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Catching one’s Attention with their Voice

It was not just for the special glory of being in the first place but if one of them was lucky enough to catch the eyes of one of the Wangyes, they would be flying up the branch becoming a phoenix.

Especially when they heard the Crown Prince of Nan Zhao Country had specially come to Shen Cheng Country to pick a concubine and to remain peace with Shen Cheng Country forever.

However, out of humbleness, no one dared offer to go first.

In the end, it was the young miss of the minister of revenue from the royal garden that had stood up to say: “Report to the Empress. This official’s daughter heard that the young miss of the family of the prime minister Zhu was our country’s, first talented lady. She mastered the zither and played to the point of great heights and perfection. It’s just that this official’s daughter doesn’t have a blessing to personally hear this. Taking advantage that it was the Emperor’s birthday today, how about we invite young miss Zhu to play a song for the ambassadors to act as a salutation to them.”

Once, Senior Concubine Lin saw that someone had spoken, she immediately followed about: “SiSi indeed has great zither skills however, I am not sure if SiSi will agree to help us enjoy ourselves better?”

When she heard that Senior Concubine Lin was invisibly speaking up for her, Zhu SiSi immediately got up and bent her body, knowing exactly what to do: “Senior Concubine Lin is praising me. SiSi knows of insignificant skills, something not worth mentioning. If the following people don’t dislike SiSi, SiSi will perform 《 Tall Mountains and Floating Water 》for amusement.”

As she finished, a maid carried an ancient zither up.

It was top-notch sandalwood, the body of the zither was carved with dragons and phoenixes and the strings of the zither were tight as though hairspring. Zhu SiSi wore a yellow muslin which was paired along with a light white muslin. A head of fine black hair scattered along the two shoulders, making her look gentle and beautiful.

A slight wind passed by, giving people the feeling as though they were floating.

The moment Zhu SiSi appeared, the beautiful appearance, the elegant temperament had already caught the people’s attention first.

It was dead silent on the main hall and everyone raised their ears high up.

Zhu SiSi softly caressed the body of the zither then walked to the side, sitting down. She placed the zither flat down and deeply sighed. The elegant fingers started to move on the ancient zither, completely fluent.

Along with the ancient zither, the mellow and sorrow voice slowly flowed out.

The sound of the zither was soft but steadfast. It was also exquisite as though flowing water, containing harmony…

All of the officials within the main hall couldn’t help but gasp in admiration with the excellent zither skills. After the last zither note ended, applauses erupted as though the sound of lightning within the main hall.

Zhu SiSi tactfully bowed down and lowered in head to display her humbleness: “This young lady had humiliated herself.”

Then she went back to Long YuTian’s side, obediently. The corner of her lips rose into a smile as though she was definite to win this.

The bottom of Senior Concubine Lin’s eyes flashed over a tint of praising. Only this type of natural and unrestrained woman was worth to be with her son, was worth to lead the entire harem.

However, Long YuTian, towards Zhu SiSi’s performance, was just as expected. This woman, no matter where she walked to, will become a charming and gentle scenery.

He considerately poured a glass of wine and delivered to Zhu SiSi, gently exclaiming: “SiSi, thanks for this.”

“Ah—” It’s just that in the next second, the wine splashed everywhere along with Zhu SiSi’s faint shriek.

“Pu, pu—” Qian DuoDuo who was by the side, smacked her lips together which was covered by the clothes. She raised her hand over to scratch her ears and smacked Long YuTian’s wrist as though a movement that was done subconsciously which led the full glass of wine to splash on Zhu SiSi.

“Qian DuoDuo, you did this on purpose!” Long YuTian’s veins couldn’t help to pop out.

This woman only knew to cause trouble. Later on, if the Empress were to ask her to display her talent, who knew how much of a fool she would make of herself!

“Yu, sister is asleep. She probably didn’t mean to.” Zhu SiSi advised against when it was the right time to. It’s just that she bit on the word ‘probably’ loud and clear as though she was pointing at something.

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