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Popular Song

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

Delusionally thinking that she is humiliated? Wanting to see her humiliated and become a pathetic young married woman who would weep endlessly, who would try to kill herself?

He, Long YuTian, has found the wrong person!

The corners of Qian DuoDuo's lips rose into an extremely lovely smile as she swung her tiny waist and walked to his side. Seeing the present scene, she suddenly recalled a song that recently got very popular on the internet.

Having finished gathering her emotions, and also without thinking further about what kind of punishment she would receive, Qian DuoDuo suddenly tore her throat and howled: "365 SECONDS, MAKE YOU CANNOT BEAR, STANDING AT THE SIDE 'JIAYOU!', CONTINUE WITH YOUR TINY WAIST~~!"

Long YuTian was enduring the anger that was pooling inside his heart with difficulty when he heard this strange song. He turned his head to take a glance. Qian DuoDuo was flirtatiously thrusting her hips back and forth. Her eyes were filled with ridicule. Her action directly made Long YuTian go rigid, feeling extremely embarrassed!

The most hateful thing was this woman's eyes! There was not the slightest care in her eyes! She completely took him as a clown to be played with.

Long YuTian was wounded! Fury was burning in his heart. With great difficulty, he reined in that fury and glared at her, roaring with a bone chilling coldness: "You slut! In the future if you still do not know shame and behave so flirtatiously like this in front of BenWang again, BenWang will make you die without a burial!"

And then, he straightened his back and stood up, calmly putting his clothes on properly. With a gloomy face, he stared at the startled, innocent-faced Qian DuoDuo and let out a loud 'humph' from his nose. He then raised his head and walked out of the room without looking back.

Qian DuoDuo stared at Long YuTian's cold back, blinking her eyes in extreme confusion before turning around to glance at the fainted, half-dead woman, resentfully muttering: "Really don't know who the one that doesn't know shame is……"

Finished complaining, she stared at the sky outside the window. It was already dawn. She had just realized that she hadn't eaten anything for a whole day! Qian DuoDuo moved her hands and feet, ran out of the room, and went to find something as an offering for that five viscera shrine of hers.

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365 seconds, make you cannot bear, standing at the side 'jiayou!', continue with your tiny waist.

         It's a Chinese song about having sex called '小蛮腰' (Xiǎo mán yāo/Tiny waist).

      Qian DuoDuo was singing the first verse with a modification of her own. The real verse is:

         三百六十五秒, 让你受不了, 站在麦上顶你, 继续我的小蛮腰

         (Sānbǎi liùshíwǔ miǎo, ràng nǐ shòu bùliǎo, zhàn zài mài shàng dǐng nǐ jìxù wǒ de xiǎo mán yāo)

         While she actually sang:


         (sānbǎi liùshíwǔ miǎo, ràng nǐ shòu bùliǎo, zhàn zài pángbiān jiāyóu, jìxù nǐ de xiǎo mán yāo)

         Haha, jiayou is often used to encourage/cheer on people, something like 'you can do it!' or 'fighting!'. For example: your friend is participating in a marathon and you're cheering from the side, you can yell 'jiayou!'. (Please note: I don't live in China so I might be wrong about some part of the song and honestly, not to offend anyone but I really can't listen to this song, not my type.)

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