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A Small WangFei

“I…” Senior Concubine Lin had no idea that the moment Long MuChen opened his mouth that he wouldn’t give her faces at all. The tone was filled with threat. She was shocked and she suddenly became speechless, not being able to say a sentence at all. In the end, she tugged at the corner of her lips awkwardly. She started to smooth things over for herself: “Cheng Wang is being too serious. For such a small WangFei, I will definitely care about the bigger picture more than her.”

The so-called ‘bigger picture’ was referring to her high position and great wealth but also the title of the Crown Prince for his son.

If she and Cheng Wang had a huge argument right now, the person benefiting from this would be the Empress.

Long MuChen nodded his head, very satisfied. He smiled: “Yes ah, Senior Concubine Lin is a smart person. Those people that you disapproved of, in other people’s eyes, they are worth more than the vast territories you desired of.”

He was announcing his intentions to the Senior Concubine Lin. As long Qian DuoDuo was safe and sound, the vast territories would be Long YuTian’s possessions of his pocket.

The rivers and mountains were desirable to many which led to numerous heroes’ deaths over fighting this. Women were desirable to the heroes to the point they don’t even want the rivers and mountains anymore.

Could it be that even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman since ancient times?

Senior Concubine Lin couldn’t help but place her worried gaze towards Long YuTian. Although in his arms, he held Zhu SiSi, his gaze was concentrated on Qian DuoDuo.

Her son could be considered as calm and especially towards Cheng Wang, he was even more respectful to him than his father Emperor. How come he couldn’t remain calm today?

Could it be for the so-called ‘faces’ or something else?

As she pondered over this, Senior Concubine Lin felt a splitting headache coming on. Besides Long YuTian, there was also four?!

Each one of them not letting her be worry-free!

****Duo Er’s dividing line****

After Long MuChen took Qian DuoDuo out of the royal garden, he first found an imperial physician to give her a full body checkup. He slightly let out a sigh after he was sure nothing was wrong with her.

However, during this period of time, Long MuChen was constantly busy and anxious to the extreme while Qian DuoDuo had her head drooped down from the start, unenergetic and not saying a word at all.

When he looked at how her lips were pursed up high to the point where she could’ve brought a second child to her next marriage, he then realized afterward that she was unhappy.

Thinking over this, he thought it was true. After all, she was openly slapped by her husband and almost tied up by the guards. Who could be happy over this?

Long MuChen walked her over to the side of a lake and raised his hand to touch the corners of her lips, gently soothing her: “Duo Er, you’re angry right? Not happy? Whatever you want to do, just tell me. If you want to cry or laugh, fight or insult people, I will be here with you. In front of me, you don’t need to act so calmly okay?”

Qian DuoDuo raised her eyes to glance at him. She reached her hand over to wipe at her own snot, not denying her feelings at all.

“Fourteen, I was slapped Long YuTian.”

“I know.”

“I was also kicked by the guards.”


“I’m in a bad mood right now and I am in urgent need to vent my feelings out.”

“Then what do you want to do?”

The two people’s simple conversation – The moment Long MuChen opened his mouth, he had been following along her. This led Qian DuoDuo’s heart to feel more at ease.

She stopped talking momentarily and pursed her lips. The eyes glanced everywhere then it stopped at his arm. She hooked her finger as though making a ‘come here’ motion: “Raise your arm up.”

For a moment, Long MuChen had no idea what Qian DuoDuo was about to do but he still cooperatively raised his arm up, placing it in front of her.

In the next second, who knew that Qian DuoDuo didn’t care about the situation at hand at all and lowered her head to harshly bite on his arm. It seemed as though all the grievances that she suffered and the bad mood all transformed into the two rows of teeth marks on Long MuChen’s arm.

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