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You are not Loyal Enough

However, she didn’t know why but when she had seen Long MuChen arrive and carefully protected herself, smelling the faint sandalwood fragrance on his body, domineering but gently holding her shoulders, Qian DuoDuo couldn’t explain the feeling. Her nose felt sour and under the bottom of her eyes, there was mist.

There was the appearance of women’s common problem…Being unreasonable.

Qian DuoDuo inhaled through her nose and pursed her lips, looking at Long MuChen: “Hurts, the teeth are all going to shatter…Fourteenth, you are not loyal enough. How come you came just now? Do you know that I was almost slapped into a persimmon cake?”

Long MuChen watched as she threw a tantrum and complaint about him and also used his own sleeves to wipe off her tears and snots. At that moment, he thought it was funny but also painful within his heart at the same time.

The strength in which they had slapped it wasn’t soft at all. They also used their inner force. If it was a strong man, maybe their teeth might actually fall off. But this young lady not only didn’t cry, but she also had the mood to play jokes at him.

Long MuChen raised his hand and used the inner force within the palm of his hand to gently caress Qian DuoDuo’s side face in order to make her feel more comfortable. The mouth hadn’t stopped soothing her: “Duo Er, sorry. It is my bad. I will revenge for you okay?”


Qian DuoDuo nodded her head, not politely at all. With the presence of Long MuChen, she felt more comforted within her heart. The look on her eyes seemed as though she had revived and she suddenly cast a glance towards Imperial Concubine Hui.

Senior Concubine Lin only knew that the Cheng Wang who was usually uncommunicative and not easy to get along with was close to her two sons. The three people’s relationship was as nice as though they were real brothers.

Who knew that he and Qian DuoDuo were that familiar with each other.

There was no way that Cheng Wang didn’t know that Qian DuoDuo was three’s WangFei. However, he still dared to be ambiguous towards her, making people wonder of their relationship. His worry was much more than how much a royal uncle should have towards his nephew’s WangFei.

On the other hand, the way he looked at Qian DuoDuo was more of the way someone would look at their beloved.

Senior Concubine Lin had keen eyes and looking at this situation, she knew that their relationship was unordinary.

On one side, when the imperial guards who were injured by Long MuChen’s darts heard what he exclaimed, they immediately pissed in their pants out of terror, kneeling on the ground. They cried for heaven and earth: “Cheng Wang shows mercy ah. This servant was just following his commands. Therefore, this servant had offended young lady Qian…Show some mercy ah young miss Qian!…”

How smart are they ah! When they found out that Cheng Wang doted Qian DuoDuo, they immediately turned the blame somewhere else. However, they didn’t dare to call her the third WangFei.

Qian DuoDuo rolled her eyes, an expression on her face as though ‘do I know you?’

“The injury on her face, you guys were the ones that slapped her ah?” Long MuChen slightly squinted his eyes. The volume wasn’t loud but full of power.

“No, this servant doesn’t dare to…”

A couple of guards just finished talking when Zhu SiSi came out from Long YuTian’s embrace. She stopped in front of Long MuChen and opened her mouth, in a way acting as though she was still weak: “Please calm down, Cheng Wang. Whatever happened, it is all SiSi’s wrong-doing. It’s SiSi who accidentally offended sister so then SiSi started fighting with sister…”

“So what you’re saying is that you were the one who touched her?” Long MuChen inquired in a lazy tone.

However, this led Zhu SiSi’s shoulders to tremble out of fright.

If she said yes, based on how the situation had been progressing, will Cheng Wang actually slap her in order to revenge for Qian DuoDuo?

If she said no, doesn’t that mean she would be pushing Long YuTian to where the waves were the fiercest?

Then how will she gain the trust of Senior Concubine Lin and catch Long YuTian’s heart in the future?

She hesitated for a moment before Zhu SiSi clenched her teeth, ready to give it up. She had just decided to open her mouth to say ‘yes’ when Long YuTian arrived at her side, just in time.

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