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Chapter 168
Don’t Play with the Opposite Gender

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What! Climbing the wall!

Long YuTian couldn’t help to glare at Qian DuoDuo .

However, Qian DuoDuo directly ignored him and enjoyed the feeling as though all the stars cupped around the moon . She hadn’t forgotten to compliment herself: “This young lady knows she is beautiful, exceeding the natural world . Not only am I considerate and gentle, but I am also romantic and affectionate . Plus, I have an open-minded, carefree, and unruly personality . You say you respect me as much as the river waters flow endlessly and even worship me as a goddess . I can all accept this . However, speaking of falling in love through first sight, I think that should be exempted . I don’t live on the peach islands or play with the opposite gender . ”

Considerate and gentle, romantic and affectionate?

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The third Wangye of the family Long has six eyes and still wasn’t able to see where she was gentle and considerate .

However, through the meaning of her words, he was able to conclude that Qian DuoDuo hadn’t placed Tuo Ba Cheng’s words in her eyes .

Tuo Ba Cheng was upset . It was the first time he confessed to a woman and made a promise to make her a concubine in front of the different country’s ambassadors’ faces but was rejected!

In Tuo Ba Cheng’s heart, he was unwilling to accept this: “Duo Er, you promised me before . No matter which family’s young lady that I am interested in, you promised me to help me marry her . Plus, you received my down payment already . ”

Qian DuoDuo held onto the fine jade on her waist, retorting: “The woman you are talking about doesn’t include me . ”

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“Now, it includes you and only you . Unless you are not a woman . ”

“Fine, you are harsh and sneaky enough . If you must compare the silvers to women then I really can’t let you think of me as a low person . ” As she exclaimed this, Qian DuoDuo pulled out the fine jade from her waist .

Every one thinks ah . The rare rooster had finally plucked its hair out . It was such a rare sight in the last hundred years!

Who knew that Qian DuoDuo will directly throw the fine jade into her embroidered pouch, a look as though she was a female robber who cared about no reasoning: “If you want money, I don’t have . But now you can subjectively eliminate me from the list of women!”

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Everyone spat out blood! Originally, they thought that Qian DuoDuo will return the down payment to Tuo Ba Cheng without another word . Who knew that going around and around, it had become a result like this .

Can Qian DuoDuo’s way of thinking not be that unique?

Tuo Ba Cheng knew that he wasn’t able to beat Qian DuoDuo in talking so he directly gave up on haggling over prices with her . Instead, he placed his attention back on Long YuTian and the Emperor’s body . He respectfully opened his mouth: “Third Wangye, if you are willing to let go of Qian DuoDuo, this Crown Prince promises that within ten years, the borderlands of Shen Cheng will be peaceful and able to freely trade without restrictions . ”

Everyone fell into shock within the main hall with Tuo Ba Cheng’s conditions .

Shen Cheng and Nan Zhao’s territories were connected especially Nan Zhao’s borders were extremely fertile . A couple of cities by Shen Cheng’s borders all relied on commercial trading to get along .

However, Nan Zhao Country had been carrying out closed-door policy and not letting the outside world pass by . This had restricted Shen Cheng’s development by the borders .

At this time, Tuo Ba Cheng mentioned this condition which was the difficult problem all the officials in Shen Cheng wanted to resolve .

Who knew it was easily resolved only because of a woman .

“How is this?” After a while . Tuo Ba Cheng opened his mouth again . The pale white skin was a little transparent but it couldn’t help to show the confidence of his planned strategies .

Long YuTian turned his head to look at Qian DuoDuo . Not able to deny this, Tuo Ba Cheng’s conditions were alluring enough . This will be the major political event he needed to face in the future after holding control of the entire Shen Cheng . It’s just that Qian DuoDuo’s gaze towards himself held a little helplessness, that type of purity which seemed to be mixed with a little expectation .

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