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This Is Your Hell

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

But this woman's mouth was too poisonous, too ruthless! Don't mention an unmarried guniang, even him, such a big man, could not necessarily say that kind of extremely imaginative words.

He was instantly dumbfounded. His sturdy, handsome face turned ashen out of anger. Blue veins were bulging, crawling like distinct blue vines on his forehead. His teeth were making 'gege' grinding sounds.

Qian DuoDuo completely didn't sense the danger. She looked up and down at Long YuTian, puzzled. A beauty is placed properly right there, sitting and waiting, yet he actually likes to stand here and become a statue?

Could it be……

"WangYe, do you perhaps have a problem ah?" Qian DuoDuo couldn't help but move her gaze down.

Long YuTian's paralyzed face finally exposed an anger he could no longer suppress. He grabbed Qian DuoDuo's collar, harshly flinging her towards a very hard chair. And then, he furiously rushed towards YanRan! This damn woman! She actually suspects that he has a problem!?

Ai (sigh)… this man really couldn't bear provocation. A few words could already fry his hair[1]? Qian DuoDuo shook her head in disgust. Battle horn started to blast and goose bumps instantly grew all over her body.

She shuddered. Then, she turned around and swaggered towards a carved, top quality pear wood table, picked an apple, and rubbed it against her sleeve before gobbling it down.

Having finished one apple, Qian DuoDuo dropped her gaze, sweeping her gaze once over somewhere not too far.

That woman already looked wan, but she still threw a provocative glance at Qian DuoDuo, just like a successful SanSan lifting a banner of rebellion.

Qian DuoDuo fought a yawn, looking extremely drowsy……

It will be dawn soon……

She has sat here for a whole night!

This won't do! This won't do! She really can't afford to dawdle! It's been such a long time, that both her belly and brain have already become empty cities! Her eyelids were also starting to fight her!

Qian DuoDuo finally stood up from her chair. A pair of somewhat red eyes was downcast. The rims of her eyes were also suffused with hazy mist. A fair, jade-like hand covered her mouth and nose. In Long YuTian's eyes, she looked completely like a young married woman that had been subjected to grievances.

Long YuTian humphed coldly before taking an outer robe and draping it over his shoulder.

Qian DuoDuo.

In the end she still reveals her true nature.

He just couldn't believe, a woman who had loved him to death, a woman who obviously knew she would receive humiliation if she married him and entered the WangFu, even had stubbornly broken things up between him and SiSi, would have such a tremendous change like this!

Everything was only her doing her trick! A scheming, unbearably crude woman's trickery!

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How could Qian DuoDuo, who was in a confused, muddled-headed state from her sleepiness, think so much? She dragged her feet and walked to the door. However, her foot hadn't yet landed when she heard a cold, demonic voice coming from behind.

"WangFei, after just a short time, you already couldn't bear it? In this WangFu, there are countless of women waiting to serve BenWang. If only just by this, WangFei already feels sad and wants to rush out of the door, then BenWang wants to let you know, this is your hell."

Each word was clear and explicit. It was as if they were being squeezed out of the gap between his teeth, pressing forcibly into Qian DuoDuo's ears. She hadn't yet responded, but she already felt her wrist was grabbed with a very ruthless strength, mercilessly flinging her down to the ground: "BenWang wants every moment you spend here to be so painful that you'll wish you can die!"

Being grabbed by Long YuTian, Qian DuoDuo's sleepiness was instantly replaced with pain. It was so painful that she was instantly refreshed and wide awake. She massaged her innocent little butt while watching Long YuTian self-absorbedly performing a one man drama. She rolled her eyes.

Turns out, not only does this San WangYe have a violent temper, he is also a megalomaniac?

Delusionally thinking that she is humiliated? Wanting to see her humiliated and become a pathetic young married woman who would weep endlessly, who would try to kill herself?


[1]Fried Hair (炸毛/ zhà máo): get angry/ furious.


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