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Bring on the Objects

If Qian DuoDou were to compliment her then it obviously meant that she admitted defeat.

If she were to insult her, then she could take advantage of the situation and let her also reveal her talent to place her in shame.

It’s just that who knew in the end when Qian DuoDuo opened her mouth, she actually talked in an ambiguous tone but said in a way where everyone knew what she was talking about.

“Since the third WangFei had said this, then that means she had mastered a skill better. How come you don’t play a song for us then?” The young miss of the minister of revenue jumped out after she received Zhu SiSi’s look.

Qian DuoDuo thought that this woman was very talkative and it had nothing to do with her but she insisted upon being the cannon fodder. Towards women who are as dumb as a pig [1], her solution was to directly put them down!

“Play a song for you. You want me to say that your face is big enough or that your skin is rough enough? Even the uncle Emperor hadn’t said anything and the whole court of Wangyes didn’t say anything either, only you are jumping around. If you enjoy showing off yourself then why don’t you go to Bai Hua Lou? Maybe you can also help your family to earn some silvers.” Qian DuoDuo attacked back, not leaving room for them to retort.

The young miss of the minister of revenue directly spat blood out from anger…fainting.

Zhu SiSi faintly smiled: “Sister is saying the right words. It’s just that this younger sister wants to learn about your skills. Plus, sister, I heard that there is a tradition in Shen Cheng Country where when the new married couple has an appearance with the Emperor, they need to prepare some talents in order to show the talent of the royal family’s daughter-in-law. Does sister not even know about these rules?”

The words said were exactly what she wanted!

Originally, Qian DuoDuo, towards displaying her skills had already prepared everything ready. It’s just that she couldn’t bear to see how the clowns repeatedly tried to stir up trouble so she had opened her mouth to mock them.

Now that Zhu SiSi had said to this point, watching her proud expression, Qian DuoDuo snorted.

However, some words, she needed to explain clearly: “I don’t know how to play the zither!”

One sentence had led all the young misses of the main hall to reveal a look of disdain.

Zhu SiSi wanted this type of effect. Yet she shockingly said: “Sister Duo Er loves to play jokes. Even the three years old of Shen Cheng Country knows how to play the zither. Sister Duo Er, you dare to say you don’t know how to play it!”

“Young miss Zhu is right. Zither, this type of skill, even three years old know it. What is there to be shocked about? I thought that was true. According to young miss… Pig’s wisdom, she could only compete against three years old anyway.”

Qian DuoDuo’s arrogance led people to be stunned.

Zither, this type of skill which cultivated one’s mind, was actually disdained upon by Qian DuoDuo.

Besides a mouth which was good at arguing, the people in the main hall really wanted to have a glimpse at her surpassing skill.

Zhu SiSi clenched her teeth: “Hearing sister’s tone, you seem to contain a feel of disdain with my zither skills? Then this sister wants to learn about the thing that will make me ‘shocked’ from what the sister had said.”

Qian DuoDuo waved her hands and smiled. She yelled towards the outside of the main hall: “Xiao Rou, bring in the things!”

Along with Qian DuoDuo’s loud yell, everyone was once again shocked.

Xiao Rou had brought a couple attendants who were young and strong outside the main hall, all prepared. She was just waiting for the young miss to order her then she will bring in all the bizarre and strange things to the main hall.

However, what was placed in the middle of the hall, what were those things? Pots, bowls, ladles, and flower pots? Bass drums and iron parts?

And there was also a white tripod that no one knew what it was?

Long YuTian had already seen the designs so he wasn’t as surprised as everyone else. However, he was a little curious. Those things that belonged to the kitchen were brought here. Was Qian DuoDuo planning to show off her culinary skills?


Pig [1] – In Chinese, the word ‘pig’ and ‘zhu’ have a similar sound so Qian DuoDou is actually trying to insult her through her last name.

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