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Take a Look at San WangFei

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Panie)

"ShiSi Shu, you must not be biased. Since you've given the night pearl to my San Ge, just give this sword to me, all right? Just consider it as saving you the effort of sending me a late gift, in case in the future I take a WangFei but cannot find you that year."

After he said this, Long YinTian reached out in complete excitement, wanting to touch the thunder resisting sword, which in the legend was said to be able to attract thunder. However, in the next second, he suddenly shouted and grimaced in pain.

At the moment Si HuangZi reached out his hand, Long MuChen closed the sword's chest without any warning. It felt so painful that Long YinTian instantly withdrew his hand and stared resentfully at Long MuChen. Long MuChen let his subordinate take the sword away. With a faint smile on his face, he stared at Long YinTian and said, "You can choose whatever treasures inside BenWang's fu[1]. However, only this sword, don't even think about wanting it."

He couldn't say why, but the first time he saw this sword, a very unusual, familiar feeling suddenly rose in Long MuChen's heart.

"Why? ShiSi Shu also wants to keep this hidden and use it for your marriage?" Seeing Long YinTian's 'flesh and heart were hurt' appearance, Long YuTian's mood suddenly became a lot better, so he followed them in joking around.

Long MuChen stayed silent and showed a shallow smile. His fingers were caressing the teacup as he gently changed the subject, "That will do…… The treasure has been delivered. BenWang should also go to San Wangfu to ask for the wedding wine and take a look at the legendary San WangFei."

Thinking about Qian DuoDuo, disgust appeared in Long YuTian's cold eyes.

This damn woman! If she dares to do something that would humiliate him in front of his HuangShu[2], he would definitely pull her flesh and pick her bones!

But thinking about it, maybe after ShiSi Shu saw Qian DuoDuo, he would feel that this woman is unbearably vulgar. Maybe he would stand on his side and persuade FuHuang[3]. Approving his divorce is also possible!

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— DuoEr's Dividing Line —

Inside San Wangfu's kitchen.

A certain woman was sitting in front of a stove. Her head was dangling, as if she was making an appointment with the God of Dreams.

There was a pile of dried firewood and rice straws in front of her. The fire sparks inside the stove were 'whoosh-whoosh' scuttling out of the stove.

A drop of drool was hanging on the corner of Qian DuoDuo's lips. In her dreams, she was faced with a table full of sumptuous delicacies. She didn't know why, but just a moment before she was about to roll up her sleeves and start to pig out, she felt that her feet were kind of warm. There was also a smell of something burning.

Qian DuoDuo, who was still in a daze, rubbed her eyes. In an instant, she became so shocked that all of her hair stood up.

The firewood in front of her had been completely ignited. Part of her skirt had been burnt by the sparks; holes already appeared on her shoes. If it wasn't because she was sharp by nature, presumably, before she could eat roast pork, she herself would have already become a human cha shao bao[4]!

"AO AO AO~~~! FIRE! FIRE! QUICK, PUT OUT THE FIRE!" Qian DuoDuo instinctively tore her throat and howled. When she shifted her gaze around, she saw a bowl of water at the side of the room. Without thinking, she picked up the bowl and dashed towards the fire, pouring the water inside onto the flames.

The next second, the little blaze, which was originally burning slowly, suddenly seemed like it got additional horsepower,  rampantly burning the whole kitchen.

Qian DuoDuo's mind went blank from the scare. She bowed her head and started to sniff her hands. Finally, she remembered! That bowl didn't have water inside! It was the oil she had just prepared to use for cooking!

She almost got blown up and thrown to the sky!

Seeing the surging black smoke coming from inside the kitchen, all the servants outside lost their heads in fear. One of them screamed, "Quickly put out the fire ah! Quickly go and report to WangYe!"

The servant's words had just landed when he saw something completely black frantically try to run out from among the black smoke inside the kitchen.


[1]Fu (府/fǔ): Residence/Mansion [2]HuangShu (皇叔/huáng shū): Imperial Uncle…… Xiao Cheee~~~~nnnn [3]FuHuang (父皇/ fù huáng): Imperial Father [4]Cha shao bao (叉烧包/chāshāo bāo): Cantonese bbq pork bun
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