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Published at 11th of May 2019 06:16:26 PM
Chapter 167
It was Love at First Sight

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“It is true . ” Tuo Ba Cheng stood up from his seat, having great manners: “Reports to the Emperor, while this Crown Prince was within the country, I indeed ended up liking a woman here and want to make her my WangFei . Please let this Crown Prince do so!”

The Emperor had no idea it had gone so successfully and was ecstatic in his heart: “Oh, which family’s young miss is that blessed? They are able to gain the Crown Prince Tuo Ba’s attention . Quickly say!”

Tuo Ba Cheng mysteriously smiled, not hurrying to answer to the Emperor . On the other hand, he slowly and leisurely walked over to Long YuTian: “What this Crown Prince wanted was the third Wangye’s, beloved woman . It is unsure if the third Wangye will part with his cherished one?”

Long YuTian’s eyebrows were scrunched . He subconsciously pulled Zhu SiSi into his arms, rejecting: “Don’t even think about it . ”

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When Zhu SiSi faced towards Long YuTian’s such possessiveness, in her heart she felt there was nothing more beautiful than this . She was so proud that she could almost fly however she pretended to act shy . She opened her mouth saying to Tuo Ba Cheng, in a guilty way: “Many thanks to the Crown Prince’s misplaced kindness . SiSi and the third Wangye already have a three lifetime’s promise so SiSi will be Wangye’s person whether alive or dead . Please let SiSi do so!”

I vomit! If you die, you go into the eighteen floors of hell and by then, Long YuTian will still be in charge of you? You think that he is the King of Hell?

Qian DuoDuo couldn’t help to exclaim this in disagreement . Then look at Tuo Ba Cheng, such a good person, how come he had grown pig eyes?

The corner of Tuo Ba Cheng’s lips couldn’t help to be mocking: “I think that young miss Zhu had misunderstood . This Crown Prince had not reached the point where I pick at whatever I can eat up in a dire situation . Who this Crown Prince was talking about isn’t you but the third WangFei by your side . ”

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All of the officials, of course, heard the mockery in Tuo Ba Cheng’s tone and secretly smiled at it .

Prime minister Zhu was always arrogant and proud of himself . He also had a daughter who was talented and good looking, pampering her to the sky .

Now in this palace banquet, they had been mocked and attacked against multiple times that even the Crown Prince expressed his feelings of dislike . At this time, the faces of the family Zhu had all been lost .

It’s just that at the same time they laughed secretly about this, they were shocked at Tuo Ba Cheng’s choice .

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He…He is actually interested in the third WangFei!

Flipping through the entire mainland, there were no such cases where people looked for Imperial Concubines, WangFei, or just married woman in general as their target for marriage .

Not only was this disrespectful to the neighboring countries, but they – themselves also have to endure the pressure given by the public .

Qian DuoDuo was so frightened that she was taken aback, hurriedly standing up from her seat . She raised her hand over to touch Tuo Ba Cheng’s forehead: “Tuo Ba, do you have a fever?”

Tuo Ba Cheng knew that he was being a little rude by saying that . He took Qian DuoDuo’s hand off and held it in his hand: “Duo Er, I don’t have a fever . I am saying the truth . The person who I want to marry is you . ”

“Hehe…” The corner of Qian DuoDuo’s lips twitched . She felt her blood run cold and tried to pull her hand back, still not able to believe this: “Then you ate expired aphrodisiac so you spoke inherently and your head is dizzy now?”

Tuo Ba Cheng who was insulted showed no signs of getting angry . The bottom of his eyes was as gentle as water: “Duo Er, it was love at first sight for me . ”

Qian DuoDuo’s expression was even more surprised . She walked out from her seat and moved over to Tuo Ba Cheng . She smacked his face then pulled on the hair . After she made him wake up from the slaps, she couldn’t help to laugh out loud, clutching her stomach: “Love at first sight? Tuo Ba Cheng, you are not embarrassed to say so . I remember that the first time I met you, I was climbing over a wall and almost crushed you into a meat patty . Then, I held hostage of you and even lied to get money from you . Even then, you are in love with me at first sight? I am saying is it because your days are too comfortable so you are looking to be tortured?”

Climbing the wall…As it turned out it was when Qian DuoDuo snuck out of the WangFu that she knew Tuo Ba Cheng .

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