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Chapter 1186 - Linran Dragon Lunar Private Gathering

Qin Nan's figure was encapsulated within a green glow, which added an obscure aura to his flesh, blood, and bones, causing him to feel an indescribable bond with the creations of the world.

Following this, it was his nine Martial Trees' turn.

The Destruction Martial Tree grew rapidly to a height of ten zhang, implying that he had reached the peak of the Martial Progenitor Realm.

The remaining eight Divine Battle Trees grew too, reaching a height of eight zhang.

A small piece of the Canglan Tree had improved his overall strength to a whole new level.

Apart from that, the branches and leaves of both the eight Divine Battle Trees and the Destruction Martial Tree were added to with obscure, green-colored runes.

The two different kinds of Martial Tree—which were initially incompatible with one another—now had a similar aura, which caused them to incline toward merging together.

"The Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch was right!"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with joy upon seeing this.

At this rate, if he were able to locate enough pieces of the Canglan Tree, he could preserve the will of the nine Martial Trees and eventually merge them into one.

However, something surprising took place.

The Divine Battle Spirit that had stayed the same for a long time suddenly appeared from his back. Its brilliant five crimson rays increased to six at that instant. At the same time, the pressure from its presence increased significantly.

"Is that..."

Qin Nan's eyes were filled with astonishment.

Previously at the Middle Continent, his Divine Battle Spirit had stopped evolving upon reaching the fifth-grade Tian rank. He initially thought that it could only rank up further through the God Stones in the half-God region just like before.

However, the Divine Battle Spirit had just ranked up after he had refined the piece of the Canglan Tree.

"Who would have thought, the Divine Battle Spirit actually needs the pieces of the Canglan Tree to rank up beyond the fifth-grade Tian rank. In that case, the pieces of the Canglan Tree are even more important to me than I thought."

Qin Nan murmured as he collected his thoughts.

It was important to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm, but he should not leave the rank of his Martial Spirit behind either.

As the Divine Battle Spirit ranked up, not only would his cultivation rate improve tremendously, it would also play an important role in certain battles.

For example, if his Divine Battle Spirit could rank up to the eighth-grade Tian rank, it could easily suppress Sheng Tianjing's three Martial Spirits.

"I should stabilize my cultivation."

Qin Nan withdrew his thoughts and sat down with his legs crossed.

Five hours later, his eyes finally sprang open, as Yi Feng had returned.


Yi Feng was stunned as soon as he saw Qin Nan upon entering the residence.

He keenly noticed that Qin Nan's aura was significantly different than before, but he could not really explain the difference.

However, he was sure of one thing—Qin Nan's strength was even more terrifying now.

"Senior, any news regarding the trial?"

Qin Nan withdrew his aura and changed his appearance back to Duan Qing's.

"Mm, the trial this time will last for a month. Apart from you, other disciples will be participating in it too. We now have thirty people joining." Yi Feng said, "Your trial is to secure the Hundred Forms Silver Soul Flower from the Linran Dragon Lunar Private Gathering."

"Hundred Forms Silver Soul Flower?"

Qin Nan's eyes were filled with surprise.

He never thought that the trial of the Anti-Heaven Alliance would involve him securing a herb from an auction.

In that case, wouldn't he need to find a way to earn some God Stones again?

"Don't worry, the Anti-Heaven Alliance has prepared the invitation and the God Stones for you. You will secure the Hundred Forms Silver Soul Flower and protect it for a month. After that, you will return to the Anti-Heaven Alliance." Yi Feng wore a mysterious smile.

"The Anti-Heaven Alliance will prepare the invitation and the God Stones?"

Qin Nan was even more surprised.

In that case, didn't that mean he wouldn't have to do anything?

However, Qin Nan soon came to a realization. The trial was most likely not as simple as it sounded. There must be something special about the Hundred Forms Silver Soul Flower.

Having this thought, Qin Nan's lips curled upward into a grin.

This Anti-Heaven Alliance was getting more interesting.

For the remaining time, Qin Nan and Yi Feng had a casual chat in the residence.

Qin Nan was able to get a better understanding of the Anti-Heaven Alliance and the half-God region from it.

Meanwhile, his hatred toward the South-Heaven Gate also increased.

It turned out that this Master Yi Feng and many disciples of the Anti-Heaven Alliance had once been listed as enemies by the South-Heaven Gate. As a result, when the spirit envoys or people of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground stumbled into them, they ended up murdering anyone related to them, including their parents, families, and masters.

The South-Heaven Gate treated their lives as if they were nothing significant.

Finally, after a while, the Linran Dragon Lunar Private Gathering finally began at the City Lord's Mansion.

Qin Nan and Yi Feng both entered the City Lord's Mansion by showing their invitation.

As soon as they went inside, Qin Nan immediately saw soldiers in armor plates guarding the place with stern looks as they carried on with their patrols. Furthermore, there were also many ancient formations that were activated around the City Lord's Mansion.

"This is quite stunning, the number of people here for the Linran Dragon Lunar Private Gathering is insane."

Qin Nan glanced around with his left eye and wore an astounded expression.

He was able to sense thirty peak Martial Progenitors inside the City Lord's Mansion, although there were only a few with cultivations of the eighth or ninth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm.

Obviously, the people invited to this gathering were either experts or someone with a significant background like Zhan Xiaoxian.

"Please come with me."

The servant leading the way made a gesture and brought Qin Nan and Yi Feng deep into the City Lord's Mansion. They soon arrived at a magnificent palace.

As soon as they went inside, they were immediately welcomed by insistent shouts.

"Master Yi Feng?"

"HAHA, Master Yi Feng, it's been a while."

Many experts in the palace rose from their seats and brought their fists together facing Yi Feng, before quickly glancing at Qin Nan curiously.

Yi Feng seemed to have gotten used to it, who handle the crowd with ease.

In the meantime, Qin Nan raised his head to check the place out.

The entire palace was wholly shiny with a pleasant aroma. The cultivators were seated on chairs made of red jade, with their disciples standing behind them waiting for orders.

As for the second floor, there were eight booths, with three of them occupied.

The palace turned out to be the venue of an auction.

"Duan Qing, it's you!" A voice filled with surprise could be heard, who turned out to be Zhan Xiaoxian.

"It's you? Why are you here?"

Following this, a few astounded voices were heard, who were none other than Dong Kuo, the woman from the Undead Tribe, and the man from the Lightning Tribe.

However, unlike Zhan Xiaoxian, the smiles that were initially on their faces froze, which were soon replaced by dark looks.

Apparently, after the bet had been made known to the public, they had become laughing stocks.

As such, they immediately put the blame on Duan Qing. If it weren't for him, they would not need to suffer such humiliation.

The experts nearby were startled hearing their words. It turned out that the young man was Duan Qing, whose name had been quite popular in Linran City lately.


Qin Nan let out a calm smile.

He completely ignored the presence of Dong Kuo and his crew.

"Brother Duan Qing, and Master Yi Feng, since you're here for the auction, why don't you join me in my booth?"

"Sure thing."

Qin Nan accepted the invitation. After all, he preferred to stay inside a booth.

At that instant, a loud voice could be heard coming from the entrance of the City Lord's Mansion.

"Mister Ning is here!"

The experts inside the palace were startled.

Who exactly was this Mister Ning, why would they specifically announce his arrival?

After all, even people like Zhan Xiaoxian or the famous experts present were not treated the same way.

Qin Nan unconsciously took a glimpse at the person who had just arrived. Following this, his eyes flickered.

A person from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground?

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