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My Image is very Good

The young miss of the minister of revenue had paid attention to each movement that occurred so she hurriedly got up to praise: “Young miss Zhu’s zither skills, no doubt, would take the first place of the world. It really is sonorous and resounding. Not sure how the third WangFei feels about it after listening?”

“…” No one made a noise within the main hall.

“Third WangFei?” The young miss of the minister of revenue called again.

Everyone’s gazes were focused on Qian DuoDuo again.

At this time, it was not sure if Qian DuoDuo did this on purpose or that she really fell asleep. She had one hand which drooped on the table and the other hand scratching at her hair. She seemed to even dislike that the table was narrow that she waved her hand to knock the bowl of fruits which were in her way off the table.

“Third WangFei?” This time, it was Senior Concubine Lin who opened her mouth. The beautiful face revealed a tint of unhappiness.

Although she disliked this daughter-in-law, after all, she was still the concubine of Long YuTian right now. How could she not know her manners?

She was basically a commoner who was unable to withstand important occasions.

The more dissatisfied Senior Concubine Lin was with her, Qian DuoDuo on the other hand, seemed to be addicted and didn’t give them faces even more. She actually let out an earth-shocking snore from under Long YuTian’s robe.

Which led the surrounding people to laugh one after the other.

Long YuTian basically wanted to give her a slap. He was so angry but held in the mouthful of blood from within his throat, yelling towards Qian DuoDuo: “Qian DuoDuo!”

Qian DuoDuo was terrified to the point where her eardrums were almost damaged from the vibrations. She rolling and crawling, fell to the ground from her seat. She laid on the floor of the hall with her four limbs pointing at the ground. After she snapped out of her trance, she ignored the people, shouting: “Long YuTian, you are calling a soul ah. When your ghost-like howl started to yell, you almost dug my whole ancestors from 18 generations all out of the ancestral tombs!”


All the civil and military officials in the main hall, finally couldn’t hold it in anymore and all chuckled out loud.

Some of the generals almost spat the wine in their mouth a couple feet away.

The originally serious and dead-like palace banquet actually had a more lively-like atmosphere after Qian DuoDuo’s efficient disturbance.

Long MuChen lowered his head, helplessly, drinking some wine. In his heart, there was nothing he could do about it.

He knew that this young lady was purposely trying to disgust three, letting him be embarrassed in public.

But this sort of manner where everyone didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, isn’t she trying too hard for this?

For a moment, he was quite frightened in his heart. In the future, he needed to carefully serve upon her, never offending this young lady. Otherwise, in terms of beating – He didn’t want to beat her up. In terms of scolding her – He didn’t want to scold her. Therefore, he only had the option of being tortured by her.

As he thought about this, Long MuChen’s goosebumps started to fall on the ground.

“Third WangFei, please pay attention to your image.” Senior Concubine Lin couldn’t help to remind her.

Qian DuoDuo innocently raised her head and conveniently wiped off the saliva which was dripping by the corners of her lips: “My image is very good ah. Didn’t Senior Concubine see that when I am sleeping that I don’t snore?”

“…” Senior Concubine Lin was about to faint over from being too angry! Instead, she chose not to talk.

However, there were some cockroaches that weren’t afraid of dying. Some were shamelessly asking for torture and Zhu SiSi as obviously this type of person.

“Sister Duo Er, could it be that SiSi’s zither skills aren’t as amazing so that it led sister Duo Er to fall asleep?”

Qian DuoDuo grabbed onto the seat in order to climb back up. She patted the hem of her dress and her eyes hadn’t even glanced at Zhu SiSi: “Pig shit, saying the truth, you are someone I dislike a lot but you still have one strength and that is knowing yourself.”

This kind of secretly mocking people’s words, everyone within the main hall was able to hear this!

Originally Zhu SiSi mentioned this was because she wanted to wait for Qian DuoDuo’s next words.

Her zither skills had earned praise from the crowd that everyone had seen this.

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