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Although Mu Chenyan was not happy about Yuan Xuan letting Zhao Ruoxin stay at the Yuan Family Mansion, she did not show her feelings.

Back at the Hibiscus Garden, Yuan Xuan sat in the tea room on the first floor and ordered Ah Fu to bring him a bottle of red wine while Mu Chenyan quietly went upstairs to wash up.

After a long time, Yuan Xuan headed upstairs and saw Mu Chenyan wearing cream-colored silk pajamas, sitting on the wooden fabric sofa whilst using her laptop.

The light from the laptop screen shone onto her pretty face, making it look as white as jade.

Her swan-like neck was as white as snow, and her steady breathing caused her chest to rise and fall rhythmically.

She was engrossed with her laptop, her slender fingers lightly tapping away at the keyboard, totally unaware of her surroundings.

Yuan Xuan leaned against the door frame with his hands in his pockets. His gaze seemed unconcerned, but his eyes were like a black hole, where just the slightest glimpse of them might cause one to become endlessly absorbed in them...

When Mu Chenyan realized that Yuan Xuan was watching her, she suddenly let go, causing the laptop to nearly fall to the floor.

She hurriedly closed the laptop and put it aside.

This high-tension behavior was noticed by Yuan Xuan, but he did nothing but smile lightly.

"What were you doing online?" Yuan Xuan asked.

Mu Chenyan's ink-black eyes were clear but mysterious, giving nothing away.

After she met Yuan Xuan's undisguised gaze, Mu Chenyan lowered her head, bit her lips and said plainly, "Just buying some stuff. Why don't you come in? Your stare would make any one feel unsettled."

Her hair was still wet from the shower as it carried a faint floral aroma.

Yuan Xuan strode in and retrieved the hairdryer to blow her hair for her.

Her jet-black hair was short, reaching just below the ears.

Yuan Xuan's fingers ran through her hair, and he thought to himself about how fast this woman's hair was growing.

In the past, he had expressed his hope for her to keep her hair long, and she had, in turn, genuinely let her black hair grow wildly without giving it any attention. In less than a month, her hair had grown luxuriant!

Mu Chenyan kept her head down the entire time and simply allow him to do with it as he pleased. Other than this, the two partners had zero social interaction.

"I owe Qinger a favor, and I won't be able to pay her back this lifetime." Once her hair was dry, Yuan Xuan put the hairdryer aside and suddenly spoke up.

He was not someone who kept things to himself. If the matter was something that he could reveal to her, he would do so without any hesitation.

Mu Chenyan shuddered and did not look up to look at him but instead kept her head down to stare at his shoes.

After some time, she quietly replied, "I don't oppose the idea of letting Zhao Ruoxin live here, and you don't owe me any explanation."

Just one sentence and the conversation turned awkward.

After being talked back to, Yuan Xuan's chest swelled with anger. He commented coldly, "You sure aren't as obedient as you were this morning."

As he spoke, he pulled her up from the sofa and wrapped one arm around her thin waist, and fiercely pinched her chin with the other.

Ow! Mu Chenyan was afraid that her jaw would get dislocated, so she dared not move.

"Don't you care?" Yuan Xuan asked. He really wanted to know.

Did she still cherish him? Did she still care about him?

The two pairs of eyes stared into each other. Mu Chenyan heart was scorched by his fiery gaze. She did not reply, unconsciously lowering her eyes to avoid him. However, Yuan Xuan was determined not to let her have her way!

"Mu Chenyan, don't try to shake me off! You have to accept the fact that you're Mrs Yuan before I get tired of you!"

Mu Chenyan's body quivered slightly, and she saw the redness and viciousness in his eyes.

When she did, it was as if she could see her future where she would be hopelessly entangled this man...

She was not willing to resign herself to this fate!

"Yuan Xuan, please let me go. Let the Mu Family off. You've got many options in life, but I've only got one way out! "You're well aware that the two of us could never go back to the way it was in the past.

I'd like to leave with my mother, find my brother, and live a peaceful life..."

Mu Chenyan's eyes became wet. She finally poured out all the thoughts that she had been suppressing in her heart all this while!

"Don't even think about it! You're right in saying that you're only left with a single way out in life. When you chose me 14 years ago, there was no backing down!"

After hearing that she was actually planning to leave him, Yuan Xuan's eyes darkened. He looked so enraged, his stare looked like it was ready to burn a hole in her.

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