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As the age-old saying goes, a monk may run away but the temple remains.

Having searched through Heaven Connect City without being able to find Ye Qingyu, the retired emperor naturally turned his fury toward the Heaven Wasteland Domain.

"The Dragon Human Race... they're just in time. I've got it. Thank you for reminding me, Lord Shangguan Wu." Ye Qingyu nodded.

Although he did not talk much about this matter, he understood very well that Shangguan Wu had reminded him out of concern for the Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Subsequently, the two chatted for another ten minutes or so.

After taking his leave of the Purple Golden Divine Office, Ye Qingyu was in no hurry to leave Sunrise City.

The silly dog had run off ever since arriving in the city. No doubt, it had gone in search of good food and drink to make up for the stomach abuse it suffered in the Ancient Sky Dragon Domain. Therefore, Ye Qingyu planned to take a stroll through the city while waiting for it to become satiated before returning to Heaven Connect City.

He shuttled through the most bustling section in the city and then walked up to a thousand-year-old store.

Under the shine of the rising sun, the high walls, made of pale-golden rocks, gave off a bright halo, while the beautifully-carved yet rustic door appeared very tasteful. At the very center of the door, a gilded moiré-patterned board with the words [Refine Armour] exuded an archaic and dignified feel.

The business of [Refine Armour] had been clearly delegated when the Heaven Wasteland diplomatic corps left Sunrise City earlier on. Empress Yu Xiaoxing had assigned people to manage it for the time being.

As a shop with deep cultural roots, it had amassed an astonishing fortune over a thousand years. Stored in its underground armory were a large number of armor and weapons, all of which were top-notch martial resources. Later on, after some remodelling, it transformed from a simple shop into the Heaven Wasteland Domain's station, as well as a chamber of commerce for import and export trade, in Sunrise City.

Ye Qingyu did not notify the managers of [Refine Armour] prior to coming to Sunrise City. This time, he simply wanted to sit down while getting to know the latest news concerning the shop.

In the reception hall of [Refine Armour].


Isn't this...

Ye Qingyu saw an extremely familiar figure as soon as he stepped into the reception hall.

"Lord... Ye Qingyu?!" Lin Baiyi, who was carrying a thick account book in his hand, revealed a disbelieving look on his face.

"Haha, I'd never thought I'd see you here."

Having met an old acquaintance from a less prosperous place, Ye Qingyu was also pleasantly surprised and began to laugh.

It turned out that the empress had begun to arrange various trade expansion matters ever since the Heaven Wasteland Domain passed their grading. Aside from facilitating all kinds of trade with Heaven Connect City, she also made [Refine Armour] a key trading post.

As a representative of the Lin family and more so the favorite pupil of the Pill God Dugu Quan, Lin Baiyi was a natural candidate for the first batch of explorers.

Several days ago, the empress assigned him to [Refine Armour] to take charge of all its affairs. After these few days of familiarization, he already felt completely at home.

As he did not expect Ye Qingyu to show up, he was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly received the latter, whom he led into a quiet room upstairs.

"How's the situation in the Heaven Wasteland Domain?" Ye Qingyu asked as he looked around at the newly-furnished [Refine Armour].

"Lord Ye Qingyu, ever since Her Highness the Empress returned, the more-than-hundred accompanying chambers of commerce and forces immediately set up their own stations and quickly established trade links. Also, the Domain Gate has officially opened already. I believe that more and more chambers of commerce and forces from various races will soon enter the Heaven Wasteland Domain, bringing with them an endless supply of new resources. According to Her Highness' decree, dozens of young family representatives, such as myself, will be assigned to different places in Sunrise City and Heaven Connect City to take charge of the Heaven Wasteland Domain's export of resources..." Lin Baiyi explained the developments in the Heaven Wasteland Domain in detail.

"Great. If that's the case, the Heaven Wasteland Domain will be able to acquire resources at double its current speed within a year." Ye Qingyu nodded approvingly.

Without a doubt, it was Yu Xiaoxing's planning and leadership which made this speed of development possible. Ye Qingyu had practically never taken an interest in the management of the dynasty and the various affairs of the domain, for he believed that nobody could build up the Heaven Wasteland Domain better than Xing'er.

After a brief stop in [Refine Armour], Ye Qingyu grabbed at the Void and pulled the silly dog, which had an oily mouth and was grimacing in pain, out of it. The two of them then rushed in the direction of Heaven Connect City.

Half an hour later.

Ye Qingyu arrived near the Black Demon Abyss.

He could not refrain from slowing down his course and taking a few looks at this old haunt. After all, it could be said that the story of the Black Demon Abyss had completely changed his destiny and that of the Heaven Wasteland Domain.

As before, a ghastly smell of blood pervaded the barrier of black mist covering the periphery of the Black Demon Abyss, and a horrifying demonic noise slowly and unceasingly sounded from the giant abyss. However, now that Ye Qingyu had attained the Saint realm, he was wholly unaffected by these miasma and eerie noises.

In wonderful spirits having become satiated, the silly dog sniffed all around at the strange smells, which not only did not affect him but even aroused its interest. 

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