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Chapter 166
Many thanks to the Senior Concubine Lin’s Beautiful Thoughts

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Actually, she was not sure herself where the pain in her chest rose from . Anyway, she felt as though the phrase ‘Cheng WangFei’ was ear-piercing which led her to couldn’t help to destroy things as though a devil .

She thought about it . Maybe it was because she had a spirit of loyalty and treated Long MuChen as her brother, completely devoted to him . But how about him?

He wanted to marry a WangFei but he didn’t even talk to her about it before he agreed out of nowhere?!

Where did he place Qian DuoDuo?

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After all, she – Qian DuoDuo was the guardian of Long MuChen right now . She had the usage rights and that what – Rong Guang Country’s princess needed to at least carry tens of a couple of golden chests to consult over the price of buying him?!

Now that she automatically included the event in which Long MuChen finds a WangFei into her financial business, she – Qian DuoDuo felt a little more balanced .

She finally found a pathetic excuse to harshly mess with Long MuChen!

Long MuChen stared at Qian DuoDuo’s extremely brilliant expression and knew in his head that she was thinking of some sneaky trick to mess with him . Instantly, the whole body’s hair all stood up . However, in his heart, he was a little happy .

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In her heart, he held some spot right?

Her emotions, won’t only be just influenced by Long YuTian now right?

In his heart, Long MuChen was ecstatic . On the surface, though, he still acted indifferently and as though nothing mattered to him . He formed his words and rejected Senior Concubine Lin’s suggestion, under the circumstances where he lowered the harm to the lowest point .

“Many thanks to the Senior Concubine Lin’s beautiful thoughts . It’s just that this Wang is very busy with the military events and there are a lot of wars occurring on the borderlands . At this moment, this Wang really doesn’t have the plan to marry . Plus, this Wang’s daily routine, Han Tie have been taking care of that well . In regards to having interest in someone…” Long MuChen paused momentarily, with a humorous look . The determinedness in his eyes flashed by: “The Empress has also been worrying too much . If this Wang has his own beloved woman, I will definitely be unwilling to let her be passed to someone else . No matter how much price I have to pay, this Wang will marry her . ”

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Long MuChen’s response caused the Empress to be shocked . She couldn’t help to look at Long YuTian who was below the stage .

At this time, Long YuTian’s gaze had also shifted away, stopping ultimately on Qian DuoDuo’s body .

Before the Empress had responded but it wasn’t unintentionally . In her heart, she had heard about the ambiguous feelings fourteen had in regards to Qian DuoDuo . She wanted to use this chance to test this .

Just as expected, for Qian DuoDuo, Long MuChen still rejected Princess Zhao Yang . However, this was good too . This destroyed Senior Concubine Lin’s motive of using Zhao Yang to control Long MuChen .

In regards to three? The Empress was satisfied that one woman would cause problems between them . She could sit back and watch them fight with each other and receive the benefits from them fighting .

However, just based on what she had done on the main hall today which had caused the royal family’s faces to be lost, Senior Concubine Lin won’t be able to bear with this type of vulgar and stubborn daughter-in-law .

As for the future, she could use Qian DuoDuo as her own and bring Long MuChen to the opposite side then it will be even more perfect!

Once she made her plans, the Empress was slightly comforted within her heart .

“Senior Concubine Lin ah, the things among the young people, let’s stop worrying about it . However, you mentioned marriages . This Emperor does have a piece of happy news . ” The old man Emperor watched as the atmosphere got a little tense and came out to compromise in some sorts . Conveniently, he also did his job: “Crown Prince Tuo Ba, this Emperor received the letter wrote by your father Emperor personally a couple days ago . On the letter, it said that Nan Zhao Country has the intentions of maintaining peace with Shen Cheng Country forever, is that true?”

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