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Tasting Tea at the Empress’s

“Duo Er, if you don’t want to go, this Wang will report this to her.” Long MuChen stared at Qian DuoDuo’s look of confusion, asking for her opinion.

“Go, how come I won’t go? It is rare that the Empress is thinking highly of me. Of course, I need to feel grateful for this.”

It’s not that Qian DuoDuo wasn’t able to see through Long MuChen’s worry.

It’s just that in the past life, she was a female police officer. It could be her occupational disease that led her to have the impulse of adventuring to all the areas unknown.

Especially since she experienced the scene where assassins tried to attack Long YuTian, this caused her curiosity towards the Empress to grow more.

She must personally find the answer to this puzzle so that her heart won’t be itching to do so.

Long MuChen watched as Qian DuoDuo strangely smiled, knowing that this young girl wasn’t able to calm down now.

He sighed, saying: “Then I will go with you, hm?”

“No need. Isn’t she just an Empress? Could it be that she was able to eat me? Small case.” She waved her hands with a look of complete confidence.

****Duo Er’s dividing line****

When Qian DuoDuo followed Qiu Er to Feng Zao Palace, she was basically blinded by engraved paintings on the pillars.

It was worth that the Empress was the head of the harem. It was a splendid and magnificent imperial residence which was basically a dazzling sight.

There were rare treasures everywhere along with antiques and flower vases. Casually bring any one of them back, they are able to be auctioned to an extremely expensive price.

Qian DuoDuo pounced on a pillar, raising her hand over to pull down the ruby which was embedded in the mouth of a golden bright phoenix.

The workmanship was quite well. She had tried to pull it down with great strength and still, she was unable to do so.

If it weren’t that Qiu Er was by her side, she truly wanted to pull out a dagger and collect this massive gem, bringing it home.

“How come the third WangFei is just standing there ah? Please take a seat.” The Empress who sat in the position of the host watched as the woman not far from her rubbed herself against the pillars, completely ignoring her – this Empress. The corner of the Empress’s lips twitched and she couldn’t help to say something.

Right then, Qian DuoDuo snapped out of her trance. She wiped her two hands on the hem of her dress then casually finding a spot to sit down at.

She raised her head to see that the Empress had already changed into another outfit. The deep red phoenix gown, the cuffs were sown by golden silk yarns and the long hair was pulled up high. The two dangling ornaments with the engravement of the phoenixes dazzled. The whole body was filled with the aura of being luxurious.

Before, Qian DuoDuo was secretly ecstatic about her 200,000 banknotes. Now that she looked at the Empress’s casual outfit, it had smashed her head, making her stunned.

She couldn’t help to sigh with sorrow that one person was able to anger another person even more than the previous.

Quickly, Qiu Er came with tea. A whiff of a clear fragrance of tea assailed the nostrils.

The Empress, with both hands, picked up the teacup and elegantly sipped it. She saw that Qian DuoDuo still kept her previous position so she took the initiative, opening her mouth: “Third WangFei, taste the Longjin tea that I have ordered people to prepare for you and see how it tastes like?”

Before, Qian DuoDuo had fought a battle with words on the main hall so now she was really thirsty. She acknowledged her words and picked up the teacup, gulping down the tea.

That manner was as though she was a passenger in the desert where she had been walking and was now all dried out. The action contained no elegance whatsoever.

When did the maids of Feng Zao Palace ever seen a woman who dared to be so unruly in front of the Empress? They hadn’t recovered from the shock when they heard a ‘pu—‘

A mouthful of tea completely spat out from Qian DuoDuo’s mouth. The water pressure was quite big ah, forming a curve.

“Oww—-It’s burning me!” Qian DuoDUo felt as her tongue turned numb and yelled out loud.

Once they saw this situation, the surrounding eunuchs and maids/servants all laughed as they couldn’t help themselves. They looked at Qian DuoDuo who was spitting her tongue out as though a dog in disdain.

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