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Chapter 164
Princess Zhao Yang

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Long YinTian was baffled: “What is an idol?”

This question ah…can’t be answered too deeply…

“Idols are when the young ladies stared at them and they are in love with them . ”

It was the first time Long YinTian had seen that when Qian DuoDuo looked at him, it was filled with sparkles and shining, extremely beautiful .

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At that time, he had a boost in confidence . Following along, he asked: “Then when I become an idol, will Duo Er be in love with me too?”

“In love! Why wouldn’t I be in love!” Qian DuoDuo exclaimed and pulled off two grape sticks from the table . She exaggeratingly tried to push her double eyelids up, glaring at Long YinTian’s eyes: “You look at how in love my eyes are?”

People die for wealth while birds die for food . In order to be praised in Shen Cheng Country in the future, what do these sacrifices even count as?

With Long MuChen, this alternate duck, she just needed to try harder to bring Long YinTian over plus add Han Tie that little brother, after everything is prepared, she will just be waiting to open the store!

Of course, Long YinTian had no idea of Qian DuoDuo’s plans in her heart which led him to be touched for a stupid reason . He clapped his chest, promising: “A true gentleman will sacrifice his life for a friend who understands him, as a woman makes herself beautiful for her sweetheart . Duo Er, in the future, whatever you want to do, just one sentence . Four will go through extreme dangers to complete this task and not cower!”

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Aye, aye, such an innocent child . Qian DuoDuo couldn’t bear to make a move on him .

“Obedient ah…Obedient…” She raised her hand over to touch Long YinTian’s head . From time to time, she pressed hard on it as though giving a massage to a dog .

While Qian DuoDuo was making fun of Long YinTian here, on the other side, the sound of the Chinese musical instruments rang again continuously .

It’s just that they had experienced a performance that led many to be overwhelmed by emotions, now that they stared at the same dancing and music over and over, it was inevitable that people felt it was tedious and tired of it .

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Some of the women were like the rainbows by the side of the sky . At that moment, they looked to be of brilliant colors and moving but with the passing of time, it will easily turn dull and lose its colors .

On the other hand, Qian DuoDuo was more like a puzzle . At first, she was amidst the clouds and mist, unable to make sense of her . However, after each layer, after the other is revealed, they will meet round after another round of excitement and challenge . This will stir one’s spirit up .

However, the puzzle was in her hand after all . Without revealing it at the last moment, it will lead to people to have no appetite and fall deeper and deeper .

The last singing and dancing performance had ended and applause erupted in the main hall again . The Emperor who sat high up faintly smiled, happily exclaiming: “Princess Zhao Yang knows a lot of talent ah . The dance from before seemed to be remarkably true to life . ”

“The Emperor is praising me . It’s just small tricks . ” Princess Zhao Yang slightly bent her body and humbly replied .

“Aye, as they say, a girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood . This statement is not false . You see, just a couple years from not seeing each other, Zhao Yang had changed into such a beautiful lady who is educated and knows her knowledge . You are also fresh and full of life . You really are loved by all ah . ” Imperial Concubine Hui who was by the side familiarly opened her mouth .

Right now, before Senior Concubine Lin had married, she was the smallest country’s princess of the four countries – the princess of the Emperor of Rong Guang Country .

Speaking the truth, in the past, it was due to making peace by marriage that she had married over to Shen Cheng . On the other hand, this Princess Zhao Yang, based on position in the family hierarchy, she seemed to need to call Senior Concubine ‘aunt . ’

“Yes ah, this son hasn’t seen Zhao Yang for so many years . Thinking back to the past years, Zhao Yang loved to be by the fourteenth uncle’s side . At that time, she even claimed to become the fourteenth uncle’s WangFei when she grows up . Now that she grew up, she can fulfill her wish . ” Long YuTian who was quiet the whole time finally opened his mouth to speak, looking meaningfully at Long MuChen .

Qian DuoDuo who laid on the table, fighting against the fruits, hadn’t noticed anything but violently raised her head after hearing this news .

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