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Her Future, This Wang will Protect

Long MuChen turned around and coldly stated: “This has nothing to do with you.”

Long YuTian was angered now. Even the tone was mixed with the sense of gunpowder: “She is my WangFei, how does that have nothing to do with me?”

“Your woman is over there. You look after her properly otherwise she might go and stir up trouble everywhere!” Long MuChen pointed at Zhu SiSi impolitely.

Zhu SiSi was rather innocent. She was the one who got slapped and she was also the one who wasn’t able to say a word about it. How come, in the end, it was her who was stirring up trouble?

He was worthy of being called Cheng Wang. The ability to not talk with reason was not inferior to that of Qian DuoDuo’s.

After Long MuChen finished the sentence, he pulled Qian DuoDuo into his embrace hard. He determinedly and seriously exclaimed: “On the other hand, Qian DuoDuo’s future will be protected by this Wang.”

One sentence was like a heavyweight bomb which started the howling wind and torrential wind on the surface of the ocean.

Everyone understood the meaning of Long MuChen’s words. As it turned out, the royal uncle is openly challenging the nephew and want to bring Qian DuoDuo to his side?

Long YiTian couldn’t help but want to clap his hands and cheer for the fourteenth uncle. He is really domineering.

The look in which he stared at Long MuChen at contained shock, envy, respect, and slight sorrow. It was every flavor under the sun.

How come he didn’t have the courage to go against his third brother?

In the past, when he just hit puberty, he like Zhu SiSi but voluntarily withdraw to the second line of duty. Now that he met Qian DuoDuo, the sensation buried in dirt for a long time finally sprouted a little bit but she happened to be the third brother’s WangFei.

Plus he watched as Qian DuoDuo was almost punished by mother concubine and besides being anxious about it, there was nothing he could do.

Qian DuoDuo’s this type of not confined to traditions and careless type of girl did deserve someone like the fourteenth uncle who was powerful enough to protect and adore her.

However Qian DuoDuo was usually slow towards her feelings or rather, she was consciously escaping this problem. She just thought that when Long MuChen said these words, that intense look was quite familiar as though a large black hole, absorbing her in.

Plus, what was strange was that she seemed to have seen this before.

Senior Concubine Lin had no idea that this situation would’ve made it to this degree. She was a little surprised but for her son’s faces, she couldn’t help but stand out. She wanted to win a round back: “Cheng Wang, I still have some things to discuss with the third WangFei. If you are going to take her away now, it won’t look good?”

“Oh? What does the Senior Concubine Lin want to talk about?” Long MuChen looked to be casual.

“She violated the palace rules and offended her superiors. She also publicly provoked me and I – being the Senior Concubine will obviously need to punish her in order to keep the palace rules intact. Plus, amongst her and Zhu SiSi and three, I need to talk to her about it. A woman was jealous up to this point. What a scandal!” Senior Concubine Lin righteously pointed out. Each of her sentences was reminding Qian DuoDuo of her status.

But Long MuChen basically didn’t place them in his eyes. He shook the feather fan in his hand, elegantly inquiring: “What if this Wang wants to take her away?”

“Cheng Wang, this is my family matters. Please don’t intervene!”

Senior Concubine Lin’s attitude as though she was higher up in terms of status already led to Long MuChen’s dissatisfaction. This woman, besides the Empress, had no opponents within the harem. She had been cultivated into such an arrogant personality, daring to act out in front of him?

She was placing the orders? Or did she wanted to tell him that she was a Senior Concubine while he was just a ‘small Wangye?’

Long MuChen looked at Senior Concubine Lin for a while, silently. He wasn’t mad and still opened his mouth, speaking in a cool tone: “Senior Concubine Lin said this is your family right? This Wang cannot intervene, right? According to your family, this was the matters of the royal family. You are excluding this Wang out publicly so what you are trying to say is that this Wang is not part of the royal family or that you – Senior Concubine Lin will not be part of the royal family anymore? Or, Senior Concubine Lin made up your mind to go against this Wang?”

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