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Chapter 1199: Going through the Spiritual Calamities Using Different Means

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Boom! Boom!

Spiritual Fog gathered above the Heavenly River, and colorful lightning occasionally struck. As the thunderous sound reverberated in the area, it carried with it a horrifying oppression. The boisterous Heavenly River had gradually calmed down, as it seemed to have been oppressed.

Mu Chen looked up at the Spiritual Fog and the colorful lightning that had been compressed by the spiritual energy. They possessed such an amazing power, it would keep a Lower Earthly Sovereign on guard.

Although Mu Chen’s body had been refined umpteen times and had become stronger, he still shuddered at the colorful lightning. If he was careless and got hit by the lightning, his body might not be able to take the blow.

The purple Immortal Golden Body stood behind Mu Chen and emitted purple rays. Mu Chen was relieved that its body was filled with the aura of immortality. This would be the Immortal Golden Body’s first fight after he had cultivated it, and Mu Chen could not wait to see its power after yearning for it for so many years.

Boom! Boom!

There were no sounds other than the thunder that continued for a few minutes before the Spiritual Fog started to surge. The Spiritual Fog suddenly tore apart as a colorful lightning bolt struck down.


The colorful lightning was like a huge, colorful dragon. It roared as it moved, and wherever it passed, there would be space warps, obscuring the area from view. The colorful lightning pierced through the space in the twinkle of an eye and appeared above Mu Chen. It then blasted mercilessly at the Immortal Golden Body.

When Mu Chen saw it, he immediately triggered his thoughts. The Immortal Golden Body roared, and purple rays burst out from its body. A huge purple beam with vast spiritual energy spurted out from the Immortal Golden Body’s mouth.


The beam and the colorful lightning hit hard against each other like meteorites and collapsed the space. Visible spiritual energy shockwaves then whizzed out all over the place like a tsunami. The surface of the Heavenly River sank due to the shockwaves, and following that, a tidal wave surged out. The scene was simply majestic.

The beam and the colorful lightning continuously released their horrifying power for a few minutes before the purple beam started to weaken. It exploded as the lightning hit it. Although the purple beam had been smashed, it had depleted the first lightning’s energy. As the rest of the lightning hit the Immortal Golden Body, it simply shook and came to no harm.

Mu Chen had countered the first Spiritual Calamity, but he did not let down his guard. He became grimmer and warier. The first Spiritual Calamity was the least powerful, and yet he had not managed to counter it completely. The situation would become more dangerous for him later.

“He has countered it!” Nine Nether looked happy when she saw it from afar.

“There are nine Spiritual Calamities, and they will become more and more powerful. This is only the first calamity. The worst is yet to come.” Mandela shook her head, as she was more observant than Nine Nether, given her cultivation. Although Mu Chen had countered the first Spiritual Calamity, he had done it with some difficulty. If this continued, he would have problems.


As the two of them were talking, the Spiritual Fog surged again, and a more powerful colorful lightning loomed above. It looked like a huge crouching dragon.


The Spiritual Fog tore apart as a more powerful colorful lightning bolt headed straight toward the Immortal Golden Body.

Mu Chen looked grave. He had been in an unfavorable situation earlier, and he dared not take it head on again. As he triggered his thoughts, the purple rays around the Immortal Golden Body spurted out and formed a humongous purple light barrier. Horrifying spiritual energy fluctuations started to move above the light barrier. He intended to take a defensive position.


The moment the purple light barrier formed, the colorful lightning blasted mercilessly on it. Cracks started to form on the light barrier, and the lightning moved around it like serpents, penetrating it.

Crack! Crack!

The purple light barrier could not sustain the attack for long. It exploded, and the colorful lightning blasted the Immortal Golden Body. The blast was more powerful than the earlier blow. The purple rays on the Immortal Golden Body dimmed down, and Mu Chen, who was closely connected to the Immortal Golden Body, was badly hit. He spewed out a mouthful of blood.

He looked shocked. He had never expected the Spiritual Calamity to be so powerful… Looks like I cannot depend solely on the power of the Sovereign Celestial Body to counter the Spiritual Calamities.

Mu Chen wiped away the bloodstains at the corner of his mouth and looked grim. He moved and appeared on the Immortal Golden Body’s shoulder, holding the green palm-leaf fan. He had no choice but to use his trump cards.


The third colorful lightning struck as Mu Chen was holding the Divine Wind Fan. It was more powerful than the two earlier lightning bolts.

“Divine Wind Scroll!” Mu Chen immediately activated the Divine Wind Fan, and a huge green tornado formed in the area, carrying with it a destructive force. It hit hard against the colorful lightning.

Boom! Boom!

The sound of the windstorm resounded in the void, but Mu Chen did not find it as tough as before. When the Immortal Golden Body struck together with the Divine Wind Fan, he managed to counter the third Spiritual Calamity. The repercussion from the destructive force gradually eliminated the green tornado and the lightning.


Mu Chen relaxed a little as he looked at the lightning that had dissipated. Suddenly, he was shocked when he saw some strange energy from the lightning entering the Immortal Golden Body. The energy did not increase the Immortal Golden Body’s power, but it had knitted the Immortal Golden Body more closely to the heavens and the earth.

So, this is the Spiritual Calamity. It allows the Sovereign Celestial Body to have a better connection with the heavens and the earth. No wonder the Lower Earthly Sovereigns can create a storm with their words. Mu Chen finally realized that such power came from the Spiritual Calamity. The Spiritual Calamity was not only training, but it was also an opportunity.

In that case, let the Spiritual Calamities be stronger! Mu Chen waved the Divine Wind Fan in his hand and looked excitedly at the Spiritual Fog in the sky.

Boom! Boom!

The Spiritual Fog seemed to notice Mu Chen looking at it, and it suddenly crazily surged. In the next instant, it tore apart, and two Spiritual Calamities blasted down together.

When Mu Chen looked at the two Spiritual Calamities, he looked grim and immediately waved the Divine Wind Fan in his hand. It expanded up to 1,000 feet, and the spiritual energy in his body flooded into it.


The Divine Wind Fan shook, and several huge green tornadoes swirled out from it. Mu Chen had fully activated the power of the Divine Wind Fan, and each tornado was so powerful that he would have trembled if he had still been at his previous cultivation.

Boom! Boom!

When the tornadoes and the two lightning bolts collided, the area thundered. The tornadoes were being destroyed, but the two Spiritual Calamities weakened as well.


When Mu Chen saw that the two Spiritual Calamities had dissipated, he heaved a sigh of relief.


Two other Spiritual Calamities burst out instantly, followed by a third one that pierced through the tornadoes and went straight toward Mu Chen. Three Spiritual Calamities had attacked Mu Chen at the same time!

The sudden change of events took Nine Nether by surprise, and she screamed.

The third Spiritual Calamity appeared before Mu Chen in the twinkle of an eye, but as it was about to land on Mu Chen, his sleeve shook, and a stone seal flew out. A black ocean rushed out from the seal, and the waves billowed. They hit the Spiritual Calamity and swallowed it up.

It is so cunning.

Mu Chen broke out into a sweat as he watched the Spiritual Calamity that had dissipated. Fortunately, he had prepared the Seal of Tumbling Sea in advance. If he had been hit by the third Spiritual Calamity, even if he did not lose his life, he would be badly injured.

There should be four more Spiritual Calamities left…

Mu Chen lifted up his hand, and the Seal of Tumbling Sea hung before him. He had the Divine Wind Fan in his hand, and the immortal golden light surrounded the Immortal Golden Body and protected it.

Mu Chen has used all his trump cards. Will he be able to counter the remaining four Spiritual Calamities?

The Spiritual Fog in the sky continued to surge. Tougher and more horrifying Spiritual Calamities blasted out one after another. After going through the five Spiritual Calamities, Mu Chen was more experienced. Although dangers were lurking everywhere, he was able to fend off the Spiritual Calamities with the help of the Seal of Tumbling Sea and the Divine Wind Fan.

After one hour, Mu Chen had countered eight Spiritual Calamities. Although he had successfully countered them, Mu Chen was not in good shape. Colorful stains appeared on his body as he was struck by the Spiritual Calamities. These colorful stains were mottled spiritual energy. If they penetrated his body, they would pollute his spiritual energy and poison him. Mu Chen had thus used his spiritual energy to neutralize them.

The Immortal Golden Body had dimmed down greatly, as it had used up much of its power to fend off the Spiritual Calamities.

I am done with eight Spiritual Calamities. One more to go… Mu Chen lifted up his head to look at the Spiritual Fog that had thinned down. Although there was only one more Spiritual Calamity, he did not let down his guard, and he felt more uneasy. The ninth Spiritual Calamity had been preparing itself for quite a while. Its power would definitely surpass any of the Spiritual Calamities that had come before it. Mu Chen looked grim and quickly conditioned himself. After he countered the last Spiritual Calamity, he would be able to step into the Earthly Sovereign-level!

Nine Nether could feel the horrifying oppression from afar. Although she was not in Mu Chen’s situation, she could feel the pressure that he was going through. However, she did not say a word. She could only pray that Mu Chen would be able to make it through the last Calamity.

She finally understood why so many Complete Grade Nine Sovereigns had been so afraid of the Spiritual Calamities. Even such an outstanding fighter like Mu Chen had a hard time dealing with the Spiritual Calamities, let alone ordinary top powers!

Buzz! Buzz!

The Spiritual Fog in the sky surged again, and boundless colorful lights shot out after a long period of silence. Space warps started to form in the area as the light shined on it. The layers of Spiritual Fog curled up instantly to form a huge dragon. As the huge dragon was entrenched in the sky, it fixed its eyes on Mu Chen, and a horrifying oppression covered the area.

Mandela’s expression changed as she looked at the Spiritual Fog that had turned into a dragon. She trembled and said, “The ninth Spiritual Fog has changed its form!”

“What do you mean?” Nine Nether asked.

“Ordinary Spiritual Calamities come in the form of lightning. However, some special Spiritual Calamities have the power to transform themselves, and they are rare to come by. By the way, the power of the Spiritual Calamity depends on the power of the Sovereign Celestial Body of the person going through the tribulation. Mu Chen’s Immortal Golden Body is the second evolutionary stage of the Primordial Immortal Body. If the Immortal Golden Body has been ranked in the 99 Sovereign Celestial Bodies, it can easily be ranked within the top 15. No wonder the ninth Spiritual Calamity has transformed itself…” As Mandela spoke, she was suddenly enlightened.

Nine Nether was speechless. She had never expected Mu Chen to have to go through such an ordeal after acquiring the Immortal Golden Body.

Mandela sighed. She smiled wryly and said, “Although this Spiritual Calamity is dangerous, if Mu Chen can pull through, he will benefit a lot from it. I don’t know if this is good or bad…”

Nine Nether sighed, too. No one who had gone through so many Spiritual Calamities would wish to go through one that could transform, which increased both the rate of success and death. Since the Transformable Spiritual Calamity had appeared, it was pointless to comment. They only hoped that Mu Chen could counter it.

As they were talking, Mu Chen looked up at the Spiritual Calamity that had transformed into a dragon. He looked pale and said wryly, “This is tough.” Although the Spiritual Calamity had not landed, Mu Chen already felt a powerful fluctuation coming out of it.

I don’t think the Divine Wind Fan and the Seal of Tumbling Sea can counter this level of Spiritual Calamity… Mu Chen frowned as he looked at the palm-leaf fan and the black stone seal in his hands. He had to use other means to deal with such a high level of Spiritual Calamity.

He has used all his trump cards. What other means can he use?

Mu Chen suddenly lowered his head to look at the Immortal Golden Body, and his eyes brightened. The Great Solar Undying Body used to possess the Nine Sun Super Power. Now that it had evolved into the Immortal Golden Body, there must be more to it. Apparently, he had not allowed the Immortal Golden Body to display its potential.

It was not his fault, as after he had cultivated the Immortal Golden Body, he did not have time to study it. In any case, he would have to spend some time at this critical moment. Mu Chen immediately shut his eyes and released his spiritual energy to merge with the Immortal Golden Body.

The Heavenly Emperor, who had been watching Mu Chen quietly from afar, raised his brows when he saw what Mu Chen had done. He muttered to himself, “He has finally thought of the Immortal Golden Body…”


The Dragon Spiritual Calamity formed by the Spiritual Fog had fully activated its power. It roared and shook the area. In the next instant, the Dragon Spiritual Calamity swung its tail and dashed down toward Mu Chen with a destructive force. The area exploded as the Dragon Spiritual Calamity landed. The Heavenly River tore apart, forming a canyon that divided the Heavenly River in two.


Mu Chen flicked his fingers as the Dragon Spiritual Calamity landed. The Divine Wind Fan waved crazily and formed huge windstorms, even though there was no wind. The black ocean spurted out of the Seal of Tumbling Sea, and the waves were mighty, rushing crazily toward the Dragon Spiritual Calamity.

Bang! Bang!

Mu Chen had fully activated the power of the two Sacred Objects. When the tornado and waves hit the Dragon Spiritual Calamity, the Dragon Spiritual Calamity tore the tornado apart and flattened the waves! The Dragon Spiritual Calamity was unstoppable, and it broke through the two Sacred Objects!

When Nine Nether saw it, she turned pale. Mu Chen had used the two Sacred Objects to fend off most of the Spiritual Calamities, but they were useless when dealing with the ninth Dragon Spiritual Calamity!


The power of the Dragon Spiritual Calamity shook the Divine Wind Fan and the Seal of Tumbling Sea, and they shot out, exposing Mu Chen to the threat of the Dragon Spiritual Calamity.

Boom! Boom!

A loud explosion together with the cries of a dragon resounded in the sky, and Mu Chen stayed put like a rock. His mind was in congruence with the Immortal Golden Body. He had to merge with the Immortal Golden Body in order to seek out its Super Power. The horrifying shockwaves splashed on Mu Chen, and blood mist shot out from his body, making him look bloody. However, he did not move or resist.

When Nine Nether saw it, she gritted her teeth and clenched her fists.

One thousand feet… 500 feet… 100 feet…

When the Dragon Spiritual Calamity was 100 feet above Mu Chen, he suddenly opened his eyes, and his dark pupils had turned purple. He formed a seal with one hand, and the Immortal Golden Body below him did likewise.


Dazzling purple rays burst out from the Immortal Golden Body and gathered together crazily. They then formed two large purple runes. The two purple runes exuded an ancient aura and were mysterious. They were like the Hands of God and could reach out to wherever they wanted to.

As the mysterious purple runes gathered together, Mu Chen looked up at the Dragon Spiritual Calamity. With a deep voice he said, “Even if the world is being destroyed, I will remain immortal.”

Mu Chen lifted up his hand and clenched his fists. “The Immortal God Rune!” The two purple runes shot out like two large purple dragons and intertwined together. As the purple rays burst out, the two purple runes turned into a thin purple shield.


Just as the purple shield took its form, the Dragon Spiritual Calamity blasted it with a destructive force. The blast looked like a rising sun, and horrifying shockwaves raged out. The space in the entire area was smashed, and debris flew all over the place. The Heavenly River below it collapsed, and no matter how the sea surged, it was unable to fill it up.

Mandela waved her hand, and a spiritual energy barrier appeared before her and Nine Nether to fend off the violent shockwaves. The Heavenly Emperor remained standing with his hands behind his back, and all the shockwaves dissipated before him. The destructive shockwaves surged on for more than ten minutes before they gradually dissipated.

Nine Nether stared hard at the spot where Mu Chen had been standing previously, and she was extremely anxious. She wanted to know the outcome.

Has Mu Chen successfully fended off this horrifying Spiritual Calamity?

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