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Definitely can not let her Stay

Long YiTian suddenly felt as though something bad was about to happen. His own mother, he knew the most. She was going to use Qian DuoDuo in order to beat Imperial Concubine Yun down and to set up her prestige. Therefore, he hurriedly advised: “Mother concubine, please calm down. This is the first time that Duo Er came into the palace so she inevitably might’ve neglected some things. Don’t argue with someone less informed. Please forgive her this time.”

As he explained, he hadn’t stopped blinking his eyes at Qian DuoDuo, making some exaggerated actions. The motive was for Qian DuoDuo to quickly beg for Senior Concubine Lin’s forgiveness.

However, as it turned out, someone wasn’t grateful for this. On the other hand, she acted stupidly: “Four, is something wrong with your eyes? How come you keep blinking nonstop ah? If it is spasming, you need to quickly go find an imperial physician ah. You can’t delay this.”

Damnit! This woman! Long YiTian couldn’t help but insult her in his heart.

How did Qian DuoDuo not know that Long YiTian was trying to help her out of this situation? It’s just that if she easily admitted defeat then how will the daughters from the Qian family stand their footsteps in the palace in the future!

She – Qian DuoDuo had seen Zhu SiSi then wouldn’t she need to climb around her?!

“If Senior Concubine Lin wants to teach me a lesson then first set your tongue straight before making orders. If I hadn’t remembered wrong before Senior Concubine Lin had said that I was extremely daring right? I’m saying that you aren’t rather open-minded. After all, I am the third WangFei that the third Wangye had officially been wed to under the imperial decree of the Empress Dowager. If I had the courage of a dog then wouldn’t your son – Long YuTian, be a male dog? Then you…”

Qian DuoDuo meaningfully paused for a second and sighed, out of interest: “Not sure if it is because that the Senior Concubine Lin had been in the palace for a long time and is lonely that caused you to think of this or that you already know that’s what you are?”

Turning the corner whilst insulting someone and an eye for an eye was Qian DuoDuo’s special skills.

If anyone wanted to gain some advantage from her mouth then that is seeing a ghost in daylight.

Don’t you see that Qian DuoDuo’s words were just finished and the surrounding were all frightened to the point they lowered their heads? Even Long YiTian stared at Qian DuoDuo in shock, not able to help anymore.

Only Senior Concubine Lin was infuriated that there was green smoke popping out of her eyes and she almost died from spitting mouthful of blood out. The hand in which it was pointed at Qian DuoDuo was trembling: “Guards, guards…Tie this woman up for me and bring her over to my palace. I will personally teach this Qian DuoDuo who doesn’t know her abilities!”

When stating this, four guards had surrounded her.

“Mother concubine, you can’t do this to Duo Er!” Long YiTian was surprised within his heart. Mother concubine had made the final decision to torture Qian DuoDuo to the point where she was half alive and half dead.

“You shut your mouth for me!” Senior Concubine Lin was even more infuriated as she watched her younger son protect Qian DuoDuo time after time.

Long YiTian glanced at Senior Concubine Lin who was obstinately clinging to her ways so he placed the blame towards Long YuTian: “Third brother, stop just standing there ah. Quickly beg towards mother concubine and let her show some mercy towards Qian DuoDuo. No matter how much you dislike her, she is still your WangFei. You can’t go torture her for Zhu SiSi…”

The moment Long YiTian was anxious, he blurted words out.

“Presumptuous! Four, I see that you don’t know your manners anymore. How are you talking to your third brother?!”

Senior Concubine Lin strictly reprimanded.

This Qian DuoDuo was actually able to let the brothers turn to enemies. She definitely can not stay!

Long YuTian looked at the imperial guards who were surrounding Qian DuoDuo with a deep and serious look on. The pupils of the forest green eyes tightened.

Before, he slapped Qian DuoDuo under an impulse and even now, his heart contained lingering fears as though there was a prick suspending making it painful.

He watched as Qian DuoDuo and his mother concubine opposed each other with equal harshness. Although he kept quiet, he never stopped thinking of ways to save Qian DuoDuo.

It’s just that he knew his mother concubine too well. The more others wanted to protect Qian DuoDuo, the more she wanted to bring her under control.

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