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Chapter 165
Setting up Couples together

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She unnaturally started to observe the Princess in front of her .

She wore a long red bubble dress and the tassels were tied together by red silk on the waist, revealing much of her elegant figure . The hair wore in a bun, was pulled up high which seemed to be similar to the modern time’s ponytail . She had a beautiful complexion and the tip of her brow contained some of the charmingness as though from another tribe .

However, once she heard Long YuTian’s words, Zhao Yang’s cheeks slightly blushed red as though like a shy juicy peach . The expression contained feelings towards him .

She slightly took a step in front and made her salutations to Long MuChen: “Brother Chen…”

“Zhao Yang has grown up . ” Long MuChen stared at the sister who loved to pester him endlessly since young and his eyes couldn’t help to reveal the familiarness her had towards her, not trying to hide it .

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Qian DuoDuo watched as the two people’s gazes met with each other’s . The orange she held in her hand was twisted into seven or eight pieces . After she pried it open with her hands, she forgot to even peel off the skin of the orange . She directly threw it into her mouth .

The teeth harshly bit at the meat of the orange as though she was biting Long MuChen’s arm .

An idea flashed through Senior Concubine Lin’s head and she smiled while saying in a jokingly manner, sort of: “The fourteenth brother, you see that within the blink of an eye, Zhao Yang is about to turn seventeen . It is also time to find a good person for her, you see…”

“Senior Concubine is right . This Wang will naturally pay attention to this for Zhao Yang and find a good person for her . ”

Senior Concubine had only said half of her words when Long MuChen directly interrupted her .

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The Empress by her side watched calmly and unruffled as Senior Concubine Lin’s plans were overthrown . She hadn’t forgotten to smile while mocking: “Senior Concubine Lin wants to set couples together ah, letting your niece marry our Cheng Wang . But I think that Senior Concubine Lin is wasting her thinking on this . Our Cheng Wang was famous for not being close to the female gender, the eyes above his head . ”

After a pause, the Empress meaningfully exclaimed: “But our Cheng Wang doesn’t have someone he is interested in right now and when men are turning of age, they need to form a family . He should have a considerate WangFei by his side to take care of him . Now that Senior Concubine Lin had personally opened her mouth to act as a matchmaker for the fourteenth brother, what do you think, fourteenth brother?”

What the Empress had said wasn’t fake at all .

At first, Senior Concubine Lin did have the intentions of betrothing Princess Zhao Yang to Cheng Wang . She thought that she could use the affection Zhao Yang and Long MuChen had when they were young to pull Long MuChen to her side in order to steady three and four’s position .

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She wanted to use this to also cover his ambiguous feelings toward her daughter-in-law based on what happened in the royal garden .

Who knew that she had just slightly mentioned this and Long MuChen had easily passed this subject over with one sentence .

He didn’t want for the Empress to speak the truth, making him reject this marriage . After all, being refused marriage in public mattered to a girl’s reputation .

Especially since Zhao Yang was also a country’s princess so if they hadn’t resolved the problem properly, it will instead add onto the plate of worries .

Senior Concubine and Long MuChen knew in their hearts and the two people had the thought to stop the conversation here but who knew that the Empress actually responded, without consideration . This led the situation to be a little awkward now .

Zhao Yang heard the Empress’s tone of mockery and the two eyes immediately became misty which led those who looked at her to be sympathetic .

Long MuChen slightly swept his gaze over the Empress and out of the corner of his eyes, from time to time, he observed Qian DuoDuo who sat not far from here .

In the young girl’s hand, she stuffed the skin of the orange, one after the one, into her mouth . On the other hand, the fresh meat of the orange was ravaged upon by her to the point it was a spectacle too horrible to view . The look in which she glared at him it was as though she could spit fire out .

Adultery! They definitely have adultery!

Who knew that such noble blood within the royal family liked to play innocent children’s games and arranged betrothal of minors!

Qian DuoDuo’s small lips continued to mumble about .

Long MuChen, as long as you dared to marry that Zhao Yang, I will curse you by placing your name on a doll and stabbing you every day . I will also curse you that you will forget to bring toilet paper while going to the bathroom and when you are on the bed, you realize that you have an erectile problem . After ten seconds, you end up discharging yourself . After you discharged yourself, you end up having syphilis . In the end, you feel as though your chest is stuffed and this results in you pick up a knife and paper the wall .

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