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Published at 11th of May 2019 06:16:31 PM
Chapter 162
Wishing to find the True Love of my Life

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This woman was so proud, proud to the point she didn’t need to depend on men . Just random couple sentences and she was able to resolve all problems .

However, SiSi was the wealthy daughter from an official’s family who never walked out the doors before . How could she bear Qian DuoDuo’s torture one after the other?

If he doesn’t comfort SiSi properly and stand up to talk for her, who knows if SiSi might not think properly all of sudden and really do something stupid?

Originally, it was he who had betrayed her promise and now that she was bullied to this point by his WangFei, Long YuTian’s heart was filled with guilt .

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Even he had ignored this type of feeling that it was guilt…but seemed to have nothing to do with love .

The corners of Qian DuoDuo’s lips curled up into a smile of some sort and the bitterness in the bottom of his eyes flashed past . She said nothing but just coldly stared at Long YuTian who lowered his head, comforting Zhu SiSi .

She turned around to her own piano, sitting down . A pair of lily-white hands caressed the keys of the piano .

A group of older officials hadn’t recovered from the shock of the drum kits and they watched as the third WangFei started to play another trick . They scaredly went to block their ears . Some even stomped their feet, fainting over .

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Qian DuoDuo hadn’t paid attention to when everyone was looking at her, that type of look of disdain or dissatisfaction . She lightly closed her eyes .

The ten fingers were on the black and white keys, floating around as though it was given life . Besides the movement of the fingers which led people to be dazzled, a melodious tune slowly revealed itself .

Qian DuoDuo had lost her usual liveliness right now and was quiet as though flower bud which had bloomed because of the spring rain . She was peaceful and charming . Her eyelashes hanged low and out of the corner of her eyes, she peered at Long YuTian and Zhu SiSi . Separated by the showy scene that occurred in a millennium, she slowly opened her mouth: “In the past, I thought that love would let only one person occur in the future, the person that had left, the youth that can never be sought back . Only those who had loved before would be serious with the future . ”

Originally, Long YuTian thought that Qian DuoDuo would insult Zhu SiSi again with that method but who knew the moment she opened her mouth, along with that tune, it was that gentle and melodious .

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In his hands, he still held a glass of good wine that was full but he hadn’t touched it still . His gaze was concentrated on Qian DuoDuo’s body for a while . He seemed to feel a sense of loneliness from the bottom of her eyes which led his heart to tighten .

“Wishing to find the true love of my life, even when we grow silver hairs, we will never part with each other . These simple words need huge courage . Never thought of losing you but I have been lying to myself . In the end, you disappear in my voice . ”

After Qian DuoDuo had known Long YuTian from the past, she then learned this song . Zhuo Wen Jun watched as her beloved husband hugged another mistress, how did she write the lyrics of the song with that emotion?

Whatever glimpse of hope and regret of parting Qian DuoDuo held in her heart, had vanished like smoke in the air along with this song .

Yes, she changed the lyrics of the song . She no longer ridiculed and spoke sarcastically, blaming the gods and accusing the others but instead she forced herself to see the truth .

No matter it was during the lifetime before this or the one right now, no matter whether his and his resemblance was coincidental or by fate, they had missed each other and there will never be a day where she will have expectations that he will turn around one day .

Maybe not each person who had white hairs at old age will be single-minded . Maybe the past mutual help in humble circumstances or the twist and turns of betrayal were all just asking for them to keep walking and require courage to do so . It was more of forgiveness and letting go .

But however, there were some people who wouldn’t stupidly still wait for you to turn back around all the grievances and sufferings .

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