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Chapter 1116 - Bustling

The few European countries around the Mediterranean were not the only ones focusing on the news.

Algeria, Algiers.

Imperial city Algiers was located at the north portion of Algeria. Its south was resting on the Tell Atlas.

The west coast of Algeria that was connected to the Mediterranean stretched for 156 kilometers. The city region was 50 kilometers long, and the streets and houses were mostly built on hills. It was like a shining jewel on the south shore of the Mediterranean Ocean.

Walking out of Algeria and going over the Tell Atlas. After going further south, one would enter the famous Sahara Desert.

Within the palace, the former Moroccan king was a guest.

The two kings were naturally discussing the matter of Great Xia opening up the Gibraltar Straits. The Algeria king smiled, "The moment TWP showed its strength, Great Xia shivered. Their arrogant days in the Mediterranean are gone forever. Your chance will come soon."

The former Moroccan king gave a devious smile, "Whether I can get my country back or not still needs your support. If I succeed, Morocco will be loyal to you."


The Algeria king appeared to be very carefree, but deep inside, he gave out a cold laugh, "Dumbass, when I take down Morocco, does it still concern you?" Algeria only needed the moral high ground.

These two kings, who both had their own agendas, were having a conversation. The entire atmosphere was really weird.

Dawson Dynasty, Free City.

Great Xia admitting defeat was not something Jack did not expect. Any noble person would know when to pick up and let go. Jack was not a fool, so he obviously knew that the academic faction was his biggest opponent.

Suppressing Great Xia was just to step onto them to raise the prestige of the Dawson dynasty.

Only by confirming the position of the Dawson Dynasty at the core of TWP could Jack act against the academic faction, "Now, we still need to set fire to Great Xia and let the fire burn even brighter."

Regarding this fire, Jack was prepared to set it at Australia.

As the main Great Xia iron ore exporter, once Australia ended the trade deal, Great Xia's military industry and industrialization would be affected, and it would not have the ability to interfere in the global battle.

"Old fox, what will you do this time?"

Jack smiled, showing his confidence. As the most outstanding figure out of the Silver Hand's younger generation, he was really proud. Naturally, he was not going to let Ouyang Shuo make the global scene his center stage.

"The era that belonged to Great Xia is over. The future belongs to the Dawson Dynasty." Jack was filled with confidence.

Unfortunately, Jack was a little too confident.

In a short two days, what had happened to Great Xia in the Mediterranean spread to the world at a shocking rate. Furthermore, with the help of some people, the globe started to mock Great Xia.

They said, "Before TWP was formed, Great Xia was like the monkey in a mountain without tigers. Seeing that the true king has acted, the monkey that is Great Xia has to admit defeat."

As for who the king was, that did not need to be stated out.

Even the China region started to feel uneasy. The China players did not gloat. They were worried about whether things were as the forums said or not.

They were even more worried about whether Great Xia could hold on under the suppression of TWP or not.

Maybe due to sympathy or due to anger or other reasons, but the China region players despised Great Zhou who joined TWP. Some people even called them traitors.

The China region had problems with America.

Di Chen also knew that, which was why he did not step out to mock Great Xia. He kept
silent and was ready to prosper in silence. He wanted to slowly build up strength.

However, seeing Jack get the spotlight, Di Chen's dejection and sadness was unavoidable.

Pretty much overnight, the global scene had a silent shuffling. Before this, Great Xia's main opponent was Great Zhou. The battle between the two was the main point in China.

But now, China was not the focal point. Everyone looked toward Great Xia and TWP, or rather, the battle between them and Dawson Dynasty.

Great Zhou was overlooked overnight.

"I won't accept this!" Di Chen hollered during the dead of night. His face was vicious and really ugly.

It was under such a negative discussion environment that Great Xia finally revealed its fangs.

10th month, 11th day, Indian Ocean.

Along with Yanhuo Yaonie's order, the Indian Ocean Squadron was like a fierce tiger, charging at Maldives from all four directions. With the help of cannons, Maldives was hit so badly it felt giddy.

Following which, the gunners started to disembark to fight.

Facing such a firearm force, Maldives that was cut off from the world did not have enough resistance. Every moment, there were islands falling and going under Great Xia's rule.

In just a morning, the squadron swept all the surrounding islands and surrounded Male.

This was supposed to be the most part of the intense battle. However, with the help of cannon fire and the valiant charging of the marines with the cover of the gunners, there were no surprises.

At 2 PM, Male fell.

The Battle of Maldives was like a bolt of lightning, it came fast and ended quickly. The moment the battle ended, a System Notification sounded out around the world, making the bustling forums totally silent.

"World Notification: Congratulations China region player Qiyue Wuyi, taking down Maldives, your name spreads far and wide, specially awarded 50 thousand merit points and 100 thousand reputation points. Congratulations player!"

"World Notification: Maldives has been wiped, all player levels, skills, and cultivation methods return to 0. All are teleported to the trial lands as punishment!"

"World Notification: China Region player Qiyue Wuyi won the country war, China region obtains 10 country honor points, awarding China region players with +1 innate stats. Congratulations China region!"

A series of notifications stunned everyone such that they could not speak.

Some people reacted with, "Where is Maldives?" After all, not everyone knew of its existence. Even if they knew its name, they did not know its position.

Even to say that they did not know which ocean it was located at.

Other people did not know but the Peacock Dynasty and Java did. When they heard the notification, they were filled with shame and regret.

At that moment, the true motive of the Indian Ocean Squadron was revealed.

"We were played!" Peacock Dynasty Lord Durava's face turned green.

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