur Ax Smashers are D in terms of threat, but they seem to be D as close as possible.

 After all, the high magicians use high-end magic such as fire magic, and possess high sword man such as high sword man.

 Among the minotaurs, Minotaur-Dark Paladin, which is one of the largest in the world, had a threat level C without a complaint. It is a ton demo performance that uses the Sacred Sacrifice, the Shield Sacred, and the Dark Magic. It was even spectacular to see four of them lined up.

 But even these guys are not commanders. Inside the Minotaur wall, there was a commander thought to have fired a bow. Next to that would be an aide. Although I was an expert, although I was a sword, I felt a feeling like freezing of the spine.

 The commander’s abilities are overwhelmingly overwhelmed, even though the army of the high-ranked villains is well-controlled.

Tribal Name: Walkure ・ Killing Archer: Fairy: Tenma Lv66

HP: 1352 MP: 2387 

Arm strength: 682 Physical strength: 563 Agility: 1339 

Intelligence: 1002 Magic: 1298 Dexterity: 889


Intense: Lv6, Invisible: Lv3, Revealable: LvMax, Archery: Lv7, Archery: LvMax, Archery: Lv5, Archery: LvMax, Archery: Lv5, Fear Resistant: Lv7, Vigilance: Lv4, Airborne : Lv5, Temperament: Lv7, Illusion Magic: Lv6, Sword: Lv8, Sword: Lv8, Stiffness: Lv6, Disturbance: Lv7, Reproduction: Lv8, Command: Lv8, Condition Resistant: Lv6, Scout: LvMax, Sakai technique: Lv4, Sakai technique: LvMax, attribute sword: Lv7, Heaki: Lv4, light magic: Lv4, magic sensing: Lv6, magic release: Lv6, night vision, energy control, morale fever, nociception Slowdown, immobile mind, floating, walking assistance, magic automatic recovery, magic operation

Inherent skills



A battle maiden of the march


Battle maiden’s niece, battle maiden’s bow, battle maiden’s costume

Tribal Name: Durahan: The Dead: Beast Level 1

HP: 1588 MP: 693 

Strength: 781 Physical strength: 727 Agility: 587

Intelligence: 200 Magic: 521 Dexterity: 714


Menacing: Lv5, Covert: Lv4, Flame Magic: Lv3, Attitude: Lv6, Horror: Lv9, Atmosphere: Lv3, Sword Technique: LvMax, Sword Technique: Lv2, Sword Technique: LvMax, Sword: Lv2, Strength: Lv8, Instant Replay: Lv3, Condition Tolerance: Lv9, Shield Art: LvMax, Shield Sacrament: Lv4, Shield Technique: LvMax, Shield Sacred Lv4, Mental Illness: Lv9, Attribute Sword: Lv 7, Fire Magic: LvMax, Magic resistance: Lv6, magic sensing: Lv8, magic absorption: Lv7, lightning resistance: Lv4, night vision, power control, pain ineffectiveness, power control


Innocent knight


Evil Stone Knight Sword, anti-magic steel full-length armor, anti-magic steel shield, barrier ring

 It is a race that is considered to be a strong man in fantasy, whose race is Valkyrie to Durahan. Both are threat status C or higher with fixed status. Walkure is B, Durahan is poor, and he has one foot in B, and both are balanced.

 Especially the strength of the walkure is amazing. It looks like a blonde long girl. Reflecting the morning sun, the sparkling gold coral makes you feel even solemn. It was even godly and was not seen by monsters. However, I felt a sense of intimidation that I could feel even at this distance.

 Durahan is a large humanoid monster dressed in jet-black full plate armor. The head is usually placed on the neck rather than the usual holding of the head in the side. I do not know if it will come off. Because the entire body is completely covered without gaps, I do not know the facial features or gender.

 And each has a horrible ability. Valkyrie’s unique skill, War Maiden, is a sober but powerful skill that assists in martial arts skills and increases the response speed. In addition, the title “Progressor’s War Maiden” had a horrible power.

Adversary war maiden: A title given to a qualified war maiden.

Effect: When you lead a army of over 100 people, the effects of the secret and mobile skills possessed by the war maiden extend to all forces. If you do not direct directly, the effect is greatly reduced.

 This would be why the army of the wicked appeared so far without being detected by us. What is this broken performance!

 Since it is annotated that it does not direct command, if it is recognized that it is subordinate, it seemed to be effective for distant forces. Were there any effects on the army of the monsters? Well, we noticed that the effect had dropped significantly. However, it would have been possible to find out earlier if there was no effect.

 Durahan’s innocent knight title was to strengthen regeneration and boost the effects of absorption skills. It’s plain, but it’s hard to destroy it.

 I said that it is a Valkyrie B, but as an individual B, it may be A given that it has the ability to command force. It depends on their subordinates.

“Hm, it’s the speed of reflection in the middle. Even though it’s a small fish, it only has to stop this number of monsters on a single ride.

 It is probably using wind magic. The voice of Valkyrie arrives here.


 I tried to return the question using wind magic in the same way.

“Can I use sorcery? Well, I am Mulelisama. I am a war maiden who controls the army.”

“Muleria? Is that a mastermind this time?”

“Well, how is that?”

“… why do you do this?”

“I still don’t know anything. In any case, it doesn’t matter to you who dies here. If you’re giving out your neck properly, why don’t you let it go?

“It’s a line here”

“Don’t you think that you who have continued to fight with the beasts over the night can win us?”

“I think. Easy victory”

“Fuhaha, that’s good! So it’s worth having come out! The prey must be alive! At best let us enjoy!”

 If you think it’s a fighting freak, is it rather a hunter type? I like the type of battle I can win.

“Archer unit! Shoot arrows!”

 Chi. I wanted to talk more and get information out, but it’s impossible! 

 But these bosses. I think it’s probably a dungeon master, but I know that his name is Mulelia.

 Under the order of the Valkyrie, the wicked with bows squeezed the strings in an orderly motion. And they shoot arrows at exactly the same time. And that was the beginning of the death battle.

“If you don’t block this first! “

 I leave the defense of the arrows to the franc and use the Great Wall to block Kushiro. It is impossible to prevent the invasion of monsters against that army of evils. So I thought I could not go ahead from here ….

“Power arrow of jail flame!”

 A single arrow from the walkure stick pierced the wall a little further from us. At the same time a big explosion occurs and a huge hole opens in the wall.

‘That! “

“Fuhahaha! The flames of the hell!”

 When I used the Great Wall again, I was destroyed by the arrows of Valkyrie. I’m sorry, this can not be helped.

 The monsters began to march towards the hole. In the meantime, long-distance attacks from the evil men fell, and even if they attacked monsters while preventing them, they did not achieve any good results. I can not but give up the monsters …? No, I can not do that. It violates the wishes of Fran.

 Can you do something? something?

 I turned the simultaneous operation fully and searched for the best path. As long as you have a walkure, you can not lock it on the wall. If so, reduce the number of monsters as much as possible. Or there is no way but eradication.

 The one that can attack the most widespread in my hand is Ekat Keraunnos, which gives 100 lightning strikes. If this is scattered widely and continuously, it will be possible to defeat a considerable monster. Each lightning has the power to smash the monsters of the lower ranks, and the effect is to paralyze the surroundings.

 However, it is the upper rank magic. If you shoot to destroy more than three thousand monsters, magic will drain in no time. Subsequent battles with the wicked are at a disadvantage. Or rather, it will be killed instantly.

 Because the magic stone value will be accumulated a little more, it would be good if it could absorb the magic stone …… How to eat a magic stone and attack a wide area …? Such things-.

 No, I do. If I’m now, I can not do it? I concentrated my consciousness and tried to activate the form deformation. You can manipulate your blade more than you think. I can go there!

 Before that, let’s use magic. After all, if you rank up, you will recover completely. I activated Ekat Keraunnos in succession.

“Haa! Eat! “

 Nearly 500 thunder falls towards the rear of the army of demons. I can not afford to aim, but in that situation I would have buried quite a few. I saw the appearance of monsters that shattered and hit them, and monsters that were charred by lightning at close range.

 In addition, one shot has been released to the evil people. Although this has a stronger meaning of blinding than damage. It will be a letter if it is scraped even a little.

 I dare not to attack the monsters in the back, not the monsters in the immediate vicinity. I dare to leave the nearby monsters. The reason is that nearby monsters have to be fed for me after this.

“Fran, endure an arrow for a while! “


 Okay, I’m doing my best here!

“Haa! Magic Stone, Yokose! “

 I will trigger the form deformation with all my strength. However, it is not a sword blade as usual to transform. It is dangerous for the franc if the weapon is gone. What I manipulate is a braid hanging from the handle. Originally, I used to manipulate only the blade in form deformation, but the handle and the string are also part of me. Play and play with the sword. If so, I should have been able to manipulate it.

 Magic control, energy control, simultaneous calculation. As a result of making full use of them, my form deformation has reached a level not comparable to before.

 In response to my intention, the braid has been transformed into ten steel threads. And, like branches of trees that extend to the sky, they extend sideways to the side as far as branches. Of course, while pervading the demon stone of the monster on that road, eating it.

“Well, it’s about time …”

 It’s more about my processing power than magic. Even without a brain, I felt that my head was broken. No, it would be stupid if you felt so without having a brain.

“But … I came! “

 It is the second rank up today! As a result of absorbing a large amount of demon monster stone, the value of the magic stone has accumulated at once.

Since there were many status notations, the master’s post-evolution status will be displayed in the postscript.

Name: Master

Equipped with: Flan (fixed)

Race: Intelligence Weapon

Attack power: 882 possessed magic power: 6250/6250 Durability value: 6050/6050

Magical Conductivity: S-

Skill Appraisal: LvMax, Appraisal interception, form deformation, high-speed self-repair, self-evolution (rank 15 · magic stone value 10 569/12000 · memory · 151 · point 75), self-modification Rise, good feelings

Offensive power rise, space-time magic: LvMax, skill sharing, equipment status rise during, equipment recovery recovery rise, skylight, seal invalid, possessed magic power rise, monster knowledge, magician, increase in memory

Unique skills

Hypothetical reasoning: Lv5, dimensional magic: Lv4

Superior skill

Swordsmanship: SP, Skilltaker: SP, Multidisciplinary Creation: SP

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