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Chapter 22 The Missing Found After checking only two surveillance videos, my mobile phone rang. Chu Haoran informed me that Lin Hao had left the company. He seemed to be heading here. Chu Haoran alerted me to be ready at any time, because maybe Lin Hao was going to see Ji Fengjun. After I put down my mobile phone, I asked my colleagues to continue to check the surveillance video. I immediately contacted Xiao Teng and asked him to stay close. I did not expect for Xiao Teng's scream before he hung up the phone. "Zhuxuan, I saw Ji Fengjun. " Xiao Teng saw in the surveillance video of a department store that Ji Fengjun had slowly walked past the store. Although she was alone at that time, we could at least determine our direction of search. We informed the colleagues who had looked elsewhere to put all their energy into searching in front of the department store. After a while, Xiao Teng and I walked out of the supermarket nearby; there were also residential buildings in the vicinity, but very few. I looked around and began to think about it. If I were Ji Fengjun, where would I live?   The place was supposed to be easy for Ji Fengjun to commit crimes and unobtrusive as well, someplace that would not make her be suspected when entering or leaving. Because there were so many people nearby, as long as she behaved normally, she would not be noticed by the others. But it must be an isolated and quiet place so that she could successfully make the missing people into wax figures. Thinking of this, a reality emerged in my heart that I didn't want to face. Based on the situation at this time, the first three men who had been missing for a long time must have been killed. Xiaohui had also been missing for more than six days, so at this time, we had to make full use of every minute to search for clues to prevent him from being killed and made into a wax figure. I continued to observe, but stopped without realizing it. I looked at the opposite buildings and was lost in thought for a moment. "Xiao Teng, are there residential buildings over there?"   Looking down the direction of my pointing finger, Xiao Teng shook his head. "There are shops below and many studios above, such as various teaching institutions, private tattoo shops, etcetera," he said. "After all, the price of houses around here is very high and the environment is noisy; who would like to live in here?" I suddenly recognized that this was indeed the case. Previously, we had learned from the investigation of the surrounding terrain and environment that there were many painting, piano, calligraphy, and other types of teaching institutions inside the buildings, as well as some small studios. In an instant, I looked at Xiao Teng, and there was speculation in my heart. If I was Ji Fengjun, who lived in the surrounding environment and wanted to kill people and make them wax figures that would not be discovered by anyone, then all the conditions needed and without being noticed would absolutely be there. "What are you thinking of?" Xiao Teng couldn't help but ask under my gaze. "I think Ji Fengjun should be in those buildings!" Although this was my guess, I have confidence in it.   Because there were various departments in the building, we had to contact the building manager. We hoped that he would cooperate with us and allow us to check the information of the internal personnel. But Xiao Teng thought that was not going to work. If there was Ji Fengjun's registration information on it, he had already found it out. Therefore, there must be no name of Ji Fengjun on it. Fortunately, the building manager was very cooperative and told the department manager to take us to check the information. According to the manager's account, we learned that many of the tenants in these buildings are long-term tenants who had been renting for many years, and nothing had happened beforehand. After asking if anyone in the building had done wax figures, the manager said he was not very clear about this. He guessed that there should be, because in his impression, everything had been taught in the building, which held varied tenants and countless possibilities. The situation was exactly the same as Xiao Teng's guess; there was no one by name of Ji Fengjun. Then Xiao Teng looked up the names of several missing people, but found nothing.   Looking at the bright screen, I bit my lower lip. Ji Fengjun was likely to be in these buildings. If we couldn't find her, we needed a further search. But if we did so, we would possibly act rashly and alert the enemy, and maybe she would take the opportunity to escape. At this point, the department manager was still looking at Ji Fengjun's photo, but unfortunately, he didn't remember such a person having applied for renting. "Xiao Teng, you enter ‘Lin Hao’ and try it out.” I just did it out of a fluke of mind. At any rate, we had reached a dead end at this time, even if we didn’t find anything and it wouldn’t delay anything. "You mean Ji Fengjun's boyfriend? Didn't they have no contact after breaking up?" Xiao Teng knew Lin Hao's story, so he said this with some doubt. However, at this moment, there was no longer a picture of "search-failure" appearing on the screen, but a message had popped up. Xiao Teng couldn't help but utter with surprise, "Zhuxuan, good one!"   I licked my lips and felt happy, but Chu Haoran called suddenly. He said that Lin Hao went to The Other Shore Restaurant and he asked us to wait and observe in the vicinity; he had almost been found, so would avoid it temporarily. I promised and told him about the progress here. Chu Haoran was also very surprised after listening. He immediately let me and Xiao Teng go to the other restaurant and said he would take people to the room that Lin Hao rented in the building. When I arrived at the other restaurant, I waited outside and let Xiao Teng go inside. After all, Lin Hao had never seen him and would not have doubts about him. It was not long before he sent a message to let me to go upstairs so that I could just see everything below through the monitor. The waiting process was very long. After half an hour, Lin Hao was still sitting there, and there was no news from Chu Haoran. Although I really want to know but dared not bother him, I could only wait quietly.   Lin Hao, on the screen, looked at his watch from time to time, and occasionally looked at the door. He seemed to be anxiously waiting for someone. When I was lost in my thoughts, he suddenly stood up and left, which puzzled me. Didn't he and Ji Fengjun have an appointment to meet here? What was going on? Seeing that Lin Hao left, Xiao Teng followed him immediately, and I also went downstairs quickly. On the way, Chu Haoran finally called. He left us in control of Lin Hao because he must have known the whereabouts of Ji Fengjun. It turned out that Chu Haoran found had the house rented by Lin Hao and he broke the door open and went inside. In the meantime, he found three other missing persons there. Among them, Wu Jun had been made into a wax figure, but it was not perfect, and looked like a failed effigy placed in the corner of the house. Zhou Liang was a semi-finished product, and I could see that it had not been completed. Fortunately, Xiaohui was still alive. He was tied tightly under his body and had a towel in his mouth. He seemed to be very scared after seeing the police, and he might have a psychological problem by now. However, Ji Fengjun was not in the house. I didn't know if she had gotten the news to escape, or if she just went out and didn't come back yet.    When I came to the door of The Other Shore Restaurant, I saw Xiao Teng walking in front of me. I immediately informed him to arrest Lin Hao, who was very likely to know Ji Fengjun's contact information. And I began to suspect that he contacted Ji Fengjun, who found out that something was wrong and fled. After initially perceiving someone was following up, Lin Hao only stepped up. Later, when he found Xiao Teng running close to him, he panicked. I informed the surrounding colleagues to come and help. Fortunately, we didn't lose him. We finally blocked Lin Hao, otherwise, we would have lost him, as there were many pedestrians. If he had entered the mall, things would be troublesome. "Run! Why don't you run again?" Xiao Teng chased him a few streets and gasped. I was also exhausted; although I could practice a little kung fu, I had run too far. Surprisingly, Lin Hao was not very tired. If the police had not blocked him, he could have continued to run.

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