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Published at 11th of May 2019 06:16:30 PM
Chapter 163
In the Future, Mingle with this Sister

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Qian DuoDuo was this type of person . It was good that Long YuTian left . In the future, he and Zhu SiSi will cross the two people bridge while she – Qian DuoDuo will walk her underground road .

If he dared to turn back around, she will definitely slap him to death as though he was a clown!

Qian DuoDuo, from time to time, placed her gaze at Zhu SiSi who leaned in Long YuTian’s embrace . She continued to sing the song in a peaceful and melodious manner but in everyone’s ears, it contained a faint sorrow .

That type of feeling was like an invisible sharp sword which slowly slashed into Long MuChen’s blood from his ears, combining as one in his heart .

Wishing to find the true love in one’s life and never to part with them despite white hairs at old age .

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He thought that he was willing to give such a beautiful wish but to her, from other people’s gazes, it was that out of reach and unattainable .

Why does she seem to be that strong and courageous, not caring in the littlest, but when it reached this lyric within the song, the voice contained a tint of weeping and grief?

What Long MuChen wanted to give, he was able to do so . But does she want it?

“Pa—-” The glass that he held within the palm of his hand were shattered apart by Long MuChen’s invisible force . Some of the shattered pieces pricked the palm of his hand which was mixed with alcohol but he hadn’t felt pain . However, there were still some things that pricked into his heart .

When Qian DuoDuo finished a song, she seemed a little weak . She waved her hands and after letting Xiao Rou carry away the piano and the drum kits all out, she then slowly walked back to her spot .

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It’s just that she purposefully sat at the very corner, keeping a huge distance from Long YuTian .

There was a moment of silence within the main hall .

Qian DuoDuo, this type of performance compared to the one from when she shook her head and had a good time, was as different as though sky and earth .

If they were to say that the woman before was as though the ghost that ran out from the underworld with great fanfare that led one’s blood to run cold . Then her right now was like a fairy that wasn’t able to rant out loud about her feelings . She led people to admire her, noble and indifferent . Only to look in the far distance but can’t be played with .

After they were stunned for a while, then applauses rang as though the sound of lightning within the main hall . Everyone all praised her from the bottom of their hearts .

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When Long YinTian snapped out his trance, he was the first one to move to Qian DuoDuo’s side . He peeled off the banana and immediately attempted to please her .

At this time, Qian DuoDuo got rid of all the grievances she felt from Long YuTian and left the impression as though she trifled without respect . She ate half the banana off, without a trace of politeness . She bit at the meat of the banana, mumbling: “As they say, one who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions . Four, if you have something then say it . ”

What unaccountably solicitous? He has always been solicitous okay?!

Long YiTinan bumped against Qian DuoDuo, smiling: “Duo Er, how did you play with the bowls, ladles, basins? If you have time, you should teach me too . I think it is really satisfying . ”

Once Qian DuoDuo heard that someone was complimenting her, the passive look on her face immediately blossomed as though a flower: “You also think that it’s satisfying? I am saying that four, of all brothers, you have the strongest plasticity . I wasn’t joking about this . If these items were brought to the battlefield, it will definitely raise the spirits of the soldiers and sweep everything before it . When the time comes, they might give me the title of a general or something to be . Hahaha!”

“…” Long YinTian was sweating .

Long MuChen who was also listening couldn’t help to have three black lines appear on his forehead .

This young girl knew how to talk nonsense . She is taking the battlefield to be the dancing hall ah .

However, the moment Long YinTian opened his mouth, it formed Qian DuoDuo’s poor quality idea . She rushed over to Long YinTian, sneakily observing him then opened her mouth in a good mood: “Four ah, I am seeing that you have talented cells so how about in the future, you mingle with this sister? This sister will definitely turn you into a noble idol!”

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