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Chapter 1557 - Pulling the Thorns!

Five subtle cracks appeared on the stone Black Tortoise's back when Wang Lin's punches landed. As cracking sounds echoed, the cracks spread and countless branches appeared.

However, just at this moment, a grey gas filled with death aura came out of the cracks and rushed toward Wang Lin.

The grey gas was rejected with a powerful force and gushed out like a storm toward Wang Lin. However, Wang Lin had been on guard this whole time, so the moment it shot out, he retreated.

At this instant, a strand of grey gas split off and flew toward the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor on its head.

The grey gas flew extremely fast and entered the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor's body, causing him to tremble as if he was going to revive. A powerful aura suddenly broke out from the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor and a faint roar came from his body! If it was another cultivator, they would be caught off guard by this and would find it difficult to handle the situation.

However, Wang Lin had spent his life amidst slaughter and had the mind of a demon. From the moment he first spotted the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor, he had already been prepared. Seeing that the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor was about to revive, he didn't hesitate to wave his right hand and retreat. As he did this, a monstrous, blood light flashed.

The blood sword appeared and flew toward the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor with the speed to break the void. In a flash, it flew by his neck.

There was no blood when his head was cut off by the blood sword. It also cut through the thorn that penetrated the head!

The grey gas that had entered the Black Tortoise Divine Emperor's body rushed out from the neck after the head was cut off. The faint roar became a mournful roar, and as the grey gas leaked out, it became weak.

The Black Tortoise Divine Emperor's body withered and a large amount of grey gas leaked out and finally collapsed.

Wang Lin decisively removed a threat!

As Wang Lin retreated, the blade of flesh and blood descended once more. The howling from the blade seemed to want to devour him. As it fell, Wang Lin turned around, revealing madness in his eyes along with a hint of wisdom. His right hand formed a fist and punched toward the giant blade.

There was a thunderous bang and Wang Lin retreated several dozen feet. The giant blade trembled and screams came from inside it as thousands of souls collapsed. The size of the blade changed slightly.

Wang Lin charged out right after being pushed back. He waved his right fist to collided with the blade of flesh and blood. A thunderous rumble echoed as the bombardment continued and the blade rapidly shrank.

In the end, Wang Lin let out a roar and destroyed the blade with one punch! The blade shattered into pieces and all the flesh and blood turned to ashes!

All of this happened in a instant. Although it looked simple, every punch contained Wang Lin's full force. At this moment, the rejection force inside Wang Lin was monstrous. He felt intense pain and blood flow out from every pore in his body.

However, he ignored all of this. After destroying the blade of flesh and blood, Wang Lin turned around with determination. He flew high into the air before rapidly descending!

Borrowing distance to gain speed, Wang Lin smashed down toward the back of the stone Black Tortoise like a meteor!

"Break! Break! Break!" Wang Lin's roar echoed and his descent was extremely fast, causing a howl. In a instant, both his fists landed on the Black Tortoise's back.

The giant, stone tortoise's body trembled and its back seemed to be torn. Large amounts of fractures appeared and some parts directly collapsed.

Wang Lin's eyes were red and the only thought in his mind was breaking the Black Tortoise so it could no longer suppress Qing Shui's soul. After one punch was not successful, he threw another punch!

One punch after another!!

Wang Lin smashed down like crazy with his hands. Every hit caused the Black Tortoise to tremble even more violently and the cracks to become even larger!

As Wang Lin's fists fell, they emitted a golden light t. Fire and thunder fused into his fists, increasing their destructive power. In a flash, Wang Lin threw more than 100 punches. Blood mist sprayed out from his body as the rejection force inside his body erupted in full force.

The intense pain was turned into a sense of madness by Wang Lin, a determination to save Qing Shui!

In this world, only a few people could make Wang Lin go this far, and Qing Shui was one of them!

As hundreds of punches fell, more than half of the Black Tortoise's back collapsed but hadn't broken completely. The veins on Wang Lin's face swelled and he flew ten thousand feet into the sky. He then pointed at the sky.

"War Spirit Print!"

The sky darkened and a giant golden palm appeared. The ripples from the palm covered the sky. As Wang Lin's right hand pressed down, the palmprint went through him and descended on the Black Tortoise's back!

Wang Lin descended with the palm. His whole body gave off a golden glow as if he was a celestial. He let out a roar as he smashed straight down.

A thunderous rumble echoed when the War Spirit Print landed on the Black Tortoise's back. The Black Tortoise trembled and a palm-shaped imprint appeared on its shell. All the edges were shattered!

Wang Lin's right hand pressed down on the Black Tortoise's back following the War Spirit Print. A powerful force erupted and all the scales on the Black Tortoise shattered in all directions!

The Black Tortoise collapsed! A soul filled with sorrow flew out from the Black Tortoise toward Qing Shui.

The moment it collapsed, the 100,000 thorns on its back, including the one Qing Shui was on, all collapsed. The one Qing Shui was on floated in place, but the remaining ones all shot toward Wang Lin.

The nearly 100,000 thorns no longer looked like mountains but real thorns. They were too fast and didn't give Wang Lin any time to dodge. In a flash, they stabbed into Wang Lin's body!

Intense pain washed over Wang Lin. In an instant, Wang Lin's chest was penetrated by a thorn, and soon more followed. Wang Lin was soon wrapped by the 100,000 thorns and could no longer be seen.

All that could be seen was a giant ball of thorns!

The rumbles slowly dissipated and the Seven-Colored Realm gradually calm down. The 100,000 mountains had disappeared and only the mountain Qing Shui was on remained. It was shrouded by seven-colored clouds and no sound came from it.

Outside the mountain, there was a giant ball of stone covered in thorns.

On the ground lied the Black Tortoise with its back broken, but its head still looked into the distance. There were faint, grey gas escaping from the broken back.

However, deep within its back, there was a broken grey crystal that gave off a faint flicker.

It seemed as if the entire Seven-Colored Realm had calmed down, but 15 minutes later, a series of popping sounds came from the ball of thorns. It was as if someone was trying to break out of this ball of thorn with their fists!

The popping sounds became even more intense and broke the silence of the Seven-Colored Realm. A moment later, a part of the ball of thorns collapsed and a golden fist poked out!

This fist was trembling and covered in blood. There were countless broken thorns penetrated deep into the hand. A roar came out from within the ball and spread across the area! As the roar echoed, another fist broke out through the gap, and this fist was also bloody. Both hands gripped the sides and mercilessly tore at the ball of thorns!

A cracking sound echoed and then a crack appeared across the ball of thorn. A figure with even its hair dyed red with blood was revealed.

Countless thorns were sticking out of every part of this figure; even his eyes had countless thorns pierced through. The rough breathing from the figure resulted in a large amount of white gas being sprayed out.

He seemed to be resting to regain his strength. After 10 breaths, his right hand slowly grabbed a thorn in his eye and pulled it out. Tears of blood flowed down.

After a long time, he suddenly opened his eyes and let out a roar. His hand grabbed the ball of thorns and tore once more. This time, he ripped the ball of thorn completely in half.

There were countless thorns connected to the figure inside, and when the ball was pulled in half, some thorns were pulled out. Blood sprayed everywhere.

However, even more thorns broke off and remained inside Wang Lin's body.

"Senior Brother Qing Shui, I'll save you…" A faint voice came out of Wang Lin's mouth after the roar dissipated. He stepped out of the ball of thorns, but the pain in his body was almost unbearable. There were tens of thousands of thorns penetrating his body.

Every step caused blood to flow down from the thorns. Wang Lin's body slowly shrank from its 10,000 feet size. During this process, a lot of thorns collapsed, but a part of each torn remained inside his body as if they were part of his flesh and unable to be removed.

"Senior Brother, I'm coming…" Wang Lin walked into the seven-colored clouds with his vision was blurry. However, he still saw the trembling Qing Shui, whose hair covered his face.

As blood continued to flow out, Wang Lin slowly arrived before Qing Shui. He stopped seven inches from Qing Shui and his right hand reached out at the first torn in Qing Shui's chest. After taking a deep breath, he pulled at the thorn!

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