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Blood-Brother, Speaking Honestly

(Translated by: RenRen, Edited by: Bon-Chan, Proofread by:Yuki)

"You slut! In the future if you still do not know shame and behave so flirtatiously like this in front of BenWang again, BenWang will make you die without a burial!"

And then, he straightened his back and stood up, calmly putting his clothes on properly. With a gloomy face, he stared at the startled, innocent-faced Qian DuoDuo and let out a loud 'humph' from his nose. He then raised his head and walked out of the room without looking back.

Qian DuoDuo stared at Long YuTian's cold back, blinking her eyes in extreme confusion before turning around to glance at the fainted, half-dead woman, resentfully muttering: "Really don't know who the one that doesn't know shame is……"

Finished complaining, she stared at the sky outside the window. It was already dawn. She had just realized that she hadn't eaten anything for a whole day! Qian DuoDuo moved her hands and feet, ran out of the room, and went to find something as an offering for that five viscera shrine of hers.

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— DuoEr's Dividing Line —

ShengChen Country's Imperial Palace.

After the morning court was finish, just like he had always done before, Long YuTian went with his brother to YuLinGong{1} to pay their respect to their mother, Lin GuiFei.

"San Ge[2], two days ago was your marriage day yet I haven't gone to your place to say hello to new sister-in-law. I heard that the XiaoJie from official Qian's family is a very beautiful person. She has also been in love with San Ge for a long time…… The feeling of holding a very beautiful person in your embrace on your wedding night must have been very good right?" The one who spoke was Long YuTian's younger brother, Si HuangZi[3], Long YinTian.

At this moment, he was sitting on a mahogany chair, calmly tasting highest quality LongJin tea. His eyebrows were curved when he stared at Long YuTian.

The two brothers were born from the same mother, so their relationship was naturally very good. Their appearances were also equally handsome. It was just that Long YuTian's character was reserved and cold, while Long YinTian, on the other hand, seemed transparent and outgoing.

"Heng (humph)! Less taking delight in BenWang's calamity! That woman is simply completely vulgar, rude, and frivolous!" Long YuTian's hold over the teacup tightened before saying through gritted teeth: "Relying on TaiHou's support, that woman dares to belittle BenWang! Sooner or later, BenWang will make her regret what she did!"

Seeing his San Ge's disgusted appearance, Long YinTian laughed with relief: "It seems… San Ge is not particularly pleased with the WangFei whom TaiHou had bestowed you a marriage with ah! This is quite good. I was still worried that SiSi would be wronged and would have to wait for you like this."

These two brothers and the Prime Minister's daughter, Zhu SiSi, had grown up together ever since they were children. It could be said that they were childhood-lovers. The two men had fallen in love with Zhu SiSi around the same time. However, from the very beginning Long YinTian had seen that SiSi loved his San Ge. Therefore, very tactfully, he helped them to be together.

Didn't expect that once he was about to see the two of them forming a union, out of thin air one Qian DuoDuo appeared and robbed Zhu SiSi's WangFei position. Long YinTian's heart felt very uncomfortable thinking about the tearful look of the woman he liked.

His words aroused a huge wave in Long YuTian's heart. There was a faint anger deep in his eyes as he coldly said: "Si Di[4] is saying these words because you don't believe in BenWang? Then BenWang will return to the wangfu right now, divorce that woman and select an auspicious day to marry SiSi!"

"Enough! The two of you should stop making trouble! Making a ruckus like this over a woman… Take a look at what the two of you look like!" Sitting upright on the GuiFei's chair was Lin GuiFei. A thread of annoyance appeared on her elegant, graceful face when she saw Lao San[5], provoked only by a few words of Lao Si, stand up, ready to leave out of anger.

Her rebuke had a concealed meaning. How could, just for Zhu SiSi, or perhaps for Qian DuoDuo, internal strife rise between blood-brothers?

Lin GuiFei sighed. She stared at Long YuTian and said: "YuEr, the bestowal of Qian DuoDuo's WangFei title is something TaiHou decreed. Even if you loathe her, you also must not blatantly go against TaiHou's decree now! Do you understand!?"


[1]Yu Lin Gong (玉琳宫/yù lín gōng): (beautiful) jade palace. The 'Lin' character is the same character as 'Lin' character in Lin GuiFei. [2]San Ge (三哥/ sān gē): third (older) brother [3]Si HuangZi (四皇子/ sì huángzǐ): the fourth prince. HuangZi is different with WangYe. HuangZi means imperial child (emperor's son). Wang (prince) is a title that could be given to both those of imperial blood and those who are not according to the Emperor wish. Let's just say Long YuTian ascend the throne, although Long YinTian is the previous emperor's child, it won't be proper to address him as a HuangZi (doesn't mean it can't be done, it's just not proper). Usually a HuangZi will be given a title as Wang. [4]Si Di (四弟/ Sì dì): fourth (younger) brother [5]Lao San, Lao Si: the 'lao' character here means old. Lao is often used as a prefix in calling someone you're close with. San and Si here refer to Long YuTian (third prince) and Long YinTian (fourth).
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