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(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Panie)

Sheng Chen country originally had the weakest military strength among the four big countries. It was also constantly harassed by a few small countries around its border. However, ever since there was Long MuChen, wielding a sword on the horse and leading the army on the battlefield, those small countries no longer dared to attack Sheng Chen's territory. On the contrary, they bowed before Sheng Chen, sending tributes year after year.

Even the remaining three big countries, due to Sheng Chen's God of War's famous military strength, also didn't dare to rashly provoke Sheng Chen.

Long MuChen was the XianHuang's[1] fourteenth child. It was said that at the time this Xiao HuangZi[2] was born, the whole sky was filled with sunglow, a very peaceful and auspicious scene. XianHuang had really loved this little son. However, his birth mother had an untimely death. Ever since he was a child, he had been raised inside HuangHou's palace, as if he was born from the same mother as the current HuangShang.

As a kid, Long MuChen had been extraordinarily talented, a genius in martial arts. All the ministers thought that this prince would definitely become a wise ruler.

But who would have thought that this elusive, carefree and unrestrained ShiSi HuangZi actually would only protect the land without the slightest interest in the throne and would submissively hand the throne to the current ruler?

Remembering ShiSi Di's grace in giving peace to the country, on the day HuangDi[3] succeeded the throne, he directly conferred him as Chen Wang. Using Sheng Chen country's name as a title[4] was really a supreme and rare honor that had never been seen before and would never be seen again.

From the civil and military officials to the nobles and commoners, everyone respected him as a god, a position that is even higher than that of HuangDi.

Normally, Chen Wang's existence should have been a threat to her son's throne. However, Chen Wang had long hinted, through his words, his intention to support Long YuTian. Therefore, Lin GuiFei finally removed all of her wariness and worked harder in drawing in this dragon's heart.

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Lin GuiFei paused for a moment. Seeing that Long MuChen didn't seem to feel annoyed over her flattery, she continued to speak, "ShiSi Di, have you gone to meet HuangShang?"

"BenWang had just met HuangXiong[5] in Long Hua Dian. When BenWang came out, BenWang heard that YuTian is here. BenWang thought, a few days ago BenWang had missed the opportunity to congratulate him on his marriage. Therefore, BenWang just came here to take a look." Long MuChen spoke softly as he gently sipped a mouthful of tea.

"ShiSi Shu, you cannot come to drink at a wedding feast empty handed ah! After all, you are the HuangShu, so you have to prepare a huge gift for my San Ge!" Long YinTian slyly stared up and down at Long MuChen. Although the three of them were uncle and nephew, their ages were similar, so they'd been getting along with each other just like brothers. Naturally, there was no need for too much etiquette. Long YinTian rubbed his palms together and 'hehe' laughingly asked, "ShiSi Shu, this time, when putting down the rebellion of that little foreign country, were there any treasures you plundered from that place? Take them out so we can have a look!"

"Go away! Plundered what? Are you taking BenWang as a leader of mountain bandits?" Long MuChen, still in a good mood, scolded. He then turned his gaze and smiled, staring at Long YuTian, "As for treasure, BenWang did indeed get two rare treasures. One will be given to YuTian. Just take it as a late gift from BenWang." Long MuChen waved his hand. Two subordinates, each holding a delicate chest in their hands, walked into the hall.

Long YinTian was extremely curious. He impatiently rushed forward and reached out to open the two chests, stretching his head forward to take a look inside. In a flash, a golden ray had glittered in his eyes. He spoke in awe, "Aren't these the treasures of that subdued country: the night pearl and the thunder resisting sword?"

"I heard that in the evening, this night pearl could illuminate a radius of 100 meters and make it seem like it's daytime. ShiSi Shu is giving this to my San Ge just in time… It can be put in his bridal room so that at night he doesn't have to grope around in the dark and get kicked out of the bed by my new SaoZi."

Long YinTian uttered a joke and turned his head around to take a glance at Long YuTian.

Sure enough, his face was dark. All of the blue veins on his forehead popped out.

To avoid getting beaten up, Long YinTian smacked his lips and stared greedily at the thunder resisting sword, changing the subject, "ShiSi Shu, you must not be biased. Since you've given the night pearl to my San Ge, just give this sword to me, all right? Just consider it as saving you the effort of sending me a late gift, in case in the future I take a WangFei but cannot find you that year."


[1]XianHuang (先皇/xiān​ Huáng): Late/Previous Emperor [2]Xiao HuangZi (小皇子/xiǎo huángzǐ): Little prince [3]HuangDi (皇帝/ huángdì): The Emperor [4]The title 'Chen' Wang is taken from Chen in ShengChen. (Kekeke, actually Chen in Long MuChen is also the same Chen character) [5]HuangXiaong (皇兄/huángxiōng): Emperor (elder) brother
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